Bridal Week: Elope to Las Vegas!

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For our last installment of bridal week we are going on a little impromptu trip…to Vegas! Your wedding your prerogative, right?? We wanted to redefine what it means to be a modern bride by pairing a traditional veil with our favorite vintage Levis. Whether you just can’t stand to wait any longer, or jeans and a white tee are the fanciest clothes you could ever want or need, Vegas isn’t for the faint of heart or those in doubt.

bridal-weddingWhite tulle veil by Kelly Christy


There is something so fun about the irreverence of a Vegas wedding.  Las Vegas must be the only place in the US you can get married in a drive thru (or, by an Elvis impersonator).  Traditions come in all shapes and sizes!

kelly-christy-mariella-pilato-dannijo-ashlyn'd Rhinestone bib by Dannijo.

It’s your day! Who cares if the family is a little surprised?

ashlyn'd-clutch-sideviewAcrylic Dice Clutch by Ashlyn’dScarab and Rhinestone Bracelet by Lulu Frost.


Silver Spear Earrings by Mariella Pilato

Go for the dramatic earrings and necklace.  More is more in the The Graceland Wedding Chapel and we say go full bling.

dannijo-necklaceThis must be my favorite necklace in the store right now. I am obsessed with it’s stylistic ambiguity. There is something very evocative of 1970’s Elvis within the color combination! Is it just me? Bonus! Bridal jewelry that can double as your something blue. Lasting, gorgeous, and a funky nod to tradition. Viva Las Vagas!



Bridal Week: Rethinking the Veil

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     Throughout the centuries, hair ornamentation has been a symbol of social status or ritual significance. Wedding veils are no exception, but this form of adornment has certainly seen many iterations as popular wedding fashions change and grow.

     Artists like Jennifer Behr and Kelly Christy, are able to create modern examples of classically rooted, and seriously stunning headgear. Whether you’re a vintage bride, a minimalist bride, an edgy, bold bride or something entirely different there are ways to tailor your hair accessories in a way that feels uniquely you. Not only that, but Mother of the Bride fascinators, and jeweled headpieces for your bridesmaids are a wonderful thank you, and a special nod to the ones you love for their support on your day.

kelly-christy-jennifer-behr-rosita-headwrapBirdcage veil by Kelly Christy, Rosita-Tiny Crystal Scallop Headwrap by Jennifer Behr 

A perfect, vintage inspired fresh take on a veil. Remove the Veil and just wear the headband for the reception. Jennifer Behr does a wonderful job, creating hadpieces that are flawless in composition and can be tailored to so many different styles. Bridal and beyond.


jennifer-behr-facinator-closuuFeather and vintage floral hair clip by Kelly Christy, Earrings by Lulu Frost


Whether you’re a cool toned winter bride, or a whimsical spring bride there’s nothing like a plume of milk white feathers to tie together your whole look.

jennifer-behrJennifer Behr headband 

jennifer-behr-rhinestone-headwrapTom Binns Medium White Crytal Earrings With Hanging Degradee Pearls 

For the edgy minimalist, or the quirky delicate bride this sleek headband adds an elegant hint of sparkle. Paired with a pearl and rhinestone pair of stunners from Tom Binns (the Godfather of fashion jewelry for those who don’t know-take note) and you’re guaranteed to be turning heads. No matter how bold you go, or how simple you keep it risk and restraint always yield great results. What’s most important in my mind? Feeling like the most radiant version of yourself on that day. We just want to help you shine.




Bridal Week: The Whimsical Bride in Spring

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After Winter comes Spring and to every Spring bride I say: Color!  Flowers!  Whimsy! We at Hitchcock Madrona will always encourage you to bring some whimsy into your look for any late spring event. There is no better time to rock a fascinator (It’s just a veil light.  Right??) or why not throw in multicolored rhinestones, and that vintage brooch that was left to you? Sweet and sentimental are hard to beat for Spring.


It seems as though Dustin is directing me and I am…well….doing whatever I want.  My husband is the ever solid hand to keep me steady.


A vintage multicolor crystal and black necklace is my favorite vintage purchase as of late.  I knew it needed to be the center of this look.  As you can see, you can bring in color and whimsy without looking too overdone.  There is something about a huge white cress with 20 layers of tulle that really tones everything else down!

1Lavender is my color of the moment!  I found this extra long lavender grosgrain ribbon within our extensive ribbon archive at HM headquarters and paired it with a vintage lavender flower brooch at the bow.  We kept the ribbon long and let it goooooooooo.  As you can see it creates movement in an otherwise still photo.

This is the actual fascinator that I wore to my reception.  I opted for a veil during the ceremony but wanted to be a little more playful and light for the dancing.  Kelly Christy has created several wonderful headpieces for our bridal clients.  Feathers, net, white flowers and tulle are the ultimate whimsical flare paired seamlessly by Kelly’s expert hand…more on those later this week. Until then, consider adding a little whimsy to your life, see how fun it can be.



Bridal Week: The Vintage Bride in Winter

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The ring is presented.  The proposal accepted.  Champagne flutes raised.  Friends, family and co-workers all want to know: When is the wedding? Where will it be held? All important details, none more important than the question we ask ourselves: what type of bride am I??  Am I a beach bride?  A Las Vegas bride??  A winter bride?  A church bride?  It’s fun to try on all the veils for just a moment and see what feels like you.

If you live in Seattle June through August is wedding season.  We got married in June but I have always been drawn to the gutsy winter wedding.  Today I explore the vintage bride in winter.  Icy rhinestones (something new), a vintage fur wrap (something old), and Gatsby-esque touches complete my frozen combo.  I used a cobalt ribbon (something blue) to accent my dress and coordinated my husband’s pocket square for our (fictitious – we are married!) February nuptials.

Without further adu – here comes the bride….

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madronaPearls are always a classic bridal choice but I wanted my look to be a little more dramatic and less traditional.  The headband and long pearls play up the flapper vibe but in a sublte way.  The opera length strand of freshwater pearls also breaks up the straight neckline of my dress.

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona

As you can see, my accessories are subtle but paired with a wedding dress they are not crazy.  In fact, you need to keep proportion in mind.  A large dress that is very formal needs jewelery that stands up to it in photos that are (a lot of the time) from a distance.

moscot, lulu frost, pearls, hitchcock madrona, jennifer behr

Husband is working his MOSCOT sunglasses in Tummel Tortoise.  He is serving some rat-pack-realness!  That phrase just made him so uncomfortable.

jennifer behr, lulu frost, hitchcock madrona

Lipstick color is key, especially when considering photos can easily wash you out.

jennifer behr, bridal, fashion, lulu frost

A vintage fur wrap or caplet is a winter bride’s sole advantage.  Who else can wear fur to their wedding??  Take it and run!



Bridal Week: Headpiece & Earring Inspiration

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One of our favorite bridal looks is the “no necklace” bride. This look alleviates any neckline/necklace competition and showcases YOU! A striking way to do that is with an earring/headpiece combination. It feels modern and nostalgic at the same time, we love it. Whether you are a minimalist bride or an eccentric bride, there is an earring/headpiece combination for you.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our brides an assortment of beautifully crafted headpieces. A veil, headband, crystal-encrusted head wrap, or a combination can transform your look. Think of a headpiece as a modern tiara…


Jennifer Behr is the premier hair accessories designer and renowned in the bridal world. Handmade in Brooklyn, her creations are true heirloom quality. The pieces range from minimal headbands to ornate Swarovski crystals diadems and classic veils.


Made of supple French leather, this Jennifer Behr headband is perfect for the edgy, yet minimalist bride. It is simple and chic without sacrificing the “cool factor”.


Feminine Lulu Frost earrings pair lovely with a daintier, pearlized headband from Deepa Gurnani and pale veil.


These Lulu Frost beauties were MADE for a bride! Brilliant designer Lisa Salzer repurposes stunning vintage dress clips into the perfect wedding earrings. These can be your “something old” too!


A cropped veil can be demure AND flirty.


The Dannijo Jovana earrings are a beautiful pop of color, made of striking Swarovski crystals.


This Deepa Gurnani head wrap has a beautiful shape and bohemian vibe. The juxtaposition of the classic veil and the edgy Pamela Love Five Spike earrings (in rose gold) is lovely.


If this Kelly Christy concoction doesn’t say “Mother of the Bride” we don’t know what does! Leave it to Kelly Christy, the expert milliner, to make a sophisticated (yet cheeky!) fascinator.


 Three inches of sparkling glass stones, these Lulu Frost earrings are aptly named the Rococo Statement. Inspired by the scrolling leaves of the Rococo artistic movement, they are SO enchanting!


 Add a bit of mystery with a veil and a touch of glamor with a twisted crystal head wrap (both Jennifer Behr). The earrings are Lulu Frost’s Revolution Stud, a statement of iridescent resin and glass stones.


Blue is beautiful for a wedding. This Deep Gurnani headband has tranquil blue crystals that exemplify the purity, love, and fidelity represented by your “something blue”.  Tied in with Dannijo’s darling Luna earrings this look offers sophisticated sparkle for any bride.

More bridal inspiration to come!


Team Hitchcock

Bridal Week: Outfit of The Day: Erica

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This is not my actual wedding dress.  My dress is hermetically sealed in my basement never to see the light of day again.  What a shame!  Do you remember this dress from our Halloween blog extravaganza?  This dress is so fun to wear!  I especially love pairing it with my red shoes.  I once saw a bride change her shoes for the party.  She wore traditional ivory for the ceremony and red pumps for the reception.  I was already married at the time so I couldn’t steal this idea…until now!  Here at Hitchcock Madrona we represent the “nontraditional” bride but are not limited to her.  A bride that wants to create a fashion forward look with a slight edge is perfect for our inventory.  BUT, if you are more traditional, take away moments and inspiration from our bridal posts.  We know not many people will actually wear all of this on their wedding day, but it is quite fun to pretend!


The first layer I am wearing is the Lulu Frost Bord La Mer necklace.  It is inspired by the beach; a stunning tangle of brass chains, freshwater pearls, and glass stones.  On top is the celestial jumbo pearl creation by Subversive Jewelry.


The Ashlyn’d Pearlette clutch is beyond chic.  And it is the perfect size for the necessities (lipstick, blotting papers, mints, etc.) you will need at the rehearsal dinner or reception.  Wearing: Xenia Mara hand bracelet, Hitchcock Madrona cocktail ring, and a sprinkling of personal and Catbird rings.


The Wouters & Hendrix Safety Pin Pearl earrings may be the coolest “alternative pearl” look possible.  The scale is just right and they feel fresh and modern.


You probably noticed how many pearls I incorporated into this look… Pearls are the traditional wedding jewelry.  They have such a wonderfully rich history.  The ancient Greeks correlated them with love and marriage and believed they brought martial bliss.  It has been long common for royalty to wear pearls (including American Royalty: Jackie Kennedy) in matrimony.

I hope you brides are feeling as inspired as we are!



Bridal Week: Make A Personal Apointment

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The most important part of any bride’s wardrobe is of course “The Dress”.  Whether you are a ball gown princess (that was me!), or barefoot bohemian, we want your wedding jewelry to reflect your personal style and make you feel confident and beautiful. We are in full tilt wedding season in Seattle with June being a very popular month (no rain – cross your fingers!). Here at Hitchcock Madrona we encourage you to bring your wedding dress in so we can strategize your look and get you all the accessories you need. To book your personal appointment email This is the best way to craft your look – from head to toe.

Today we are focusing on necklaces for inspiration, to get the gears turning.


Pearls are beautifully timeless for a wedding (and a personal favorite).  If you do not want to wear a traditional strand of pearls we have some wonderful options from Lulu Frost and Xenia Mara.  This year especially, we are seeing TONS of pearls incorporated into our artists work – love it!


Necklace in relation to neckline and dress is of utmost importance. Your wedding necklace (and all jewelry) should compliment your dress, enhance it, but not overwhelm or take away from its beauty. Jewelry is also a great way to edge up a look when you want to be formal but still young and fun.


Xenia Mara’s rock crystal necklaces are true classics, making them perfect for the big day. If the XL scale of the rock crystal piece above is intimidating Xenia also makes beautiful, daintier versions.


 Necklaces with a mix of rhinestones and edgier materials are a good option for brides that want some sparkle but do not want to be too “blinged-out” on their big day.


Try not to limit yourself to any preconceived “rules” when approaching your wedding jewelry. Pick what speaks to you, what makes you feel spectacular.  There is a time and a place for testing style limits, but your wedding is NOT it.  That being said, if your personal style is bold, be bold! More ladylike sensibilities? Stick with more sophisticated pieces. Make sure you have a clear idea of what suits you before starting your jewelry hunt. We can help draw out your personal style if you are having trouble thinking about it in a concise way. Your wedding look should be tight and defined.


For the vintage bride, look no further than Lulu Frost. Often incorporating real vintage elements into her designs (remember the vintage shoe buckle bracelets and the dress clip earrings?), you could count a Lulu piece as your something old!

More Bridal Week posts coming soon.


Team Hitchcock