Accidentally, Erica found the perfect shirt. Intended for a man, this particular Brooks Brothers shirt just worked for her! The fabric was wrinkle free (yay!) and the cut was just generous enough to flatter a woman’s figure (and so comfortable!).

On an “inspiration trip” Erica mentioned this shirt to Dustin. In a hotel room in Kennewick, WA they started thinking about how a modern woman would wear a “men’s shirt”. They wanted to create a shirt that was relaxed, stylish, and feminine. What if the hem was shorter? What if the collar had a perpetual pop? The result looks both thrown on and extremely put together – truly effortless dressing.

We have paired masculine plaid fabric with feminine pink ribbon in geometric shapes creating this one of a kind garment. Each shirt is one-of-a-kind, but if you love this and it is not your size we can work with you to recreate the magic! Email

Size: MEDIUM which works for sizes 6-12 depending on how much volume you can handle.  It should be a bit oversized which looks great with a slim leg pant, or tucked into a mom jean.

How to care for your shirt:  Dry-cleaning is best. Machine wash, gentle cycle, hang dry, do not tumble dry. Press ribbon area from inside out, not directly on ribbon.