The 10 Essentials #6 – The Hoop Earring

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A hoop earring never goes out of style. Your mom rocked them with bell bottoms in the 60’s, her Mom paired them with with a sweet cocktail dress, even the ancient Egyptians were know to don a hoop or two! We wear ours with everything. Of course, we have a few different styles and finishes to suit our mood, and outfit.

You can never go wrong with a simple gold hoop. We have them in several sizes, from small and demure to large and eye catching.


Large Circadian hoops, so classic!


Mariella Pilato’s take on the gold hoop, architectural and edgy!


Why not take your hoops to the next level? These beauties by Mariella Pilato are sure to get noticed.


Okay, so they’re not technically hoops, but we love these geometric shapes from Circadian.


We have your essential hoops waiting for you!


Team HM



Outfit of the Day: Volunteer Park

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Millie and I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather last Sunday and headed to Volunteer Park to take photos. Kombucha’s and beautiful new jewelry in hand (and around our necks), we wandered through the park. We styled some of our new favorites from Lulu Frost (the “Neo Equine Cuff” is SO amazing) and Hitchcock Madrona Fine Jewelry (the hoops Millie is sporting are to die for). Accessories are helpful with any seasonal transition. I love light, flowing clothing with heavier, layered accessories anchoring the look.
kate1Here I’m wearing the “Darth Sensi Star” necklace by our newest artist: Iko Ino.


These “Victoria” sunnies by MOSCOT add instant Sophia Loren-esque glamour. Onyx earrings by Wouters & Hendrix: beautiful, simple, classic.


The “Neo Equine Cuff” by Lulu Frost is such a striking bracelet. I layered it with a leather necklace worn as a bracelet by we like to lounge.


Hi, Millie here! Spring is my favorite season for fashion. Just warm enough that my parka takes a back seat and still cool enough that layers are not out of the question. For our trip to Volunteer Park, I chose neutral tones for my outfit and let my jewelry do the talking. I layered a fun, beaded Native American piece from our collection over a gold Wouters & Hendrix necklace.


Delicate earrings by Catbird paired with Hitchcock Madrona hoops in yellow gold.


Hitchcock Madrona gold druzy ring.


The rose gold Eddie Borgo cone bracelet paired with our signature Hitchcock Madrona cuff (in sterling silver and black leather) is a killer combination. I love how tough these two look together, while still maintaining simplicity. Mixing metals in my bracelet and ring combinations brings lovely contrast to the simple and delicate pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to play with color and experiment with layers. Whether it be simple stackers or heavy hardware, we love it all!



Kate & Millie

Just In: Spring Serpents and More by Mariella Pilato

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Another new collection we will unveil at tomorrow’s event is that of Mariella Pilato.  Mariella is Italian but designs and manufactures her jewelry collection in Bali.  As you can see, her work is absolutely BREATHTAKING! The collection features solid sterling silver pieces with gorgeous garnet accents such as her gorgeous coiled snakes (see below).  Although they are quite a statement everything in this new spring collection is totally wearable.  I am quite smitten with this snake bracelet.  Powerful!

Sterling silver serpents – arm band and breast plate.  Mariella’s designs are organic and architectural (remember the crystal “bridge” bracelet from a year ago?!).  Her construction is flawless AND manufactured by traditional silversmiths. So worth the investment!


One-of-a-kind jade ring.  Angular quartz crystal pyramid ring.


The collections impressive earrings are delicate yet strong.  A wonder in construction!

Come try on these stunning peices at the SPRING EVENT tomorrow.  They will not disappoint.


Team Hitchcock

OOTD: Heavy Metal at The Bus Stop

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Heavy Metal needs to be a jewelry genre. Categorized by serious layers mixed to perfection,  this look is not for the faint of heart… and we couldn’t love  it more!

Get creative, be fearless, and layer up!  It IS possible to layer statement necklaces.  Anything pearl, vintage, crystal or chains – it all works together.  I know it’s a lot of jewels but I love the look!


Balance it all out with XL hoops and worn in denim.


New designs from Polly Hitt.


Layers of Xenia Mara, Polly Hit, and Surplus.

Sometimes, more is more…..what can I say?





Outfit of the Day: Big Jeans and Xenia Mara

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For some reason, the sloppier the better lately (in terms of jeans, let’s get that clarified).  I don’t know, I guess the pendulum swings wide with me.  Everything was skinny, slim, tapered, matchstick, toothpick, tiny dancer and it never really worked with my body type (although, that never discourages me.)  Give me boyfriend, dad, grandpa, farmer fits.  I suppose denim (and life) should be worn in moderation.  Maybe there is a happy medium?  When you find it, let me know.  I will be over here exploring extremes with the rest of the clinically insane.
hitchcock1 copy

Just to make sure I have driven the androgyny thing home I added my large tortoise Tummel glasses.  Many people who wear glasses don’t think they can wear earrings with them (file it under “too much going on”).  I tend to disagree (of course) and find my big hoops perfect with my glasses.  They femme up the combo (a bit).


Xenia Mara just dropped off a huge Valentine’s Day collection.  We have goddess chains for days.  Not only do you NEED one in your collection – now you need THREE.  I know, I know it sounds like overkill but these necklaces are so perfect.  Short and chunky, long and strong, mid-length and delicate.  These are all different but similar in the wear-ability department.  I love mine.  All of them.


Necklaces: Tiny diamond “E” necklace by Hitchcock Madrona (special order), short vintage rhinestone necklace by Lulu Frost.  Long Xenia Mara goddess necklace.


Rings: Large gold cone ring by Eddie Borgo, gold and diamond signet ring by Hitchcock Madrona.


This ring is ready for a monogram!  Sterling silver versions available.





Outfit of the Day: Dapper Denim

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Denim on denim on denim on denim.  That seems to be my mantra lately.  Technically these pants are a subtle blue and white railroad stripe but my many shades of blue are all denim tones.  I have been seen lately rocking the “Canadian tuxedo”.  I have always been a blue person (color palette not general mood) but this outfit takes it to a new level!
Sterling silver and leather cuff by Hitchcock Madrona.  This piece is a MUST have for your fall wardrobe.  I have paired it with a resin bracelet also by Hitchcock Madrona.  When layering bracelets think in terms of contrasting shapes and sizes.


Pearl, rhinestone and pocket watch necklace by Hitchcock Madrona.  Wool scarf by Hitchcock Madrona.


Sterling silver extra large hoops are also a basic for fall.  It is very important that your hoop earrings are LARGE.  I love an exaggerated hoop!  They made me feel like Sade.  I have a little more swagger in the shop.  Speaking of Sade, I wish I had the level of commitment she does to hoop earrings (everyday for thirty years).  Alas, I am fickle and she is an icon (sigh).  Back to jewelry – if your hoop earrings are too small they can age you (think “little old lady earring”) and are just boring.  We have many versions available right now – silver, gold and rose gold.  They are a workhorse piece.  As you can see, I even wear them with a statement necklace!