Trunk Show: THE DRESS by April Pride TOMORROW 12 – 5 pm

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Join us tomorrow for an amazing trunk show!  We are very excited to share April Pride and THE DRESS with our wonderful clients.  Work this design all year round!  Cover up with a cardigan or blazer when the weather is chilly.  I am going to wear mine over jeans without a belt.  Basically, an exaggerated men’s shirt!

ap-fall2 ap-fall-3

See you tomorrow!



THE DRESS by April Pride. My New Obsession!

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This truly is the best dress!  I feel so chic and comfortable.  Perfect for all seasons, this vintage inspired design will take you from brunch, to work, and out for drinks.  A busy lady’s best friend!

Come to the April Pride Trunk Show on Saturday from 12 – 5 pm and try this baby on for yourself.  April is bringing THE DRESS is a variety of fabrications just for us!


THE DRESS in cotton for Spring/Summer.


Made from men’s shirting fabric, THE DRESS has a bit of a masculine vibe but also exudes femininity!  April also has created these chunky leather bracelets.  They come in a variety of different colors, are easy to style, and add a bold punch of color.  You know we love a statement piece!ap-spring-4


Stop by Hitchcock Madrona on Saturday from 12 – 5 pm to meet April Pride.  Champagne will be flowing!




OOTD: The Oula Company

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blog 6-3 (1)

So excited for this trunk show!  This is an event unlike any other we have ever had.  The Oula Company is primarily a clothing company.  Erika, the company’s founder, combines heritage African textiles with modern design.  A perfect combo if you ask me!  Although we are know for our accessories, we couldn’t resist offering these playful, easy clothing pieces via a trunk show.  I love how wearable they are, perfect for summer. I can’t wait to see what I come away with (I’ve set a three garment limit for myself!).

blog 6-3 (2)

Love this piece, it can be worn as a dress or shirt. (Ladies, it has pockets!)

blog 6-3 (3)

The bold, graphic print looks amazing with these color-blocked necklaces.  I’m wearing all of them, of course, but one or two would look just as cool.

blog 6-3 (4)

Check out all the amazing Oula clothes, bags, and accessories Saturday, June 11 Noon-5. Champagne and appetizers will be served.



Inspiration: Dannijo Cubano Collection

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Blog 5-19 (1)

My outfit is built around (and inspired by) the current spring collection from Dannijo.  Danielle and Jody, the deisgners, made a trip to Cuba for this season’s inspiration.  Pastel colors punctuate fresh silhouettes which are reminiscent of what I image Cuba is like ….. 1950’s automobiles, pale pink and sea foam green buildings, year round sunshine, and exotic everything!

Blog 5-19 (3)

Cuban lady or accidental tourist?

Blog 5-19

Kelly Christy straw hat with mauve vintage ribbon trimming is perfect to balance the volume of this skirt and shade me from the sun.  This hat is available in two colors (this and black) and is essential for the summer.  Moscot “Miltzen” sunglasses in blonde.

Blog 5-19 (5)

Velia Necklace by Dannijo and large white Druzy Ring in rose gold by Hitchcock Madrona.  Everyday is a Druzy day in my world.

Interested in any of these items?  Email for prices and descriptions.



OOTD: Posing in an Alley with a Handbag I Don’t Own (or Just Another Day at the Office)

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ampersand as apostrophe, jewelry, turban, jennifer behr, scarf, hitchcock madrona, beads Today, I demonstrate a prime example of the power of accessorizing.  You can spice up a drab t-shirt and jeans with a mere 75 accessories!  Not only am I just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the t-shirt is effectively wrinkled like I slept in it for several nights in a row (I didn’t, don’t worry).  But, who will be able to focus on the wrinkles when I am wearing Lulu Frost’s Passages Necklace, Eddie Borgo’s Pierced Pearl Necklace, Vintage Native American Beads, and my Chanel Pearls??  HA!  I have cleverly added the biggest distraction of all: the Fashion Turban.


Satin Turban by Jennifer Behr, queen of all things headdress


Moscot’s Lemtosh sunnies and a few Hitchcock Madrona textiles (cotton men’s shirting scarf, silk pochette) compliment this soft, blush Ampersand as Apostrophe Half Tote.

Now that it is officially August, we’re already working fall into our vocab and wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled, as collections will be arriving in the coming weeks.  Check out our Instagram and Youtube channel for daily and weekly updates!



Bridal Week: The Vintage Bride in Winter

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The ring is presented.  The proposal accepted.  Champagne flutes raised.  Friends, family and co-workers all want to know: When is the wedding? Where will it be held? All important details, none more important than the question we ask ourselves: what type of bride am I??  Am I a beach bride?  A Las Vegas bride??  A winter bride?  A church bride?  It’s fun to try on all the veils for just a moment and see what feels like you.

If you live in Seattle June through August is wedding season.  We got married in June but I have always been drawn to the gutsy winter wedding.  Today I explore the vintage bride in winter.  Icy rhinestones (something new), a vintage fur wrap (something old), and Gatsby-esque touches complete my frozen combo.  I used a cobalt ribbon (something blue) to accent my dress and coordinated my husband’s pocket square for our (fictitious – we are married!) February nuptials.

Without further adu – here comes the bride….

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madronaPearls are always a classic bridal choice but I wanted my look to be a little more dramatic and less traditional.  The headband and long pearls play up the flapper vibe but in a sublte way.  The opera length strand of freshwater pearls also breaks up the straight neckline of my dress.

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona

As you can see, my accessories are subtle but paired with a wedding dress they are not crazy.  In fact, you need to keep proportion in mind.  A large dress that is very formal needs jewelery that stands up to it in photos that are (a lot of the time) from a distance.

moscot, lulu frost, pearls, hitchcock madrona, jennifer behr

Husband is working his MOSCOT sunglasses in Tummel Tortoise.  He is serving some rat-pack-realness!  That phrase just made him so uncomfortable.

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona

Lipstick color is key, especially when considering photos can easily wash you out.

jennifer behr, bridal, fashion, lulu frost

A vintage fur wrap or caplet is a winter bride’s sole advantage.  Who else can wear fur to their wedding??  Take it and run!



Outfit of the Day: Mermaid Hair and a Digger

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When it comes to hair, the grass is always greener on the other side.  I finally had the courage to bust out the mermaid hair extensions.  The color is dead on (dumb luck) but the thickness is a bit off (I was blessed with lots of hair which makes extensions look scraggly at the ends).  Despite the awkward application, I am loving it!  With the Jessica Rabbit quotient high, I grabbed for my trusty baseball T-shirt and boyfriend jeans.  The latter always calls for uber feminine pumps.  A perfect tomboy combo!  Sunglasses are the Tummel by MOSCOT.  One of my favorite sun styles – these look amazing on everyone.  These are actually the sunglasses that my husband wears (and I steal).

This boyish ensemble called for major jewels.  I’ve got it!  The new Spring collection from IOSSELLIANI is perfect.  Part tribal and completely Italian – this collar is amazing.  Underneath is an ever popular and useful copper waterfall necklace by Xenia Mara.


As you can see in many of our recent posts – Madrona is undergoing some major construction.  New buildings are going up everywhere and the city (I think) is making some street changes.  Enter this big yellow digger and the primary color story of this post.  Ketchup and mustard, anyone?


Ruby and sterling silver snake cuff by Mariella Pilato.  This is the most amazing bracelet.  I want to wear it nearly everyday.  There is something about snake jewelry that I just love.  Funnily, I am quite scared of real snakes.  Just like many cases in life, there is a fine line between love and hate.  IOSSELLIANI chain, rhinestone and eagle bracelet.


More IOSSELLIANI!  This turquoise and red rhinestone bracelet compliments the necklace.  There are so many covet worthy pieces in this collection.  Every time we get a new shipment from this amazing Italian brand we all faint.  True story.

Come check out all of our Spring/Summer collections in store now!  Luckily, the weather is perking up too!




OOTD: Concrete Casual featuring Surplus Steel and Pearls

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Time for “transitional” dressing!  No coat, straw hat – spring is right around the corner!  The jewels in today’s look are heavy (looking) steel pieces by Surplus.  Designer, Harriet MacNamara stumbled on these amazing gears, filed them down (as to not impale yourself) and wrapped them in leather.  Combined with my costume pearls, silk shirt and Kelly Christy fedora this is the perfect outfit to welcome spring while saying goodbye to winters cold-combating layers.

We just got in spring hats!  They are tailored and sophisticated – a great investment.  The collection has mostly traditional shapes with pops of colorful grosgrain ribbon here and there.  Full post on the spring hat collection by Kelly Christy for Hitchcock Madrona coming next week.  I can guarantee you will love the different materials we are debuting.


My diamond dot is hiding – can you see it???

Necklaces (short to long): Grey costume pearls and spikes (personal), Steel gears and leather necklace by Surplus, piles of costume pearls (personal), abstract steel pendant by Surplus.  Closer look below!


Bracelets: Shark tooth cuff in bronze by Hitchcock Madrona and planetary bracelet by Subversive Jewelry (the only bracelet in the Subversive Jewelry collection!)

Rings: Iolite and Sterling Silver Cocktail ring by Hitchcock Madrona (left) and “Sputnik” steel ring by Surplus.  I love this Surplus ring – it is the embodiment of Harriet’s personal style!  Maybe not for everyone, certainly not the faint of heart!  You will truly command respect in this piece.  What more can we ask for in a piece of jewelry?  Pretty???  No thank you – we prefer bossy.


We hope the sun is shining where you are!  I can feel it on me now – oh finally!



OOTD: Millie and the Ladder

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Ever since my interview with Kate, when we penned my signature look as “rebellious schoolboy”, I have been feeling the need to take it to the extreme. What better way to do that than by decking myself out in spikes, leather, and chains with my recent obsession: the American Apparel Skater Dress. It is the perfect backdrop. I should add a disclaimer: Do not try climbing your ladder in heels at home!

I’m a big fan of mixing beautiful vintage pieces with edgy, shiny objects. I believe in paying homage to the classics through reinvention. It could be a stand alone presentation – like my 18k vintage bracelet, or creating something new by blending old pieces to build an entirely different piece.


I loved the idea of layering my grandmother’s bracelet (such a classic) with signature Hitchcock pieces. The leather cuff mixed with the extremity of the shark tooth bracelet – genius.


The Xenia Mara “Goddess” chain necklace was one of the pieces I gravitated to my first week in the store. It is the perfect combination of texture, length, and gold to make you feel empowered. I layered the Hitchcock heart necklace in for a subtle touch of sugar. Definitely a specific look, born of two extremes. But what fun is it if we can’t go to extremes every once and a while, right?





Outfit of the Day: Lady in White

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Lately I have taken a liking to monochromatic dressing… I’ve had days in all black (okay that’s nothing new), shades of gray (it’s true!), and currently white and all it’s incarnations: cream, wheat, eggshell, ecru and even oatmeal.  I wouldn’t naturally reach for an all white ensemble (not careful enough with my coffee) but I pushed my fashion boundaries after I saw a snap of early nineties Kate Moss walking the Calvin Klein (the monochromatic master) runway in billowing white pants and a white crop top. I decided to leave the visible inch of tummy to really be authentic to Kate’s  “Calvin in the 90’s” look.  To complete the head to toe white-out, I popped on a gorgeous Lisa Battaglia hat and scrumptious Hitchcock Madrona cashmere scarf.
kate 1

Eddie Borgo’s Large Supra Link Choker necklace.  I never thought chunky and gold could equate to wearable… Leave it to Borgo! This piece is designed to perfection with the subtle texture and shape of the links.


All layered up in Eddie Borgo, my own UNEARTHEN crystal bullet, FARIS and my most treasured piece: my loves dog tags.

kate 2

I’m wearing my sterling silver & leather cuff, a Hitchcock gold plated shark tooth cuff, and my IOSSELLIANI bone bracelet.

Check back next week for posts on new UNEARTHEN (classic bullet necklaces & new earring styles!) and a new artist AND new category for us: hair accessories from Jennifer Behr. Get excited!