The 10 Essentials: #10 The Lariat Necklace

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This is the last Hitchcock Essential of the season, but it’s a really good one – the Lariat Necklace. Delicate, but exciting! Wear it in or out of your shirt. Super sexy – with a bikini, yesss gawd! We love a good Lariat Necklace and we bet you don’t have one.


Imagine this delicate silver and pyrite chain with a white bikini – so good!


This piece by Xenia Mara is both a Lariat and Statement Necklace – you really can have it all.


A simple gold lariat by Loren Stewart is the perfect way to add some sparkle to s simple T-shirt.


How amazing does this lariat make your neck look! We love the combo of gold and labradorite.


That wraps up our 10 Hitchcock Essentials. What do you think, did we leave any out? If you need to fill in any gaps in your 10 Essentials jewelry box, you know where to find us!

Happy Holidays!



Erica, Dustin, and Kristina

OOTD: Leather Shawls and Rose Gold Collars

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     If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is filled with fashion blogger, models, and other aspirational people that are more fascinating than who I goal myself to be like. That aside, sometimes their trend rub off on me and this fashion week was no exception. Fashionistas (I hate that word for the record) and style icons across the board seem to feel that wearing jackets as actual jackets instead of a shrug or shawl is passé. Not that I agree-sleeves and I generally get along, but I found myself becoming just another sheep in the herd. However, I accessorized in a way that most of them are not, with our newst fine jewelry line: Ginette NY. Sleek, sexy, and a little sweet the 18k rose gold collection we received left us blown away. A perpetual fan of letting my jewels do the talking, I suited up and hit the streets, well the alley behind our studio not quite NYC but far cooler in my opinion. Check out the awesome collection, and decide how you feel about sleeves as accessory.



Ginette Rose Gold Collar, Rose Gold Hoops, and Rose Gold and Diamond strip studs


Rose Gold rings by Ginette, FARIS, and Hitchcock Madrona. Black Gold Nico Ring by Selin Kent

     Loren Stewarts XL Chain Bracelet, and my wide silver HM Bangle Cuff have yet to come off my arm. Capped off with my Ampersand as Apostrophe (removable) clutch in Buffalo Leather and I’m ready for front row…at the bar of my choosing.

     Whether Fashion Week viewing, or strolling to your local dive these Ginette pieces are sure to make your cool, absolutely effortless. Throw in some leather accents, and your favorite pair of shades and you’re good to go.



Jewelry Contradictions and Life’s Little Subversion

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     Spring is in full bloom here in Seattle, and Team Hitchcock is taking a no holds barred approach to vivid color, and soft pastels. This week, Erica talks to us about color and contradiction, her love of Doritos, and how to expertly pair your earthy beads with some serious Heavy Metal for a day of errands in her OOTD. Simple, right?




There is nothing I enjoy more when getting dressed than to mix seemingly contradictory styles.  Wearing cooky clothing is my life’s little subversion *cackles* well, that and devouring spicy nacho Doritos. But, I digress. In this post my sole aim is to to illustrate one major “lesson” in personal style. Balance in contradiction, is a mantra I find myself repeating whilst meditating over my morning latte. Your contradiction may not be as extreme or thematic as mine (dramatic? me?) but don’t shy from mixing pieces that you normally wouldn’t. Experiment with color combinations, mix metals, combine designer with thrift.  But, and this is key, execute it in a way that is planned.  Balance your choices and leave everything else clean and simple.




We start with these delicate layers of colorful, vintage beads set to frame and balance this angry, angular pendant by IOSSELLIANI.  The multiple strands of cobalt, translucent pink, white and gold beads dance around the structured armor of the Italian bling.  IOSSELLIANI continues to amaze us with show-stopping jewels that are a fashion plate’s secret weapon.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by this slightly tribal stunner? Take your edgy pieces, and soften them for a sunny, summer brunch or Happy Hour with the girls. Throw on your frayed denim shorts, a white t-shirt (I know – so cliche!), these two necklaces and a fab pair of this season’s shoe du jour – the flat gladiator sandal.




To keep the balance, make sure your rings and bracelets make an appearance. Tying in our themes of earthy with edgy, a grey Hitchcock Madrona Druzy is always welcome feature in my wardrobe. The perfect neutral compliment for any season, and it compliments my hair-I’m definitely a fan.


Lulu Frost Scarab Earrings


Lulu Frost’s Scarab Family Earrings from the Spring Collection were the perfect touch of whimsy for the look. While I am a fan of the rules, I’m always a fan of turning them on their heads. Maybe it’s the rush of Vitamin D, or the flowers in bloom but I’m certainly feeling playful in all corners of my life. I see no reason for my outfit to be anything less than representative of how I feel, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.





For prices and availability, please contact the store via the Contact Us page.


OOTD: Spring Beads in The Studio

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Spring has sprung a little early here in Seattle, and unlike our friends on the East Coast (sorry, guys) I’m breaking out the beaded necklaces, camo hoodies, and my favorite vintage party dress to celebrate. What better place to shoot my “kitchen sink” OOTD than our brand new studio space? I honestly can’t think of one. Seeing as I’m unveiling the new studio space, I thought it might be a good time to also share our next online trunk show. As our lovely followers know, we took a team trip to Billings, Montana last November where we acquired several amazing vintage, Native American pieces that we haven’t been able to get enough of. Erica has been rocking her beads for years, and has shared her “love of the bead” with yours truly. Now, we’re bringing this love to you guys! Expect a video soon on the ups, downs, pros and cons (there are none, actually), of styling beads from day to night and everywhere in between. For now, I give you beads, a party dress, and playtime in the Hitchcock Madrona Studio.

I hope my peak at spring, has given you guys some color inspiration. Being the perpetual layer heavy lady that I am, I softened my heavy metal hardware with a centralized beaded statement. Balance between the two, no matter how heavy the statement is what I strive to be mindful of. Most of all, just remember: confidence is key and if you love it-wear it.




Welcome To The Selfie Society

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We all have those days: your outfit is on point, your hair is magically doing that swoopy thing you normally spend hours trying to get right. You walk out the door absolutely feeling yourself. So what do you do? You take a selfie, naturally! The world needs to know how absolutely fabulous you are on an average Tuesday. We are a big fan of the selfie at Hitchcock Madrona, so much so we even take them while shooting for the blog. Welcome to the Selfie Society.


The selfie comes in many different forms, a favorite of ours is the “Candid Selfie”. Moscot sunglasses (The Lemotosh), Dannijo necklace.


Scarf by Weston Earth Images.


Erica opts for a more direct approach, with a flirty duck face.


When taking a selfie in public, it’s important to check who might be watching before posing.


Phone case by Dannijo. Bracelets (left to right): Dannijo cuff, Lulu Frost lips, Eddie Borgo hand bracelet, Hitchcock Madrona leather and metal cuff. Rings (left to right): Catbird stacks, Nora Kogan snake ring, Loren Stewart trinity band, Selin Kent bar ring, Nora Kogan matchstick ring, Hitchcock Madrona diamond stacker.


Crystal pave earrings by Eddie Borgo, inspired by the fez hat of Morocco.


Millie keeps her necklace layers personal with a custom nameplate, an Unearthen cast bullet, a Hitchcock Madrona shield and a diamond heart.


We love a pointed pump around here.


Selfie’s with friends, always add depth to the equation.


The Selfie Society welcomes you. Happy snapping!


Team Hitchcock


Outfit Of The Day: Millie’s Monochrome Moment

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Some days, I feel absolutely monochromatic. I’m all black and white – no gray area. This rainy summer day was no exception. My new body con dress (American Apparel x KESH) had finally arrived, and I figured no color was needed when the giant eye print could do all of the talking (seeing?). Thankfully, the brilliant ladies at Dannijo fully supported this sentiment.


Our classic Druzy ring paired perfectly with this Dannijo bracelet. Nora Kogan’s Love ring in rose gold was a singular delicate whisper of color, in the stark landscape of my monochrome look.


Dannijo Max Bib, a statement to rival the all seeing eye.


Jennifer Behr wide black leather headband, MOSCOT Tummel sunglasses, and Pamela Love’s Five Spike Earring.


My ring stacking may be a bit out of control at this point… What can I say? I’m a sucker for a delicate ring! My trusty Hitchcock Madrona sterling and leather cuff balances out Dannijo’s tribal-chic bracelet for a hand party that can’t be beat. After all, who said black and white had to be boring?




Outfit Of The Day: Vintage Tees And A Tablecloth

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Every lady should have a good vintage tee in her closet. This happens to be my favorite one (ever!). Whether throwing it on with your perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, dressing down dark denim, or adding some edge to a frilly skirt, one thing I know is that they are versatile, elusive, and oh so cozy (easy to wash too!).

In my case, I’m currently in a committed relationship with my Rolling Stones t-shirt. I scored this baby at the huge Goodwill in south Seattle. It was a last minute grab as my two-year-old (at the time) was losing patience in the cart. Little did I know what had actually happened in that moment – a t-shirt that would be in the rotation about once a week for years and years. That’s the stuff of thrifting legend. These sunglasses by MOSCOT are such a unique color and shape. The burgundy is spot on – the perfect shade for maximum wear-ability. They are dramatic – when I wear them everyone comments!


A fantastic Tom Binns rhinestone bib necklace anchors this combo. When working with a vintage t-shirt, luxe up the look with some sparkle. I have also thrown on a pearl and barbed wire necklace by Tom Binns and our 18K gold heart necklace (by Hitchcock Madrona).


My skirt is made from tablecloth material. Yes, you heard that right! As it has been worn (I purchased it used) the plastic part has rubbed off and created a cool distressed texture. I just love it! Safety pin and pearl bracelet (I need to get my quota of pearls in every outfit) by Loren Stewart. On my pinky is the wonderful solid gold and diamond signet ring, also by Loren Stewart. Stewart never ceases to amaze us! She strikes the perfect balance between classic and edgy, feminine and masculine. Her price point is very reasonable (in my opinion) for the jewelry that she creates. Her materials are the best of the best. Delicate diamond and 18k gold band by Hitchcock Madrona and sterling silver “Tomboy” ring by Catbird (lately, these two never come off me).


Brass safety pin cuff by Winifred Grace. We can’t get enough of safety pins around here! Rings are the “Tiny Chain” and “Mignon” both by Catbird. I wish I had a whole wardrobe of vintage t-shirts. Give me: Mickey Mouse (a la early Marc Jacobs), 80’s bands (new wave not heavy metal), a little “I [heart] NY”, and maybe some faded collegiate athletic t-shirts. BUT you can’t always get what you want… right, Mick?



Graduation Ornamentation: Fine Jewelry Under $500

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Graduation Ornamentation

Gifting a piece of fine jewelry is always appropriate for a milestone, and graduation is definitely one of those celebratory occasions. Although we primarily carry fashion jewelry, we have expanded our own in-house line to include some unique fine jewelry options (think our Diamond Dot, Shield, etc.) and started to carry a few fine jewelry lines that speak to us. Below are several options to get you thinking about what to give your graduate.


Our XL Shield necklace is solid sterling silver on a stunningly substantial chain. Our Heart necklace in sterling silver veers away from “too sweet” with its dark oxidized chain (we have several variations – including gold and diamond options).


 (Left to right) Hitchcock Diamond Stacker Rings, Hitchcock Gold Stacker Rings, Loren Stewart Black and White Diamond Rings, Hitchcock Silver Stacker Rings, Hitchcock Black Diamond Silver Stacker Ring.

Stacking rings are a great gift because they are easy add-ons to a current collection or the beginnings of a beautiful new collection. From simple gold bands to rings with a sprinkling of diamonds, we have stackers to delight any grad.

IMG_3881Show your love with these Loren Stewart Ruby Heart & Gold Arrow Stud Earrings.

Loren Stewart is one of our favorite fine jewelry artists and is having a serious moment  in the jewelry world. Modern, chic, and eternally cool, Loren Stewart pieces appeal to practically everyone. Right now we have a great array of rings, earrings, and necklaces in from her current collection.

We have many more wonderful fine jewelry options in the store, please stop by to see them all!


Team Hitchcock

Bridal Week: Outfit of The Day: Millie

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Accessorizing a simple, vintage slip gown gives you almost limitless possibilities…

Long layers of golden Xenia Mara and the dreamy blues of Dannijo create a dynamic look that really brings the dress to life. Mirroring the blues of the necklace, the earrings draw the eye upward and the pearl-encrusted headband frames the whole look.


The Dannijo Josephine necklace sparkles with Swarovski crystals and glossy beads. The crisp, deep blues really pop on a white dress. The bright gold of the vintage Xenia Mara chains sets off the whole ensemble – the extra long length of the chains is beautiful on a column-shaped gown.


The Dannijo Tenley studs are bright, iridescent blue Swarovski crystals. An elegant choice with the pearl Deepa Gurnani headband. I love the combination of gold with white and hints of blue, it feel classic but still current.


Do not dismiss layering on your wedding day! Delicate layers of Hitchcock Madrona Hammered Bangles (gold and silver) and a dainty Loren Stewart Diamond Bezel Bangle make sweet details that are subtle but stunning.


A cocktail ring is always a beautiful and timeless statement. We styled a fearless bride once who wore the Hitchcock Madrona white Druzy ring to her ceremony – love it! With its modern setting and ethereal crystals it is so elegant on a bride.


A sprinkling of delicate rings (think Loren Stewart and Hitchcock Madrona gold stackers) can beautifully set off your wedding rings.

By now you hopefully have a good grasp on the bridal accessories and styling we offer. If you have any questions please email or stop by the store! 



Outfit of the Day: Volunteer Park

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Millie and I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather last Sunday and headed to Volunteer Park to take photos. Kombucha’s and beautiful new jewelry in hand (and around our necks), we wandered through the park. We styled some of our new favorites from Lulu Frost (the “Neo Equine Cuff” is SO amazing) and Hitchcock Madrona Fine Jewelry (the hoops Millie is sporting are to die for). Accessories are helpful with any seasonal transition. I love light, flowing clothing with heavier, layered accessories anchoring the look.
kate1Here I’m wearing the “Darth Sensi Star” necklace by our newest artist: Iko Ino.


These “Victoria” sunnies by MOSCOT add instant Sophia Loren-esque glamour. Onyx earrings by Wouters & Hendrix: beautiful, simple, classic.


The “Neo Equine Cuff” by Lulu Frost is such a striking bracelet. I layered it with a leather necklace worn as a bracelet by we like to lounge.


Hi, Millie here! Spring is my favorite season for fashion. Just warm enough that my parka takes a back seat and still cool enough that layers are not out of the question. For our trip to Volunteer Park, I chose neutral tones for my outfit and let my jewelry do the talking. I layered a fun, beaded Native American piece from our collection over a gold Wouters & Hendrix necklace.


Delicate earrings by Catbird paired with Hitchcock Madrona hoops in yellow gold.


Hitchcock Madrona gold druzy ring.


The rose gold Eddie Borgo cone bracelet paired with our signature Hitchcock Madrona cuff (in sterling silver and black leather) is a killer combination. I love how tough these two look together, while still maintaining simplicity. Mixing metals in my bracelet and ring combinations brings lovely contrast to the simple and delicate pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to play with color and experiment with layers. Whether it be simple stackers or heavy hardware, we love it all!



Kate & Millie