The 10 Essentials: #5 The “Second Skin” Necklace

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We all have that one necklace that never comes off. You wear it to the gym, to bed, in the shower, and if you do take it off you feel like something is missing. You just don’t feel like yourself without it. Mine is my diamond dot. Since I got it years ago I have only taken it off a few times and kinda regretted it when I did. The Hitchcock Madrona Diamond Dot really is the quintessential second skin piece. It is small enough that you forget your wearing it but, has enough sparkle and shine that everyone else will know it’s there.


The Diamond Dot, 18K gold on an oxidized silver chain. You’ll never take it off!


It layers beautifully with our other favorite second skin necklace, the Hitchcock Madrona Shield. Our shield represents strength and protection, and who doesn’t need a little more of both these days. The shield itself is brushed 18K gold set with a diamond. Both necklaces are available with white or black diamonds.


Tiffany Kunz triple star necklace in 14K gold. So sweet!


Our diamond bar necklace in white gold. Who says that a second skin necklace can’t be blingy!?




Hitchcock Leading Lady: Katie

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We are so excited to feature our next “leading lady”, Katie! Katie has been a Hitchcock Madrona customer since she moved to Seattle in 2009. Her jewelry choices are bold, fearless and fashion-forward (we love that about her!). She effortlessly makes each piece perfectly fit her own style and her layering combinations are outstanding. In addition to being super stylish, Katie is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington and works for a local non-profit organization that focuses on education and youth leadership. We are so honored she answered our client questionnaire! With great pleasure and delight we introduce you, our readers, to one of the most wonderful people we have ever met!  She is a class act and the “total package”: brains, beauty and ambition with fabulous taste in jewelry.


How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona?

I moved to Seattle over four years ago and within a few months I was starting to get my bearings. I was at a conference for work and I saw a woman wearing this amazing ring from across the room. During a break, I bum rushed her to find out more about the ring. Thankfully, she was very gracious and let me oogle over her Hitchcock Madrona designed druzy ring. She said, “it’s from the best shop in Seattle, Hitchcock… run, don’t walk.” However, she did offer a warning: “careful – you’re going to want everything in the store.” Thankfully, she was absolutely correct and it has been my favorite shop ever since.

How would define your style? 

My style is dictated by how I feel. It changes daily but I always gravitate towards simplicity. Classic pieces with fun pops of color and a touch of spice in the shoes and jewelry is my M.O.

Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry? 

I have a simple silver and gold rope stacking ring that was my first “real” jewelry purchase that I bought myself when I was 12 years old. I saved all the money I made during that summer and made it my mission to buy a ring from the fancy adult counter at my local department store in Philadelphia, Strawbridge & Clothier. I still have the ring and wear it nearly everyday.

What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own? 

• Stud earrings that aren’t just studs

• An over the top outrageous cocktail ring designed by Hitchcock Madrona

• A statement necklace that can be considered a weapon

Who are your style icons? 

My mother and my grandmother. Both women always designed their own looks, never following trends or getting caught up in the mainstream. They knew their taste and always dressed in an outfit.

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own? 

This is so difficult!!! I love all of my pieces and proudly display them as works of art on the walls of my bedroom (keeping them hidden in a closet would be criminal). But if I must choose a few, I’d say there are certain pieces I find myself constantly reaching for…. my Surplus tic-tac-toe ring, Hitchcock Madrona leather cuff, Debra Baxter crystal spike necklace, and Iosselliani crystal bib necklace.  I love how each of these pieces effortlessly pairs with other jewelry but can also make a powerful statement individually.


What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

Erica and Dustin have taught me well. I love unexpected designs or unexpected pairings among pieces. I look for texture in jewelry and the use of multiple materials in one piece or in an ensemble.

Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What are the stories behind them? 

A few holidays ago, my mother gave me my great grandfather’s gold pocket watch and a beautiful vintage gold chain to wear it with. My great grandfather, Trygve Krug, traveled by ship from Oslo to Philadelphia around 1905. Once in Philadelphia he purchased a “Gentleman’s Elgin pocket watch.” Both the pocket watch and chain date to 1905-1910. Incredibly, the solid gold watch is in excellent condition and works to this day. He had the front case of the watch engraved with his initials “TK” which has extra significance for me because it matches my and my honey’s initials – Tyler and Katie. This embodies what I love most about jewelry – its history and its ability connect generations. Jewelry is one of the few items we possess that will live on past us to experience new life and continue to make history.

How do you like to style your jewelry? 

What I love about jewelry is that it has the power to completely change the tone of an outfit with one or multiple pieces. I’m a firm believer that more is better, so I usually layer it on until I can’t hold my neck up, bend my fingers or fit another bracelet around my wrist!

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers at Hitchcock Madrona? 

Honestly, I love every designer Hitchcock represents. They embody a wide range in style and approach to jewelry. But I especially love the pieces that Hitchcock Madrona designs. Erica and Dustin have a knack for creating unique jewelry that quickly become my staples. The added bonus is the personal connection I feel from being able to hear first-hand the artists’ ideas and inspiration.


Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”? 

My Hitchcock Madrona shield necklace. It never leaves my neck [and] I love how delicate yet unique it is for a small piece. It goes with everything and I’m pretty sure it gives me super power.

What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile? 

This is shocking coming from me since I refused to wear them until Erica convinced me, but pearl necklaces!  They exude femininity and timelessness with any look. It’s especially fun to layer pearls with skulls or crystals.  I am totally hooked and have finally embraced my birthstone!