The 10 Essentials #7 – The Cocktail Ring

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I’m not certain where exactly the name comes from, but you just can’t deny that sipping a perfect cocktail is a fabulous way to show off your stunning Cocktail Ring. The way that huge stone catches the light as you raise your champagne flute, magical! No wonder it’s our Essential #7. Here at Hitchcock Madrona we are know far and wide for our signature Druzy Ring, an edgy take on the classic Cocktail Ring.  The gold version is especially on point for the holiday season.


A selection of Druzy rings, large and small with black, white, and brown stones.  Order online for free domestic shipping!  Whoo hoo!

cocktail-4 cocktail-1

Check out these stunners from Marialla Pinelo featuring garnets and London Blue topaz.


We love the vintage feel of this Iosselliani stacked Cocktail Ring. It looks like you raided Grandma’s jewelry box, in a good way!


Mariella Pilato does it again with this hinged, sterling silver and rock Quartz statement piece.

Come visit for all the accessories lovers in your life (that might be you!).  We are open every day until Christmas day (closing at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve.)


Team HM



Just In: Weston Earth Images

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Canyon Agate AG1248-S

These gorgeous scarves from Weston Earth Images are totally giving us life. Actually, the phrase “giving us life” is really giving us life but the scarves are pretty damn good too (and p.s. I did give someone life so I know what that phrase ACTUALLY means, and it is no small potatoes, my friend). Anyway, the scarves! They are the most beautiful silk and linen fabrics, with vivid gemstone prints. They are conceptually genius and the execution is flawless.

AG1248-S Canyon Agate

The detailing of the Canyon Agate satin silk scarf.

Each of these beautiful prints is an actual (extremely closeup) photograph of a mineral, stone, or fossil. Richard Weston, the Creative Director of Weston Earth Images, has harnessed the advancements of digital technology and created something so special, and wearable! We feel lucky to be able to offer these scarves (pieces of art) at Hitchcock Madrona.



Fordite Classic FD0030-MSM-110200

As you can see, Weston captures the minute details in each gemstone. These scarves are mind blowing in that they are direct reproductions of objects found in nature.

Elestial Quartz 1 QZ0040-S

Satin silk scarf: Elestial Quartz.

We have these scarves in linen and silk. Think of these as more than just scarves: The silk could be draped into a skirt, and the linen would make for a fantastic beach coverup!

Mookaite MK0035-S

Satin silk scarf: Mookaite Jasper.

MK0035-S Mookaite

Close up of the Mookaite Jasper scarf.

“I’m sorry, but when it comes to creativity man comes a poor second to nature, and, in fact, a lot of human creativity is drawn from – some would say copied from, others inspired by – nature.” – Richard Weston

Touché, Mr. Weston, touché.


Team Hitchcock

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Druzy Ring

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What is on the top of our list to give Mom this Mother’s Day? Our druzy ring, of course! The Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring captures the essence of the boutique’s aesthetic and spirit. It is a timeless piece that has a serious cult following. Druzy is the term used to describe the tiny crystals that form over millions of years within the crevices of a geode. Each Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring is unique and comes in a variety of colors, as well as two different stone sizes. We have sterling silver and gold settings. druzy5IMG_3153druzy3druzy8IMG_3149druzydruzy6A wonderful gift idea for Mom, she’s sure to love it.
We will be open tomorrow for all you last minute shoppers!

Come visit!


Team Hitchcock

Just In: Unearthen

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Unearthen has been a Hitchcock staple for some time now. The raw materials and beautiful detail are impressive in quality and character. We are delighted to announce the arrival of Unearthen for Spring 2014!

From sleek and shiny Titanium Quartz to chunky Rock Crystal, Unearthen’s signature bullet shape never fails to disappoint.


Unearthen designs are always the perfect mix of edgy and luxe.


These pieces are one-of-a-kind due to each unique crystal formation. Perfect worn alone or layered – this style really lends beautifully to layering (we love it peeking through a Xenia Mara goddess necklace and a million other ways of course!).


Cast and pyrite versions.

As you can see, we have a wide selection of bullet necklaces in right now. These beauties tend to fly out of the store so visit soon for the most options!


Team Hitchcock

Outfit of the Day: Kate in Springtime Pearls

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Pearls are hitting Spring 2014 in a BIG way. I’ve seen them absolutely everywhere: encrusting sunglasses and shoes, adorning blazers, and cheekily embellishing hot pants. As new jewelry collections start to arrive at Hitchcock Madrona it’s obvious that pearls are IT this year. From Wouters & Hendrix to minimalist master Loren Stewart, everyone seems to have incorporated pearls into their collection.

Hitchcock Madrona diamond disco ball earrings, Loren Stewart rose gold rod earring, pearl & leather necklace by we like to lounge.

I haven’t always been a pearl girl, but after years of Erica’s tutelage I’ve come a long way. Call me old fashioned, but I like my pearls best on my jewelry (I can’t quite imagine sitting down in pearl bedazzled hot pants, ouch!). That being said I always try to find a way to toughen them up. Enter: the pearl & leather necklace by we like to lounge. Yes, I may be partial (it IS my design!) but, nonetheless it is a solution to my search for edgy pearls.


Hitchcock Madrona gold druzy ring, Hitchcock Madrona gold stacker rings, Loren Stewart ID bracelets.

Millie and I took these photos on a rare sunshine break during my visit. It was so wonderful to see you all, sending lots of love from California!


Just In: Unearthen

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We recently received a new shipment of jewelry from Unearthen. One of the most distinctive lines we carry here at Hitchcock Madrona, Unearthen was founded by Gia Bahm. She creates necklaces, rings, and bracelets that prominently feature crystals. Each of the crystals she chooses for her designs have specific properties that are meant to promote certain health benefits for their wearers. Additionally, it is Bahm’s intent when designing that the crystal she uses should appeal uniquely to its wearer, and that there should be an inherent property in the crystal which attracts its eventual owner. The pieces we currently have in stock are all quartz crystal, which is purported to have general healing properties and is thought to be a powerful stone.

These pieces are edgy, playful, and fun! The crystals are incorporated into designs that showcase their natural, organic shapes to the fullest. While they can be worn alone as statement pieces, Unearthen designs can be easily layered and many of necklaces would work really well as  “second skin jewelry” to be worn every day.

earrings assortment  bullet necklace