2012 Product Preview Party – Saturday!

We’re starting 2012 off with a bang and can’t wait to share it with you, our loyal customers. Come see the biggest preview of new designs and product categories we’ve ever had to date.

Winter scarves are back – a little late, yes, but so was the snow so they’re just in time to add that extra warmth. New jewelry lines include Michael Spirito and Venessa Arizaga, both New York City-based designers. Their clients include some of the world’s most stylish celebrities.

We’re also receiving the latest collection from one our favorite and consistent lines, Iosselliani of Rome, Italy. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

Lastly, new original designs by hitchcock Madrona Jewelry (aka Erica and Dustin). Our recent trip to India left us nothing less than inspired.

Come by to preview, shop, have a glass of champagne – or all of the above.

hitchcock Madrona 2012 Product Preview Party Saturday, February 4th, 5pm – 7pm champagne and wine served.

Michael Spirito Sterling Silver Snake Rings $400

Michael Spirito Gunmetal Bracelet $195



What I am wearing today….and new hair!

Here is my new hair….platinum blonde.  I am still getting used to it but having fun with bright lips.

Today I wanted to wear this new Sapphire “Twinkler” Necklace.

Multi – Sapphire Twinkler, hitchcock Madrona $375.  When we purchased this strand of sapphires I imagined that it would be a long ombre necklace that you can wear all the time.  To achieve this ombre I had to sort all the colors and string them strategically.  The result is perfect – the colors are soooo beautiful.  Amber, deep red, light greens and blues and even white in clear stripes.

I paired it with an Xenia Mara Copper Layers Necklace, $330 and Solid 18K Gold Flower Spear Necklace with Amber Chalcedony, $765.

A closer look at the colors in the sapphire piece.  Gorgeous!  I can’t think of a color you can wear that would not match this necklace.  That’s a double negative but you know what I mean!  I hope.

Have a great evening everyone!




What I am wearing today…..

Quick jewels post….I love pyrite.  Sorry if you can’t see the details on these pieces.  They are amazing – I will do a separate post soon.  We just put them out today.  Technically, I have four necklaces on right now (the long one is doubled).  We bought such amazing quality pyrite this trip.

Pyrite Long “Twinkler” $350

Pyrite and Ruby Ball $325

Pyrite and Ruby/Diamond Bead $350

Diamond and Sterling Silver Anchor (LOVE!) $355



We are back….with rings (and more!)

We are back from India and finally back in the store this week after the snow storm. (I know, sounds worse than it really was)  So, we have so many fun things planned for 2012 (hint: handbags, scarves, belts and maybe clothes designed by us!)  While we are waiting for our original designs we are having fun with some of the items we brought back from our trip.  My favorite category…RINGS!  Here I am “working” while wearing some of the new jewels.

AMAZING Carved Smokey Quartz Ring, hitchcock Maadrona $355 (we turned the stone upside down and set it in a simple, sleek sterling silver setting)  All rings have different stones.  I’m in love with these.  So excited to find these carved stones.

This is one of the best pieces that we purchased.  Pave Diamond and Ruby Snake Ring (Sterling Silver w/ Gold Accents) $1350

Solid 18K Gold and Mine Cut Diamond Band.  This is basic yet so unique.  The diamonds are almost slices so they are transparent and sparkly.  $895

Mr. Snake layered (he was lonely)

Square (giant) Lapis and Sterling Silver Ring $360 (onyx also available)

Faceted Tourmilated Quartz and Sterling Silver Ring $310

Don’t ask me what I am doing here (dork).  Large, Faceted Lapis with Sterling Silver “Non-Setting” $310 (I just made that term up).  We also have smokey quartz.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  If you haven’t stopped by since holiday come say “hi”.



What I'm Wearing Today…

Xenia Mara, Gold Goddess Chains Necklace, $320

Pamela Love, Hammered Brass Cuff, $530

hitchcock Madrona, Large Gold Druzy, $389

Whenever I’m wearing green I always want to pile on the gold tones, I think gold & green are gorgeous together. I also thought it would be fun to do a post showing how to wear jewelry OVER clothing. It’s an easy way to add interest to an outfit in a unique way. I love popping a collar over and around a necklace, so chic. And the huge Pamela Love cuff is too good over a long sleeve blouse, the cutouts in the cuff really pop.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Bisou, bisou,


What I'm Wearing Today…

I thought it was high-time I did an arm party post so here we go, these are my favorite arm party additions at the moment (starting at the top):  Toki Colleciton, Crocheted Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet, ($225), Iosselliani, Sterling Silver Bone Bracelet, ($202), Natalia Brilli, “Nolex” Leather Watch, ($350), Shannon Koszyk, Bronze Snake Vertebrae Braclet, ($378), and hitchcock Madrona, Sterling Silver & Leather Small Cuff, ($275).

I love having different textures (leather, chains, metals), different metals (sterling silver, bronze, oxidized sterling), and different shapes (thin beaded, large cuff) in my arm parties. And this party just happened to sort of have a theme: bones. Tough chic!


Bisou, bisou,



What I'm Wearing Today…

I was really feeling silver today, I love how you can seriously load on the silver and still not look TOO gaudy. Minimalist I am not…

On my finger: Eric Saeter, Silver Oyster Ring, $395

On my neck: Knight & Hammer, Silver Skulls Necklace (doubled), $850

Pamela Love, Silver Day of The Dead Necklace, $125

Knight & Hammer, Fleur de Lis Necklace, $800

Natalia Brilli, Fringe Leather & Chain Necklace, $595

Bisou, bisou,


Inspiration: W Magazine

Since it is easy to let January give you the blues & make you feel blah about your wardrobe I thought what better than to do an inspiration blog post, jewelry is the perfect way to banish the blahs! The W January Spring Fashion Preview arrived on my doorstep awhile ago but I thought I would flip through it again and find some  jewelry inspiration! Here we go:

I chose this fantastic tribal ensemble to work with. I love chunky jewelry and I thought the pattern of my sweater weirdly went with the skirt.

I started off with Xenia Mara’s Dark Copper-plated Aluminum & Copper Watch Chain Necklace, ($335):

I used this piece to create a shape  like the shape of the piece in W.

Then I added Winifred Grace’s Bead Medley Necklace, ($325) layered on top:

And as the final touch a few bracelets to emulate the bangles in the editorial. Comfort Station’s Rope Bracelet, ($185), and a Steel Bracelet by Surplus, ($175):

Ta-Da! Fierce (Awkward!) model pose. I love creating a look that has the same feel or vibe as a look straight out of a magazine or off the runway. Using multiple pieces makes it freshly unique and all your own.

Bisou, bisou,



What I'm Wearing Today…

Today I’m wearing a Rag & Bone sweater that I bought over the summer (I have a serious sweater problem :)… and have barely worn. But now that it is undeniably winter I am sure I shall put it too good use! I thought hitchcock’s blue vintage blue wool cowl ($155) would go perfectly with my sweater. I love a monochrome like look! And nothing says wintery wonderland like a hitchcock gold white druzy ring ($389)…

Enjoy the sunshine everyone,

Bisou, bisou,


What I'm Wearing Today…

It has been such a nasty day… and there is nothing like rainy Seattle winter weather to make me want to stick with comforts: 1. My new Christmas faux raccoon fur vest (so cozy), 2. Some Tom Kha soup for lunch (not pictured but thanks Naam Thai!), 3. A little lounge time in the coolest, comfiest velvet chair ever, and 4. My new ALL TIME favorite ring here at hitchcock: Eric Saeter’s new Snake Ring! Take a closer peak:

and a closer peak:

Eric Saeter, 22k Gold Vermeil Snake Ring, $425

hitchcock Madrona, 18k Gold Black & Champagne Diamond Stacking Rings, $325 & $395

I am crushing so hard on this snake ring, it is beyond beautiful.

Stay dry out there,

Bisou, bisou,