The 10 Essentials: #9 The Gold Bangle

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The Hitchcock Gold Bangle Cuff.  A true essential!  Picture Grace Kelly dressed all in white, boarding a yacht in the South of France with no other jewelry other than one simple gold bangle. So pretty and simple on it’s own, sweet when paired, down-right fierce when stacked all the way to your elbow!



This one comes in two sizes – wide or thin. Why not one of each?!


Pile them high!

bangle-cuff hand

The Gold Bangle is also a fun way to add contrasting metal to your current bracelet situation. This Hitchcock Essential makes the perfect holiday gift – of course you could keep one or two for yourself. We promise not to tell!


Team Hitchcock


OOTD: Millie and the Ladder

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Ever since my interview with Kate, when we penned my signature look as “rebellious schoolboy”, I have been feeling the need to take it to the extreme. What better way to do that than by decking myself out in spikes, leather, and chains with my recent obsession: the American Apparel Skater Dress. It is the perfect backdrop. I should add a disclaimer: Do not try climbing your ladder in heels at home!

I’m a big fan of mixing beautiful vintage pieces with edgy, shiny objects. I believe in paying homage to the classics through reinvention. It could be a stand alone presentation – like my 18k vintage bracelet, or creating something new by blending old pieces to build an entirely different piece.


I loved the idea of layering my grandmother’s bracelet (such a classic) with signature Hitchcock pieces. The leather cuff mixed with the extremity of the shark tooth bracelet – genius.


The Xenia Mara “Goddess” chain necklace was one of the pieces I gravitated to my first week in the store. It is the perfect combination of texture, length, and gold to make you feel empowered. I layered the Hitchcock heart necklace in for a subtle touch of sugar. Definitely a specific look, born of two extremes. But what fun is it if we can’t go to extremes every once and a while, right?





Obsession: Color and Baseball Hats

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Color, color, color for summer. Black and grey for winter. I wish I could switch it up but I inevitably wear more drab colors in fall and winter and brights for summer. I do live in Seattle so I guess it is natural to wear grey 9 months out of the year, no?

This summer I have embraced baseball caps (I know, I am about a year late on this trend). It fits in perfectly with my tomboy-chic style. Necklaces: Sterling silver ID necklace by Loren Stewart, lapis and vintage beads by Xenia Mara, and colorful wood layers via Value Village (two separate trips).


We still have a good selection of vintage wood and resin bangles in store. They come out every spring and are a great inexpensive way to add impact and color to any summer outfit. Silver and crystal link bracelet by Eddie Borgo and Hitchcock Madrona London Blue Topaz cocktail ring.


Enjoy the weather wherever you are! Happy summer!



Behind the Curtain: India Event

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We thought it would be fun to show a few behind-the-scenes images of us getting ready for our India event. The day before around 4:30 we started arranging all the new jewelry and merchandising the store. It was a total overhaul! 80% of the product in the store is new and the windows had to be changed. Saturday was our big trunk show and now for the first time all of the jewelry we bought in India is on display. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a glass of Indian beer or champagne!


Hard at work!  My job is grouping and pricing all of the new styles. I also email my out-of-town clients anything that I think they need to see.


A sampling of India-amazingness (plus some pieces by new Hitchcock Madrona artist Mariella Pilato). More on Mariella soon!


Genius visual merchandiser Dustin (with his baby our Miele vacuum)!


Dustin reconfigured the store for maximum India impact. He was here until about 10:00 pm merchandising. When I show up at 10:00 am it is always a treat to see what he has created.


We mixed our colorful India jewels with the black/sparkle vibe of Lulu Frost and Venessa Arizaga. I love the stark contrast of the styles.


Clutter becomes beauty – have I expressed how big our new rings are??

Thank you again to everyone who came to the event! We had a blast and sold lots of treasures.




Inspiration: Mrs. Roper Style

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So, I couldn’t decide if revealing my inspiration for our spring/summer jewelry would encourage or discourage. But, I must be authentic (that is the first rule) and true to myself.  Soooo, ladies and gentleman buckle up because we are going to the Regal Beagle and the Three’s Company apartment building. As a child, how could I not be fascinated with Mrs. Roper’s fashion?? She was amazing! I had to filter Mrs. Roper style through my own personal taste so that I wouldn’t look like I was wearing a costume or going to get my palm read. I chose this slightly psychedelic blazer (sorry, fresh out of mumus!) then piled on the jewels!

Roper 1

While sourcing gemstones in India the only materials that seemed to resonate and inspire were really, really large. These rocks are not for the faint of heart but what is around here?!  Gemstones in these quantities and sizes are not common so we are excited to feature them as a staple in the Hitchcock Madrona jewelry spring/summer collection.

Roper 2

More is more is more….in Mrs. Roper’s world (and mine).

Roper 3

Necklaces: Lemon Quartz, Malacite, Turquise glass multi strand. All of our chunky gemstone necklaces are hand knotted for durability and flexibility.

Roper 4

Oh and the rings….What can I say about these fabulous extra large organic rings?? They are beyond what we have created in the past. We had to be brave to make something like this but you know, why dumb anything down? Mrs. Roper never did!

All of the jewels (and more) that I am wearing in this post will be available Saturday. We are pouring Kingfisher beer – that alone is worth a trip to Madrona!




Event: India Jewels! Saturday, March 23rd

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Every year, we go to Rajasthan, “The Land of Kings,” to find inspiration in the bounty of gem stones and textiles that are uniquely Indian. We never know what shape our finds will take, be it a native antique necklace, ethereal cashmere scarf or colorful resin bangles. It is the journey that is always amazing.

Now we’re ready to reveal it all to you, Hitchcock Madrona’s amazing clientele, in the form of an all day, in-store event with a Rajasthani flair.

Saturday, March 23, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Erica & Dustin