The 10 Essentials: #5 The “Second Skin” Necklace

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We all have that one necklace that never comes off. You wear it to the gym, to bed, in the shower, and if you do take it off you feel like something is missing. You just don’t feel like yourself without it. Mine is my diamond dot. Since I got it years ago I have only taken it off a few times and kinda regretted it when I did. The Hitchcock Madrona Diamond Dot really is the quintessential second skin piece. It is small enough that you forget your wearing it but, has enough sparkle and shine that everyone else will know it’s there.


The Diamond Dot, 18K gold on an oxidized silver chain. You’ll never take it off!


It layers beautifully with our other favorite second skin necklace, the Hitchcock Madrona Shield. Our shield represents strength and protection, and who doesn’t need a little more of both these days. The shield itself is brushed 18K gold set with a diamond. Both necklaces are available with white or black diamonds.


Tiffany Kunz triple star necklace in 14K gold. So sweet!


Our diamond bar necklace in white gold. Who says that a second skin necklace can’t be blingy!?




Outfit Of The Day: Purple Patterned Pants And Purple Patterned Scarf

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Say that three times fast! As many of you know, mixing patterns is the trend du jour. This trend (I wish I had a better word…) can be quite difficult to navigate. Which patterns work together? Which articles of clothing should be featured? How and why should I leave the house looking like a walking optical illusion??? I will admit, pattern mixing is intimidating to me. Even for a fashion psychopath like me (meaning I have no conscience about my clothing choices). Enter our scarves: the perfect patterns to mix and match. We have houndstooth, paisley, floral, plaid, and (the ever popular) stripes.


Necklaces: (top to bottom) Diamond dot on oxidized sterling chain by Hitchcock Madrona, gold plated deco fan necklace by Wouters & Hendrix, rhinestone and chain necklace by Dannijo.


I can’t seem to leave the house without one piece of denim clothing… I paired my Gap quilted chambray coat to “casual it up”. Rhinestones call for denim in my book!


Only one wrist accessory (amazing!). The ever popular silver chain cuff by Dannijo. Quite possibly the most perfect cuff!