The 10 Essentials #6 – The Hoop Earring

A hoop earring never goes out of style. Your mom rocked them with bell bottoms in the 60’s, her Mom paired them with with a sweet cocktail dress, even the ancient Egyptians were know to don a hoop or two! We wear ours with everything. Of course, we have a few different styles and finishes to suit our mood, and outfit.

You can never go wrong with a simple gold hoop. We have them in several sizes, from small and demure to large and eye catching.


Large Circadian hoops, so classic!


Mariella Pilato’s take on the gold hoop, architectural and edgy!


Why not take your hoops to the next level? These beauties by Mariella Pilato are sure to get noticed.


Okay, so they’re not technically hoops, but we love these geometric shapes from Circadian.


We have your essential hoops waiting for you!


Team HM



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