The 10 Essentials: #9 The Gold Bangle

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The Hitchcock Gold Bangle Cuff.  A true essential!  Picture Grace Kelly dressed all in white, boarding a yacht in the South of France with no other jewelry other than one simple gold bangle. So pretty and simple on it’s own, sweet when paired, down-right fierce when stacked all the way to your elbow!



This one comes in two sizes – wide or thin. Why not one of each?!


Pile them high!

bangle-cuff hand

The Gold Bangle is also a fun way to add contrasting metal to your current bracelet situation. This Hitchcock Essential makes the perfect holiday gift – of course you could keep one or two for yourself. We promise not to tell!


Team Hitchcock


The 10 Essentials: #4 The Cuff Bracelet

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You can always tell a Hitchcock Madrona woman, or man, by their fierce Cuff. Whether it’s sterling silver, copper, or bronze when you see one you know you have meet a member of your tribe. The HM Cuff comes in two sizes. Kristina likes to wear the small bronze version everyday, layered with her watch and a couple of bangles. Erica is rarely seen without the large in sterling silver, and Dustin has been wearing his copper cuff long enough that is has the patina of a lucky penny. You have your choice of leather color, black or dark brown. The durable leather strap gets better with age, it will soften and conform to your wrist the longer you wear it. Go ahead, pick a combination – wide sterling and black leather, thin copper and brown leather – and join the tribe.


A perennial favorite!  The wide HM Cuff in sterling silver with dark brown leather.


Who say’s you can’t layer our cuffs?!


No need to leave the gents out, our cuff looks just as good on him as her. Here, Dustin shows off a thin HM Cuff in matte sterling silver. He’s also sporting the Hitchcock Madrona signet ring.  Fancy!


Team HM



Restocked! The Original HM Bangle Cuff

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The Original HM Bangle Cuff is back by popular demand!!!  Available in sterling silver, as well as, yellow gold (pictured) and rose gold fill.  They are durable and easier to wear than a bangle bracelet (especially when you work at a computer all day!).  The hammered texture has a gentle sparkle which is so pretty!  Add to your existing bracelet stack or wear them alone, the bangle cuffs are a great way to mix metals.  My current favorite combo is two thick yellow gold and one thin silver.  It’s not too early to think about mom (hint, hint).  Purchase online at:

bangle-cuff1 bangle-cuff hand bangle-cuff


Outfit Of The Day: Millie’s Monochrome Moment

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Some days, I feel absolutely monochromatic. I’m all black and white – no gray area. This rainy summer day was no exception. My new body con dress (American Apparel x KESH) had finally arrived, and I figured no color was needed when the giant eye print could do all of the talking (seeing?). Thankfully, the brilliant ladies at Dannijo fully supported this sentiment.


Our classic Druzy ring paired perfectly with this Dannijo bracelet. Nora Kogan’s Love ring in rose gold was a singular delicate whisper of color, in the stark landscape of my monochrome look.


Dannijo Max Bib, a statement to rival the all seeing eye.


Jennifer Behr wide black leather headband, MOSCOT Tummel sunglasses, and Pamela Love’s Five Spike Earring.


My ring stacking may be a bit out of control at this point… What can I say? I’m a sucker for a delicate ring! My trusty Hitchcock Madrona sterling and leather cuff balances out Dannijo’s tribal-chic bracelet for a hand party that can’t be beat. After all, who said black and white had to be boring?




Outfit Of The Day: Frankenstein and Coco Chanel

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So, this is how we dress up around here… It’s all a little Girl, Interrupted – creepy, pretty, distressed, and shiny. Throw in some pearls and we are ready to party (or just work)!


As you can see, I used safety pins in my shirt, necklaces, and hair. I like the idea of pinning necklaces onto a garment. They are also holding my shirt together – an old t-shirt of my husbands that we cut apart in the store.


Vintage silver-tone chains (my own), glass pearl and stone beaded flower Tuileries necklace by Lulu Frost.


This must be the most amazing and original earring that we have ever featured. Designed by Wouters & Hendrix, this earring is a stud that goes in your traditional piercing and an ear cuff that hooks on the cartilage of your ear. It is light and comfortable to wear (the other side is a tiny gold stud).


This Ashlyn’d clutch was a natural pick for my outfit. It coordinates perfectly (if I do say so myself)!


Bracelets: Sterling silver and leather cuff by Hitchcock Madrona and “100 Year” shoe buckle bracelet by Lulu Frost (one-of-a-kind).

Rings: Gold plated cigar bands by Wouters & Hendrix.

Clutch: This fabulous minaudière by Ashlyn’d is so clever. It is painted acrylic which looks like marble – it is light but still substantial. Graphic and mod – such a great touch for an evening out.





Hitchcock Leading Lady: Peggy

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Introducing our good friend and loyal client – Peggy! How beautiful is this person?? Peggy has a confidence that I have always admired. When she walks into a room heads turn – almost like she is a celebrity. Seriously. I have seen it. I think they call that the “X factor”. Whatever it is….she exudes feminine sexy with a side of strength. Just look at that genuine smile, the deep brown eyes, and her ever voluminous hair! She is the total package and we just LOVE her.


How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona?

A friend mentioned it was my kind of spot and to get there ASAP. That was 9 years…and a few black velvet bags ago!


How would define your style?

I think this question is really funny because if I have a style I am unaware of it. Basically I am trying to balance top and bottom and the weather. Recently I have been endeavoring to have a wardrobe where everything goes with everything. Then I compliment my feeling of the day with a balance of gold and silver and sentiment. A friend once said, “Make a place in your boudoir where the feminine pieces of who you are can be seen”. That idea has realized itself into my dressing table that is flooded with pieces I cherish on view so I can choose from them. They are all displayed in old sterling silver containers and framed by my altar to love and friendship. The altar is a collection of tokens the universe puts in my path, like heart rocks and snippets of poetry and quotations, and little treasures from my Dad who passed when I was 29 and my nieces, nephews, family and friends.


Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry?

Typically my heart simply shouts, “This is yours”. It is really a gentle nudge, but once I’ve felt it, I can’t let it go. The first time this happened was in Portland one weekend. I was bridesmaid dress hunting with my sister for our mother’s late August wedding in Upstate New York. Our Mom had requested we wear lavender and we were determined to wear our lavender dresses and jump in Lake George after the reception. After purchasing disposable dresses my sister and I invested in jewelry we loved. I chose a generous emerald cut aquamarine knuckle grazer framed by diamonds. That baby took to swimmin’ like a mermaid. The dress was never seen again.


What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

An opera length string of pearls, gold and gemstone stackable rings, and oversized gold hoops.

Who are your style icons?

When I was a girl I admired Coco Chanel. Recently I am crushing on Taylor Tomasi Hill. I like the confidence and edginess of her combinations, accessories and killer boots. Plus that hair! Its Disney heroine hair!


What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own?

Three bracelets a friend gave me over time, a Hitchcock Bronze Cuff, a Lanvin Choker and my Pomellato Nudo rings. These are all investment pieces and I cherish each and every one.

What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

Truly, I let me heart do the nudging…


Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What is the story behind them?

I am blessed with a few things from each of my grandmothers. From Letitia, a gold cocktail ring, shaped like a flower whose petals are dusted with diamonds. It suits me and reminds me of Letitia’s grace and independence. She had it made for herself when she was 65 years old! I also have my father’s great grandfather’s wedding band from 1898. I wear that daily under my Hitchcock Ganesha ring, a signature piece.


How do you like to style your jewelry?  

As encouraged by friends, “Layer it Baby!” I believe that’s a verbatim line by two girl friends!

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers at Hitchcock Madrona?

I love the solid statement pieces Erica and Dustin create. They have a way of finding a missing hole in all our accessory lives and filling it, beautifully.


Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”?

My Unearthen bullet necklace and a diamond drop necklace Erica reworked for me. She took it out of the bad part of the 1980s and made it subtle 2000s! I also wear a Hawaiian gold bracelet with a message from my Dad.


What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile?

Everything I own. It is all so eclectic. I just grab what I am feeling and put it on. Then I roll.




Team Hitchcock

Father’s Day Gift Hint: Steel & Wood Boxes

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We are absolutely in LOVE with these handmade wood and steel boxes. They are the perfect size for your man to unload his pockets into when he gets home. Wallet, keys, watch, sunglasses, you get the picture.


The patina of the steel is perfection – a handsome oil-slick look.


Great for the entryway or the bedside table, these are a stylish way to keep clutter at bay!


We have a limited quantity of these gorgeous boxes so swing by the store soon to pick up this perfectly practical present for dad!


Team Hitchcock

Just in: Tom Binns

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Tom Binns is the renegade King of the fashion jewelry world! We could not be more excited to have his new pieces in.

Starting off accessorizing Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s exsplosive Punkature collection in 1983, Binns has had an extraordinary career spanning the last three decades. Princess Diana became a client of his and today he counts Michelle Obama (along with scads of other strong, style icons) as one.

His work is fun, exciting, and unlike any other jeweler’s designs. With a sensibility all his own, Binns was one of the first jewelers to embrace the use of multiple large stones for maximum dramatic effect. His creations are bold statement pieces that enliven any outfit.

Here is a taste of the wonderful Tom Binns 2014 collections we have at Hitchcock right now:


Gold Barb Wire Cuff and Ring with crystals. Has there ever been better “luxe-punk”?!


 From bright white crystal and pearl combinations to colorful paint splattered arrangements, we have a fabulous mix of Binns styles in right now.


From the Regal Pearl collection comes the Large White Crystal Necklace with Hanging Pearls (to the right). Fit for a princess, no? Yes, but we want you to wear it with your thrashed jeans. Think princess off-duty – LOVE it!


Small Jet Baguette Crystal Earrings with Neon Paint Splash. Such a fantastic concept and color story.

Stop by the store to see the rest of the collections!

“Scale is immaterial, the world is a small place.”  – Tom Binns


Team Hitchcock

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Hitchcock Madrona Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff

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May we suggest bright and shiny gift ideas from Hitchcock Madrona? If she likes big and bold, our sterling and leather cuffs are the perfect statement. . .

The Hitchcock Madrona sterling silver and leather cuff is a statement. A statement of classic, timeless style. It is perfectly androgynous, easily lending itself to most all occasions. Team Hitchcock wears their respective cuffs multiple times a week!

If Mom isn’t a sterling silver type of woman there are copper and bronze variations (our answer to rose gold and gold!).

What a special treat a cuff would be for Mom!

Stay tuned for more of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.


Team Hitchcock

Outfit of the Day: Volunteer Park

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Millie and I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather last Sunday and headed to Volunteer Park to take photos. Kombucha’s and beautiful new jewelry in hand (and around our necks), we wandered through the park. We styled some of our new favorites from Lulu Frost (the “Neo Equine Cuff” is SO amazing) and Hitchcock Madrona Fine Jewelry (the hoops Millie is sporting are to die for). Accessories are helpful with any seasonal transition. I love light, flowing clothing with heavier, layered accessories anchoring the look.
kate1Here I’m wearing the “Darth Sensi Star” necklace by our newest artist: Iko Ino.


These “Victoria” sunnies by MOSCOT add instant Sophia Loren-esque glamour. Onyx earrings by Wouters & Hendrix: beautiful, simple, classic.


The “Neo Equine Cuff” by Lulu Frost is such a striking bracelet. I layered it with a leather necklace worn as a bracelet by we like to lounge.


Hi, Millie here! Spring is my favorite season for fashion. Just warm enough that my parka takes a back seat and still cool enough that layers are not out of the question. For our trip to Volunteer Park, I chose neutral tones for my outfit and let my jewelry do the talking. I layered a fun, beaded Native American piece from our collection over a gold Wouters & Hendrix necklace.


Delicate earrings by Catbird paired with Hitchcock Madrona hoops in yellow gold.


Hitchcock Madrona gold druzy ring.


The rose gold Eddie Borgo cone bracelet paired with our signature Hitchcock Madrona cuff (in sterling silver and black leather) is a killer combination. I love how tough these two look together, while still maintaining simplicity. Mixing metals in my bracelet and ring combinations brings lovely contrast to the simple and delicate pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to play with color and experiment with layers. Whether it be simple stackers or heavy hardware, we love it all!



Kate & Millie