The 10 Essentials: #4 The Cuff Bracelet

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You can always tell a Hitchcock Madrona woman, or man, by their fierce Cuff. Whether it’s sterling silver, copper, or bronze when you see one you know you have meet a member of your tribe. The HM Cuff comes in two sizes. Kristina likes to wear the small bronze version everyday, layered with her watch and a couple of bangles. Erica is rarely seen without the large in sterling silver, and Dustin has been wearing his copper cuff long enough that is has the patina of a lucky penny. You have your choice of leather color, black or dark brown. The durable leather strap gets better with age, it will soften and conform to your wrist the longer you wear it. Go ahead, pick a combination – wide sterling and black leather, thin copper and brown leather – and join the tribe.


A perennial favorite!  The wide HM Cuff in sterling silver with dark brown leather.


Who say’s you can’t layer our cuffs?!


No need to leave the gents out, our cuff looks just as good on him as her. Here, Dustin shows off a thin HM Cuff in matte sterling silver. He’s also sporting the Hitchcock Madrona signet ring.  Fancy!


Team HM



Restocked! The Original HM Bangle Cuff

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The Original HM Bangle Cuff is back by popular demand!!!  Available in sterling silver, as well as, yellow gold (pictured) and rose gold fill.  They are durable and easier to wear than a bangle bracelet (especially when you work at a computer all day!).  The hammered texture has a gentle sparkle which is so pretty!  Add to your existing bracelet stack or wear them alone, the bangle cuffs are a great way to mix metals.  My current favorite combo is two thick yellow gold and one thin silver.  It’s not too early to think about mom (hint, hint).  Purchase online at:

bangle-cuff1 bangle-cuff hand bangle-cuff


Outfit of the Day: Star Wars Fantasy Featuring Yestadt

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Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

It feels great getting settled into our new home at 1422 34th Ave (still in Madrona).  We are still setting up the space and taking some much needed time (reopening January 27th) to work on our web store and other time-sucking endeavors such as, inventory and financial planning.  It’s not all rhinestones and puppies around here!  But, alas, you can’t let calling insurance companies and researching point-of-purchase solutions get you down creatively!  So, out came the Star Wars t-shirt and racing stripe denim. My current favorite hat silhouette is a big round crown with a small or mid-sized brim (partially inspired by Dustin’s Jonboy look).  I have been a die hard fedora wearer for many, many years and still love me a tomboy hat BUT this proportion is so fresh.  It feels Wild West mixed with a little school girl.  Annie Oakley meets Madeline!  I’m investing in a few incarnations this year (black and brown, large and small brim).

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

As per usual, the jewels are all over the place today.  I started with the gold Parnassus Necklace by Wanderluster (looks like spiky sun rays).  Then came the Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in red (of course!) and a rhinestone and chain tangle by Lulu Frost (you can barely see it high on my neck).  I also threw on a crazy plastic skull necklace from Goodwill and some Chanel.  Why not?

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff - Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff – Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Double cuff action.  A Jedi gets to break rules and wear two cuffs at once.  But, you can too, if you want.  I opted for copper and sterling.  I wanted to fight symmetry by adding a sterling silver Native American cuff and an HM yellow gold shark tooth cuff on my left wrist.

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Signature Piece: Xenia Mara Goddess Necklace

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The question that I get the most is: “How do I layer necklaces?” There are a few easy techniques that can guide your composition. Before we get into the basics of layering, I would like to introduce the Xenia Mara Goddess necklace, one of my essential jewelry wardrobe picks. Goddess necklaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. As you can see, they are silver/black, copper/warm, or bronze based. These are invaluable for your layering combinations. The foundation for all genius necklace moments. I cannot live without mine.


All of these are on the longer side, but Xenia does a short version that is easily thrown on for work or play. They are chunky and cool – stand alone pieces.


If one of these three necklaces is not perfect we can customize a Xenia Mara goddess necklace for you! Your custom necklace will be perfect for your body and work seamlessly with your current jewelry wardrobe. A great option for the perfect layering piece! We just got a whole new batch. Come visit – there is one for every woman.




Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Hitchcock Madrona Classics

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We have several beloved styles that have become Hitchcock Classics over the years. These pieces appeal to a wide range of women (and some men!), but the only woman we have on our minds right now is Mom. We think she would LOVE one of these beautiful styles to add to her collection!

Set in a simple gold bezel, our classic Diamond Dot necklace is a wonderful option for Mom. We have multiple diamond sizes right now, each set off with blackened sterling silver chain for a hint of edge.


Our simple 18k gold (and sterling silver) stacker rings are so sweet. We have diamond stacker ring variations that are lovely and pair beautifully with the plain bands, if you want an extra special gift for Mom.

shieldThe Shield necklace is one of our most popular styles. Above is a smaller sterling silver version on oxidized chain. We have gold versions, shields set with diamonds, and different size options – all equally wonderful.


The Shield necklaces are perfect for engraving. Jewelry is already such a personal gift, add an engraving and you have a beautiful heirloom in the making.


We couldn’t leave out our newest Hitchcock Classic: The Heart necklace! The heart itself is 18k gold and the chain is oxidized sterling silver – the perfect present for Mom.

We already showcased one of our Hitchcock ClassicsThe Sterling & Leather Cuff, in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Check back tomorrow for our ode to the original Hitchcock Classic: The Druzy Ring.



Team Hitchcock

Signature Piece: Hitchcock Madrona Golden Rods

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Spikes, shafts, rods, spears, bars – call them what you will, they are dangerous and elegant.  Each piece in the collection (we have earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!) is handmade by house jeweler extraordinaire Petrus Korver.  We designed these to layer perfectly with your beloved Hitchcock shield necklace or diamond dot.  A must have in your fine jewelry (with an edge!) collection.
Gold Bar Studs

Handmade 18K gold rod earrings.  These come in two sizes.  1″ (as seen above) and 1/2″.  Or, you can wear one of each!

Gold Bar

Handmade 18k gold bar necklaces on oxidized sterling silver chain.  We also have a golden rod bracelet!

These can be worn 24/7 with delicate layers you already own (or WANT to own).  A layering dream!  Come try one on for size.



Team Hitchcock


Just In: Spring Serpents and More by Mariella Pilato

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Another new collection we will unveil at tomorrow’s event is that of Mariella Pilato.  Mariella is Italian but designs and manufactures her jewelry collection in Bali.  As you can see, her work is absolutely BREATHTAKING! The collection features solid sterling silver pieces with gorgeous garnet accents such as her gorgeous coiled snakes (see below).  Although they are quite a statement everything in this new spring collection is totally wearable.  I am quite smitten with this snake bracelet.  Powerful!

Sterling silver serpents – arm band and breast plate.  Mariella’s designs are organic and architectural (remember the crystal “bridge” bracelet from a year ago?!).  Her construction is flawless AND manufactured by traditional silversmiths. So worth the investment!


One-of-a-kind jade ring.  Angular quartz crystal pyramid ring.


The collections impressive earrings are delicate yet strong.  A wonder in construction!

Come try on these stunning peices at the SPRING EVENT tomorrow.  They will not disappoint.


Team Hitchcock

OOTD: Millie and the Ladder

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Ever since my interview with Kate, when we penned my signature look as “rebellious schoolboy”, I have been feeling the need to take it to the extreme. What better way to do that than by decking myself out in spikes, leather, and chains with my recent obsession: the American Apparel Skater Dress. It is the perfect backdrop. I should add a disclaimer: Do not try climbing your ladder in heels at home!

I’m a big fan of mixing beautiful vintage pieces with edgy, shiny objects. I believe in paying homage to the classics through reinvention. It could be a stand alone presentation – like my 18k vintage bracelet, or creating something new by blending old pieces to build an entirely different piece.


I loved the idea of layering my grandmother’s bracelet (such a classic) with signature Hitchcock pieces. The leather cuff mixed with the extremity of the shark tooth bracelet – genius.


The Xenia Mara “Goddess” chain necklace was one of the pieces I gravitated to my first week in the store. It is the perfect combination of texture, length, and gold to make you feel empowered. I layered the Hitchcock heart necklace in for a subtle touch of sugar. Definitely a specific look, born of two extremes. But what fun is it if we can’t go to extremes every once and a while, right?





Just In: Eddie Borgo Holiday Collection

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Does it get better than a fresh collection from Eddie Borgo?  NO!  His designs are truly original.  They always push the envelope  and redefine what we expect from jewelry as a category.  In another words, you didn’t know you needed a pave crystal FULL finger ring (above) until Borgo made one.  I know, me too!  These creations are stunners!  Your coworkers (if you are lucky enough to be able to wear this to work), friends, family and even, yes even, strangers will ask….. WHAT IS THAT?  That is the sort of delight and wonder we love to evoke with our collection.


This season Borgo reimagined his venerable cone bracelet in a large cone size.  This is chunky and dangerous but still luxe and totally chic.


Need some statement earrings?  WOW!  These are all you need to create a dramatic holiday party look.  They are amazingly comfortable and easy to wear.  I know, shocking!


Lockets are always a popular gift.  They are instant heirlooms.  The recipient of a locket (complete with photos, of course) immediately appreciates the thought and personal touch.  These star shaped lockets echo Borgo’s cone design which make them perfect to wear together without feeling too matchy.  Usually, lockets always read vintage (it’s just their nature, I guess) but these are Blade Runner-futuristic-fabulous.  We only have these two!


These earrings need no words.  So I am saying nothing (but, hello?!  HOW AMAZING ARE THESE?).


For the first time, we have the classic cone in full pave.  Mouth watering!


This collection also brought various stud earrings that will work with everything in your wardrobe.  They are also fantastic gifts for the young, hip ladies on your list.  Adding Borgo to a jewelry collection is an instant win!





Signature Piece: Eddie Borgo Cone Bracelet

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Some of our favorite lines that we carry at Hitchcock Madrona continually revisit certain pieces in their collections. These pieces have become so closely identified with those brands that they have evolved into the lines’s signature pieces; Eddie Borgo’s cone bracelet is one such example. As regular blog readers know, he is one of our all-time favorite designers and we LOVE the cone bracelet. It is the perfect combination of classic and timeless with an edge.

Indebted to the punk culture as exemplified by New York City in the ’70s and ’80s, Eddie’s take on the cone bracelet is a luxed-up take on the now iconic punk look. While his cone bracelet has retained the spirit that is so identified with this movement, Borgo’s piece is easily wearable and its style is timeless while still being very of-the-moment.


We have two different versions of the cone bracelet. The first is his original design and it’s comprised totally of cones. It’s a little bolder and makes more of a statement when worn on its own. However, it is still subtle enough that it can be easily layered and pairs perfectly with either fine jewelry or more dramatic pieces. Eddie made a second cone bracelet, which features only one cone on a chain – it’s a little more delicate than the other version and very wearable.

At the moment we have Eddie Borgo cone bracelets IN STOCK in silver, rose gold and yellow gold.  An essential for your jewelry collection!