Trunk Show: THE DRESS by April Pride TOMORROW 12 – 5 pm

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Join us tomorrow for an amazing trunk show!  We are very excited to share April Pride and THE DRESS with our wonderful clients.  Work this design all year round!  Cover up with a cardigan or blazer when the weather is chilly.  I am going to wear mine over jeans without a belt.  Basically, an exaggerated men’s shirt!

ap-fall2 ap-fall-3

See you tomorrow!



THE DRESS by April Pride. My New Obsession!

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This truly is the best dress!  I feel so chic and comfortable.  Perfect for all seasons, this vintage inspired design will take you from brunch, to work, and out for drinks.  A busy lady’s best friend!

Come to the April Pride Trunk Show on Saturday from 12 – 5 pm and try this baby on for yourself.  April is bringing THE DRESS is a variety of fabrications just for us!


THE DRESS in cotton for Spring/Summer.


Made from men’s shirting fabric, THE DRESS has a bit of a masculine vibe but also exudes femininity!  April also has created these chunky leather bracelets.  They come in a variety of different colors, are easy to style, and add a bold punch of color.  You know we love a statement piece!ap-spring-4


Stop by Hitchcock Madrona on Saturday from 12 – 5 pm to meet April Pride.  Champagne will be flowing!




Halloween: Marie Antoinette

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A fashionista queen know for her revolutionary style – Marie Antoinette is an obvious choice for my final Halloween look.  We were inspired by the faux rustic farm that Marie had built at Versailles, sometimes a girl just needs to get away from it all and frolic in the fields in a ballgown and some sick jewels!


marie1 marie2

Any working mom (or at least the one’s I associate with!) will tell you…. “Let them eat prepackaged cupcakes!”  Marie Antoinette, part sheltered teenager and part delusional queen.  Gotta love her!


Bracelets:  Xenia Mara layered crystal and vintage chain cuff, Lulu Frost rhinestone sunburst bracelet (right hand).  Eddie Borgo yellow gold pyrimid bracelet and Iosselliani fall 2016 rhinestone bracelet (left hand).

Rings: Hitchcock Madrona vintage inspired cocktail rings.  Limited edition.

marie5 marie-ears

Earrings: Xenia Mara vintage chain and rock crystal sparklers


Yes queen!  Iosselliani rhinestone statement necklace as crown.


Necklaces: Xenia Mara double row rock crystal spikes.  Love this necklace – it is organic, tough, wearable and a bit magical.  If you don’t have a rock crystal piece in your jewelry wardrobe consider one.  I wear mine constantly!marie8This is the Deception Pass bridge in Washington State. It is (I fact checked this!) 180 feet tall and was built in 1935.  Hardly any of the bridge pictures were usable because I was so scared!  Melissa Baerwald my amazing friend and photographer kept telling me to relax but that wasn’t happening.  In fact, it was so scary that when I tried to go to sleep that night I couldn’t – my mind had me falling off the edge!  A little too close to poor Marie’s date with the guillotine for my taste!

Happy Halloween!



Bridal Week: The Whimsical Bride in Spring

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After Winter comes Spring and to every Spring bride I say: Color!  Flowers!  Whimsy! We at Hitchcock Madrona will always encourage you to bring some whimsy into your look for any late spring event. There is no better time to rock a fascinator (It’s just a veil light.  Right??) or why not throw in multicolored rhinestones, and that vintage brooch that was left to you? Sweet and sentimental are hard to beat for Spring.


It seems as though Dustin is directing me and I am…well….doing whatever I want.  My husband is the ever solid hand to keep me steady.


A vintage multicolor crystal and black necklace is my favorite vintage purchase as of late.  I knew it needed to be the center of this look.  As you can see, you can bring in color and whimsy without looking too overdone.  There is something about a huge white cress with 20 layers of tulle that really tones everything else down!

1Lavender is my color of the moment!  I found this extra long lavender grosgrain ribbon within our extensive ribbon archive at HM headquarters and paired it with a vintage lavender flower brooch at the bow.  We kept the ribbon long and let it goooooooooo.  As you can see it creates movement in an otherwise still photo.

This is the actual fascinator that I wore to my reception.  I opted for a veil during the ceremony but wanted to be a little more playful and light for the dancing.  Kelly Christy has created several wonderful headpieces for our bridal clients.  Feathers, net, white flowers and tulle are the ultimate whimsical flare paired seamlessly by Kelly’s expert hand…more on those later this week. Until then, consider adding a little whimsy to your life, see how fun it can be.



Jewelry Contradictions and Life’s Little Subversion

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     Spring is in full bloom here in Seattle, and Team Hitchcock is taking a no holds barred approach to vivid color, and soft pastels. This week, Erica talks to us about color and contradiction, her love of Doritos, and how to expertly pair your earthy beads with some serious Heavy Metal for a day of errands in her OOTD. Simple, right?




There is nothing I enjoy more when getting dressed than to mix seemingly contradictory styles.  Wearing cooky clothing is my life’s little subversion *cackles* well, that and devouring spicy nacho Doritos. But, I digress. In this post my sole aim is to to illustrate one major “lesson” in personal style. Balance in contradiction, is a mantra I find myself repeating whilst meditating over my morning latte. Your contradiction may not be as extreme or thematic as mine (dramatic? me?) but don’t shy from mixing pieces that you normally wouldn’t. Experiment with color combinations, mix metals, combine designer with thrift.  But, and this is key, execute it in a way that is planned.  Balance your choices and leave everything else clean and simple.




We start with these delicate layers of colorful, vintage beads set to frame and balance this angry, angular pendant by IOSSELLIANI.  The multiple strands of cobalt, translucent pink, white and gold beads dance around the structured armor of the Italian bling.  IOSSELLIANI continues to amaze us with show-stopping jewels that are a fashion plate’s secret weapon.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by this slightly tribal stunner? Take your edgy pieces, and soften them for a sunny, summer brunch or Happy Hour with the girls. Throw on your frayed denim shorts, a white t-shirt (I know – so cliche!), these two necklaces and a fab pair of this season’s shoe du jour – the flat gladiator sandal.




To keep the balance, make sure your rings and bracelets make an appearance. Tying in our themes of earthy with edgy, a grey Hitchcock Madrona Druzy is always welcome feature in my wardrobe. The perfect neutral compliment for any season, and it compliments my hair-I’m definitely a fan.


Lulu Frost Scarab Earrings


Lulu Frost’s Scarab Family Earrings from the Spring Collection were the perfect touch of whimsy for the look. While I am a fan of the rules, I’m always a fan of turning them on their heads. Maybe it’s the rush of Vitamin D, or the flowers in bloom but I’m certainly feeling playful in all corners of my life. I see no reason for my outfit to be anything less than representative of how I feel, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.





For prices and availability, please contact the store via the Contact Us page.


OOTD: Spring Beads in The Studio

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Spring has sprung a little early here in Seattle, and unlike our friends on the East Coast (sorry, guys) I’m breaking out the beaded necklaces, camo hoodies, and my favorite vintage party dress to celebrate. What better place to shoot my “kitchen sink” OOTD than our brand new studio space? I honestly can’t think of one. Seeing as I’m unveiling the new studio space, I thought it might be a good time to also share our next online trunk show. As our lovely followers know, we took a team trip to Billings, Montana last November where we acquired several amazing vintage, Native American pieces that we haven’t been able to get enough of. Erica has been rocking her beads for years, and has shared her “love of the bead” with yours truly. Now, we’re bringing this love to you guys! Expect a video soon on the ups, downs, pros and cons (there are none, actually), of styling beads from day to night and everywhere in between. For now, I give you beads, a party dress, and playtime in the Hitchcock Madrona Studio.

I hope my peak at spring, has given you guys some color inspiration. Being the perpetual layer heavy lady that I am, I softened my heavy metal hardware with a centralized beaded statement. Balance between the two, no matter how heavy the statement is what I strive to be mindful of. Most of all, just remember: confidence is key and if you love it-wear it.




Signature Piece: Xenia Mara Goddess Necklace

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The question that I get the most is: “How do I layer necklaces?” There are a few easy techniques that can guide your composition. Before we get into the basics of layering, I would like to introduce the Xenia Mara Goddess necklace, one of my essential jewelry wardrobe picks. Goddess necklaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. As you can see, they are silver/black, copper/warm, or bronze based. These are invaluable for your layering combinations. The foundation for all genius necklace moments. I cannot live without mine.


All of these are on the longer side, but Xenia does a short version that is easily thrown on for work or play. They are chunky and cool – stand alone pieces.


If one of these three necklaces is not perfect we can customize a Xenia Mara goddess necklace for you! Your custom necklace will be perfect for your body and work seamlessly with your current jewelry wardrobe. A great option for the perfect layering piece! We just got a whole new batch. Come visit – there is one for every woman.




Outfit of the Day: Spring is Springing with Pops of Yellow

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Let’s dust off the winter cobwebs and remove the layers of wool and flannel.  We are ready for spring!  Sunglasses – check.  White pants – check.  Bangle bracelets – check.  Cool car that isn’t mine in the background – check.  I have all the wardrobe markers for spring.  It is a great time to channel your inner Iris Apfel and pile on the bracelets and tribal prints.  Color is now acceptable.  Thank you, sunshine.  I will take YELLOW!

My outfit centers around my beloved Lulu Frost “LEO” necklace.  I always feel quite ferocious when I wear this piece (can you tell why?).  That is exactly how a leo likes to feel – powerful and in charge.


My first layer is the tiny 18k gold skull and crossbones necklace by Hitchcock Madrona (one-of-kind).  This little guy has diamond eyes which are so enchanting.   I also threw on a Tom Binns rhinestone jumble necklace.  It is almost time to unveil the Tom Binns Spring order.  Whoo hoo!


Yellow vintage resin bangle (we have all colors) with fabric and wood bracelet by Lulu Frost.  Again, channel your favorite octogenarian or high school art teacher and pile on the bangles.  We always stock up for this time of year.  Wood or resin (or a combo) reign supreme in spring.

I love this ring combo:  Delicate gold band, tiny diamond eternity band and diamond and sterling signet all by Hitchcock Madrona.



Outfit of the Day: Men’s Edition Featuring Sheldon

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More men’s fashion – whoo hoo!!  Meet Sheldon, the most stylish window washer one could ever have!  Sheldon is the owner of Immaculate Windows and washes all of the Madrona businesses windows.  He is goooooood!  We appreciate the small touches that make someone good at their job.  Sheldon is on our event mailing list so that he knows when we are having an event.  He shows up the day before so our front windows (the entire facade of our store) look amazing.  Sheldon really understands fashion, design, and art in general which is why we like him so much!  Before he washes our windows he comes in to look at all of our merchandise and appreciate how beautiful everything is.  Occasionally he walks away with a hat or pair of glasses!

Sheldon is wearing a camel Kelly Christy hat, BABA frames from MOSCOT, a men’s shirting material scarf by Hitchcock Madrona, and a Buffalo nickel ring in sterling silver by Shannon Koszyk.  Cool combo, huh??  We just released all of our Spring/Summer scarves.  We make them in Seattle out of thick, cotton, men’s shirting material.  They have a great loft that adds a sculptural element to your outfit.  They are great for men and women!


Bracelets:  Vintage sterling silver and turquoise cuff bracelet (available now!), leather and sterling silver cuff by Hitchcock Madrona.

Thank you Sheldon for the years of clean windows and hilarious conversation!


Team Hitchcock


Outfit of the Day: Suspenders and a Jumble

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Piles and piles of necklaces today!  We have some nice weather and I am enjoying the crisp fall air and blue skies (for now).  Fall is going to be hitting the shop in full force next week with coats by Christine Chaney.  Can’t wait!

Xenia Mara copper circles, vintage pearls, and steel and pearl necklace by Surplus.  I have on my wedding necklace (diamond and sapphire) along with a charm for my son and a gold shield ready to be monogrammed.  Italian made pocket square as a pop of color on my suspender.


On my right hand I have a vintage wood bangle (delicate gold band on my ring finger).  My left hand is featuring a Lulu Frost 100 year shoe buckle. We have three versions in stock – all are spectacular.  Perfect for a winter wedding or holiday party.


These IOSSELLIANI stacking rings are a modern classic.  They are so comfortable, such a rich statement for every occasion. Stacked all on one finger they pack a beautiful punch but they are also lovely sprinkled throughout your other rings. Lots of options, love it!