Broke Down: The Search for Fall

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Do you ever feel like you’re broken down on the side of the road, just waiting for someone to come along and tow you to safety? That is exactly how we feel waiting for Fall to come along. Enough with the babydoll dresses and billowy blouses. Well, we got impatient waiting for fall and decided to hit the road in search of patchwork, woolen layers, and the men’s coat of our dreams.




Scarves: Hitchcock Madrona; Sunglasses: MOSCOT

Chunky sweaters and oversized coats beg for a contrasting scarf and unexpected, exaggerated layers.



Scarf: Hitchcock Madrona; Earrings: Xenia Mara; Necklaces: Lulu Frost/ Dannijo/ Vintage

This year, we’re heading into fall with looks that pack a serious punch. Instead of easing into fall with a monochromatic attitude, we’re carrying color into our favorite season. From color-blocked hats and bags and festive cashmere, from Kelly Christy, Yestadt Millinery, and Hitchcock Madrona to 70s sexy, and Maleficent approved evil granny finds from our favorites at Dannijo and Lulu Frost we’re making our own fall story.


Outfit of the Day: Star Wars Fantasy Featuring Yestadt

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Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

It feels great getting settled into our new home at 1422 34th Ave (still in Madrona).  We are still setting up the space and taking some much needed time (reopening January 27th) to work on our web store and other time-sucking endeavors such as, inventory and financial planning.  It’s not all rhinestones and puppies around here!  But, alas, you can’t let calling insurance companies and researching point-of-purchase solutions get you down creatively!  So, out came the Star Wars t-shirt and racing stripe denim. My current favorite hat silhouette is a big round crown with a small or mid-sized brim (partially inspired by Dustin’s Jonboy look).  I have been a die hard fedora wearer for many, many years and still love me a tomboy hat BUT this proportion is so fresh.  It feels Wild West mixed with a little school girl.  Annie Oakley meets Madeline!  I’m investing in a few incarnations this year (black and brown, large and small brim).

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

As per usual, the jewels are all over the place today.  I started with the gold Parnassus Necklace by Wanderluster (looks like spiky sun rays).  Then came the Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in red (of course!) and a rhinestone and chain tangle by Lulu Frost (you can barely see it high on my neck).  I also threw on a crazy plastic skull necklace from Goodwill and some Chanel.  Why not?

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff - Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff – Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Double cuff action.  A Jedi gets to break rules and wear two cuffs at once.  But, you can too, if you want.  I opted for copper and sterling.  I wanted to fight symmetry by adding a sterling silver Native American cuff and an HM yellow gold shark tooth cuff on my left wrist.

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Just In: Yestadt Millinery Gloves

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Staying warm out there? Yeah, we’re struggling too. It is seriously winter all of a sudden! So, it’s the perfect time to introduce the newest product line from our artist Yestdat Millinery: gloves! The styles Yestdat is serving up this season are the perfect mix of luxe materials (buttery leather, beautiful detailing, scrumptious pony hair) and practicality. Every lady needs chic accessories that can ward off the cold too!

Italian Wool Boucle with Pony Hair cuff.

This style has a hidden talent… Touch-Technology! They have conductive finger tips so you can use your cell phone and any other screen without removing them. You’ve got to be able to Instagram on the fly in this weather too, right?!


Rust colored Leather with Draped Grosgrain bow.

Grace Kelly would approve, no?


Fitted Italian Napa Driver glove.

The perfect classic little leather glove.


2-Button Length glove with Leather bow and Keyhole cut out.

These are giving off a biker Audrey Hepburn vibe – obsessed!


Our Holiday collections are starting to trickle in so come visit soon!

Stay toasty out there!


Team Hitchcock

Halloween 2014: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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“Armageddon was yesterday, today we have a serious problem.”

Look out Lisbeth Salander, Team Hitchcock Madrona is looking pierced, tattooed, and punk enough to take on any dangerous mission. We might be lacking in the computer hacking skills department (is Mercury still in retrograde? Can we blame it on that?) but we’re making up for it in spades with the fiercest jewels and accessories around.


Railroad Spike necklace by Giles & Brother, Safety Pin necklace by Giles & Brother, crystal and stud cuff by Tom Binns, Jumbo Hinged Railroad Spike cuff by Giles & Brother, Large Link gold bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona, gold midi ring by Hitchcock Madrona.


This hat by Kelly Christy is the perfectly subtle, witchy touch. The Loren Stewart Shapeshifter necklace has never been more punk: Millie is wearing it attached to her earring and nose ring!!! We think Lisbeth would be more than proud.


“She was perfectly content as long as people left her in peace.”

Ruby “Twinkler” necklace by Hitchcock Madrona, Panther bracelet by Iosselliani, gold and rose gold rings by Catbird, Hitchcock Madrona, and Loren Stewart.


Eddie Borgo ear cuff worn as nose ring, Eddie Borgo reversible pave pyramid earrings.


Gold shield by Hitchcock Madrona, gold tone Goddess necklace by Xenia Mara, cast bullet necklace by Unearthen.


Rose gold Mignon ring by Catbird (on thumb), rose gold Mini ID ring by Loren Stewart.


Crystal Quartz bullet necklace by Unearthen on silver wheat chain.


“You already have loads of tattoos. Are you sure you want another one?”

Silver Sharktooth cuff by Hitchcock Madrona, gold rings by Catbird and Loren Stewart.


We wore our fake tattoos for the rest of the day in the store and some of our clients (and even close friends) thought they were real!

Happy Halloween!

Be safe and spooky tonight!


Team Hitchcock

Outfit of The Day: Pumpkin Spice And Layers

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Fall is here! And this October baby could not be happier. Everything good comes back as soon as the leaves start turning: fall tv shows, grandpa sweaters, Pumpkin Spice (although I’m not convinced that is actually a good thing) and LAYERING! Never one to shy away from layering in any form, I have been known to layer sweaters on sweaters, with a jacket on top… or in this case a sweater, on a dress…on jeans? Why not! It’s Fall, anything goes!


I chose to go heavy on the clothing layers, so for my jewelry simple statements felt perfectly appropriate. Opting for our Hitchcock Madrona XL Gold Bars to pair with my constant companion: Catbird’s Chained To My Heart stud. Topped off with Moscot’s classic Lemtosh and Yestadt’s Nomad hat (it’s packable!) for some timeless, masculine touches.

IMG_7384 IMG_7429

Xenia Mara chains from her newest collection, and the delicate BOMB necklace by Faris were the perfect combination. They have opposing lengths and scale that seem mismatched but work so well together! And a total departure from my everyday, heavily layered look.

IMG_7393 IMG_7426

Again, keeping it delicate and simple on my fingers, with a cool statement stack by Selin Kent on my right hand to throw things off just a little bit. A curveball that is somehow still perfectly within the lines. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to protest the manufacturing of pumpkin spice chapstick. But not before throwing on another sweater. Stay layered!