Broke Down: The Search for Fall

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Do you ever feel like you’re broken down on the side of the road, just waiting for someone to come along and tow you to safety? That is exactly how we feel waiting for Fall to come along. Enough with the babydoll dresses and billowy blouses. Well, we got impatient waiting for fall and decided to hit the road in search of patchwork, woolen layers, and the men’s coat of our dreams.




Scarves: Hitchcock Madrona; Sunglasses: MOSCOT

Chunky sweaters and oversized coats beg for a contrasting scarf and unexpected, exaggerated layers.



Scarf: Hitchcock Madrona; Earrings: Xenia Mara; Necklaces: Lulu Frost/ Dannijo/ Vintage

This year, we’re heading into fall with looks that pack a serious punch. Instead of easing into fall with a monochromatic attitude, we’re carrying color into our favorite season. From color-blocked hats and bags and festive cashmere, from Kelly Christy, Yestadt Millinery, and Hitchcock Madrona to 70s sexy, and Maleficent approved evil granny finds from our favorites at Dannijo and Lulu Frost we’re making our own fall story.


Outfit Of The Day: Beach Chic

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Iko Ino Necklace, Nora Kogan Lip Cuff

Iko Ino Necklace, Nora Kogan Lip Cuff

I don’t know about you, but January always leaves me pining for the Summer Sun (which I spend most of August complaining about). I’m never satisfied with the weather. It seems, my seasonal “the grass is always greener” attitude is in full swing at the moment. As a result I’m sharing my “beach basics” shot on our retreat to Anacortes this past August. Hitting the beach is all about looking your best with very minimal effort. For me, this begs for Iko Ino’s Traffic chain, Pamela Love’s Five Spike Earring, a sexy-surrealist Man Ray Lip Cuff from Nora Kogan and my favorite one piece that absolutely needed a moment. So, turn on your happy light, scroll through, and maybe-just maybe summer won’t feel so far away.

Selin Kent Necklace

Selin Kent Necklace

Pamela Love Earrings

Pamela Love Earrings

Join us for Champagne Saturdays!

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Rose gold and yellow gold Eva rings by Selin Kent.

The holiday season is upon us. Please join us every Saturday this December for champagne while you shop!

We have beautiful new collections from Pamela Love, Selin Kent, Loren Stewart, Jennifer Behr, Ercolano, Parme Marin, and more.


Team Hitchcock

Halloween 2014: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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“Armageddon was yesterday, today we have a serious problem.”

Look out Lisbeth Salander, Team Hitchcock Madrona is looking pierced, tattooed, and punk enough to take on any dangerous mission. We might be lacking in the computer hacking skills department (is Mercury still in retrograde? Can we blame it on that?) but we’re making up for it in spades with the fiercest jewels and accessories around.


Railroad Spike necklace by Giles & Brother, Safety Pin necklace by Giles & Brother, crystal and stud cuff by Tom Binns, Jumbo Hinged Railroad Spike cuff by Giles & Brother, Large Link gold bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona, gold midi ring by Hitchcock Madrona.


This hat by Kelly Christy is the perfectly subtle, witchy touch. The Loren Stewart Shapeshifter necklace has never been more punk: Millie is wearing it attached to her earring and nose ring!!! We think Lisbeth would be more than proud.


“She was perfectly content as long as people left her in peace.”

Ruby “Twinkler” necklace by Hitchcock Madrona, Panther bracelet by Iosselliani, gold and rose gold rings by Catbird, Hitchcock Madrona, and Loren Stewart.


Eddie Borgo ear cuff worn as nose ring, Eddie Borgo reversible pave pyramid earrings.


Gold shield by Hitchcock Madrona, gold tone Goddess necklace by Xenia Mara, cast bullet necklace by Unearthen.


Rose gold Mignon ring by Catbird (on thumb), rose gold Mini ID ring by Loren Stewart.


Crystal Quartz bullet necklace by Unearthen on silver wheat chain.


“You already have loads of tattoos. Are you sure you want another one?”

Silver Sharktooth cuff by Hitchcock Madrona, gold rings by Catbird and Loren Stewart.


We wore our fake tattoos for the rest of the day in the store and some of our clients (and even close friends) thought they were real!

Happy Halloween!

Be safe and spooky tonight!


Team Hitchcock

Outfit Of The Day: Millie’s Monochrome Moment

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Some days, I feel absolutely monochromatic. I’m all black and white – no gray area. This rainy summer day was no exception. My new body con dress (American Apparel x KESH) had finally arrived, and I figured no color was needed when the giant eye print could do all of the talking (seeing?). Thankfully, the brilliant ladies at Dannijo fully supported this sentiment.


Our classic Druzy ring paired perfectly with this Dannijo bracelet. Nora Kogan’s Love ring in rose gold was a singular delicate whisper of color, in the stark landscape of my monochrome look.


Dannijo Max Bib, a statement to rival the all seeing eye.


Jennifer Behr wide black leather headband, MOSCOT Tummel sunglasses, and Pamela Love’s Five Spike Earring.


My ring stacking may be a bit out of control at this point… What can I say? I’m a sucker for a delicate ring! My trusty Hitchcock Madrona sterling and leather cuff balances out Dannijo’s tribal-chic bracelet for a hand party that can’t be beat. After all, who said black and white had to be boring?




Bridal Week: Headpiece & Earring Inspiration

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One of our favorite bridal looks is the “no necklace” bride. This look alleviates any neckline/necklace competition and showcases YOU! A striking way to do that is with an earring/headpiece combination. It feels modern and nostalgic at the same time, we love it. Whether you are a minimalist bride or an eccentric bride, there is an earring/headpiece combination for you.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our brides an assortment of beautifully crafted headpieces. A veil, headband, crystal-encrusted head wrap, or a combination can transform your look. Think of a headpiece as a modern tiara…


Jennifer Behr is the premier hair accessories designer and renowned in the bridal world. Handmade in Brooklyn, her creations are true heirloom quality. The pieces range from minimal headbands to ornate Swarovski crystals diadems and classic veils.


Made of supple French leather, this Jennifer Behr headband is perfect for the edgy, yet minimalist bride. It is simple and chic without sacrificing the “cool factor”.


Feminine Lulu Frost earrings pair lovely with a daintier, pearlized headband from Deepa Gurnani and pale veil.


These Lulu Frost beauties were MADE for a bride! Brilliant designer Lisa Salzer repurposes stunning vintage dress clips into the perfect wedding earrings. These can be your “something old” too!


A cropped veil can be demure AND flirty.


The Dannijo Jovana earrings are a beautiful pop of color, made of striking Swarovski crystals.


This Deepa Gurnani head wrap has a beautiful shape and bohemian vibe. The juxtaposition of the classic veil and the edgy Pamela Love Five Spike earrings (in rose gold) is lovely.


If this Kelly Christy concoction doesn’t say “Mother of the Bride” we don’t know what does! Leave it to Kelly Christy, the expert milliner, to make a sophisticated (yet cheeky!) fascinator.


 Three inches of sparkling glass stones, these Lulu Frost earrings are aptly named the Rococo Statement. Inspired by the scrolling leaves of the Rococo artistic movement, they are SO enchanting!


 Add a bit of mystery with a veil and a touch of glamor with a twisted crystal head wrap (both Jennifer Behr). The earrings are Lulu Frost’s Revolution Stud, a statement of iridescent resin and glass stones.


Blue is beautiful for a wedding. This Deep Gurnani headband has tranquil blue crystals that exemplify the purity, love, and fidelity represented by your “something blue”.  Tied in with Dannijo’s darling Luna earrings this look offers sophisticated sparkle for any bride.

More bridal inspiration to come!


Team Hitchcock

Hitchcock Leading Lady: Erin of Hammer + Awl

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We are thrilled to introduce our latest Hitchcock Leading Lady: Erin.  Erin has been a client of ours for about five years.  The first time she came into the store I think I embarrassed her – “Hello.  Who are you and where have you been all our lives?”  Apart from being a stunning beauty, Erin’s gentle demeanor and genuine enthusiasm is rare.  She is enthusiastic about fashion, design, food (I follow her on Instagram and drool), wine and most of all – her WONDERFUL husband Anthony.  Anthony is our client as well, he has impeccable taste and knows his lady.  One of my favorite projects of all time was collaborating with Anthony on Erin’s 10 year anniversary gift.  We created a stunning asher cut black diamond engagement ring.  To our excitement, Erin recently opened a beautiful menswear boutique in Madrona called Hammer + Awl.  It is fantastic!  At the opening party I scored a new fragrance, an ascot (oh yeah!), a t-shirt, and lip balm!  But, Dustin’s Pendleton jacket took the cake.  So beautiful!
Below is Erin’s interview and photos of her lovely jewelry and new boutique. Enjoy:


How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona? 

If I remember correctly, I just stumbled upon it when it used to be the little shoebox store at the South end of 34th.  The selection was small, but I liked what I saw and have been coming back ever since.


How would define your style?

A double “E”. Easy with a bit of Edge.

Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry? 

Apparently my Instagram obsession has turned into a vehicle for gift giving. My husband staged a photo of my newly acquired signet ring in a meaningful setting and posted it to Instagram tagging me. Knowing that I would be taking some sort of photo and posting it during our dinner out, which I had, he proceeded to prod me to check if there were any good comments on my food posting. That’s when I saw his photo with the ring and out came the mini black bag and the tears.


What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

A versatile statement necklace,  simple earrings that you can sleep in, a layerable chain bracelet or cuff.

Who are your style icons?

I’m most inspired by glimpses of people I see walking on the street,  out for coffee or dinner on any given day.  Especially when traveling.


What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own? 

My black diamond wedding ring UPGRADE my husband gave me for our 10th anniversary… from Hitchcock, of course. A silver spoon ring gifted from a friend, because it reminds me of my Mother who has worn one similar ever since I can remember.


What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

Since I usually wear more than one piece at a time I always have in the back of my mind how a new piece may work with my existing collection.


Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What is the story behind them?

Unfortunately no. No one in my family was ever a real jewelry wearer. I guess there always has to be a first!


How do you like to style your jewelry?

I am a layerer of sorts, but in moderation. I like to pair chunky with delicate or something more bold balanced by other pieces that are more simple. And I don’t discriminate on metal color, I will mix gold, silver, white gold all together as long as it works.

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers at Hitchcock Madrona?

If I have to pick…Pamela Love, Xenia Mara and newly found favorite Faris DuGraf.


Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”?

Kathleen Whitaker Staple and Double Post Stick Earrings, Hitchcock Diamond Dot Necklace.


What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile?

All the different chain bracelets and leather wrap cuffs. I mix and match different ones together getting a new look every time. It’s like having triple the amount of jewelry!


Be sure to check out Hammer & Awl:



RING: 206.992.7444



WED. – SAT. 10AM – 6PM

SUN. 9AM – 5PM




Obsession: Dramatic Sun Hat by Kelly Christy

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We all have an unhealthy obsession with this over-sized sun hat by Kelly Christy. It is EVERYTHING. Dramatic yet classic.


Necklaces: Xenia Mara brass layers, Pamela Love arrowhead, Unearthen Amethyst bullet necklace, Pamela Love bronze breast plate.


Kelly tastefully trimmed it with black grosgrain ribbon. The lines of this hat are so dynamic and simple. Perfection. Come get one made especially for you – hurry before summer is over!





Outfit of the Day: Summer Sporty Beaded Fun-Fun

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This summer I have gravitated toward a few different styles of dress. Both are departures from my normal personal style. The first is Native American (feeling) jewelry! Pamela Love staples, vintage Navajo sterling, turquoise everything, and beaded pieces are easily layered with my Hitchcock Madrona favorites. This red beaded number is really all I want to wear! I am also wearing a rhinestone collar by IOSSELLIANI, random vintage brass chains and an enamel skull necklace from Hot Topic (remember that store?). Dustin and I like to call this type of necklace menagerie “fun-fun”. Like in India, “should we buy these colorful bangles just for fun-fun?”. Speaking of colorful bangles, that is one on my right arm. We still have loads left to stack!


My other summer wardrobe fascination is sporty and/or collegiate men’s t-shirts. I know, random! They are usually from thrift stores with teams that I have never heard of (ie Lynden Lyons – who??).  This particular shirt was a total score at Value Village. It just says “COLLEGE” a la Jim Belushi in Animal House (I am assuming). I love the general reference (or recommendation) to higher education and at the same time the irreverence of blowing it off. Every outfit benefits from a hat by Kelly Christy – this style works for men and women. I am awaiting my custom hat that I ordered from Kelly during the trunk show – until then I will just have to wear all of the ones in the store! I will post about my hat and the custom process as soon as it is ready. I can’t wait! Custom is the best for hats and it is usually cost prohibitive and difficult but not here!


Silver arrowhead cuff by Pamela Love and gold plated cone bracelet (this is never leaving my wrist) by Eddie Borgo.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!



Hitchcock Leading Lady: Katie

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We are so excited to feature our next “leading lady”, Katie! Katie has been a Hitchcock Madrona customer since she moved to Seattle in 2009. Her jewelry choices are bold, fearless and fashion-forward (we love that about her!). She effortlessly makes each piece perfectly fit her own style and her layering combinations are outstanding. In addition to being super stylish, Katie is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington and works for a local non-profit organization that focuses on education and youth leadership. We are so honored she answered our client questionnaire! With great pleasure and delight we introduce you, our readers, to one of the most wonderful people we have ever met!  She is a class act and the “total package”: brains, beauty and ambition with fabulous taste in jewelry.


How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona?

I moved to Seattle over four years ago and within a few months I was starting to get my bearings. I was at a conference for work and I saw a woman wearing this amazing ring from across the room. During a break, I bum rushed her to find out more about the ring. Thankfully, she was very gracious and let me oogle over her Hitchcock Madrona designed druzy ring. She said, “it’s from the best shop in Seattle, Hitchcock… run, don’t walk.” However, she did offer a warning: “careful – you’re going to want everything in the store.” Thankfully, she was absolutely correct and it has been my favorite shop ever since.

How would define your style? 

My style is dictated by how I feel. It changes daily but I always gravitate towards simplicity. Classic pieces with fun pops of color and a touch of spice in the shoes and jewelry is my M.O.

Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry? 

I have a simple silver and gold rope stacking ring that was my first “real” jewelry purchase that I bought myself when I was 12 years old. I saved all the money I made during that summer and made it my mission to buy a ring from the fancy adult counter at my local department store in Philadelphia, Strawbridge & Clothier. I still have the ring and wear it nearly everyday.

What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own? 

• Stud earrings that aren’t just studs

• An over the top outrageous cocktail ring designed by Hitchcock Madrona

• A statement necklace that can be considered a weapon

Who are your style icons? 

My mother and my grandmother. Both women always designed their own looks, never following trends or getting caught up in the mainstream. They knew their taste and always dressed in an outfit.

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own? 

This is so difficult!!! I love all of my pieces and proudly display them as works of art on the walls of my bedroom (keeping them hidden in a closet would be criminal). But if I must choose a few, I’d say there are certain pieces I find myself constantly reaching for…. my Surplus tic-tac-toe ring, Hitchcock Madrona leather cuff, Debra Baxter crystal spike necklace, and Iosselliani crystal bib necklace.  I love how each of these pieces effortlessly pairs with other jewelry but can also make a powerful statement individually.


What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

Erica and Dustin have taught me well. I love unexpected designs or unexpected pairings among pieces. I look for texture in jewelry and the use of multiple materials in one piece or in an ensemble.

Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What are the stories behind them? 

A few holidays ago, my mother gave me my great grandfather’s gold pocket watch and a beautiful vintage gold chain to wear it with. My great grandfather, Trygve Krug, traveled by ship from Oslo to Philadelphia around 1905. Once in Philadelphia he purchased a “Gentleman’s Elgin pocket watch.” Both the pocket watch and chain date to 1905-1910. Incredibly, the solid gold watch is in excellent condition and works to this day. He had the front case of the watch engraved with his initials “TK” which has extra significance for me because it matches my and my honey’s initials – Tyler and Katie. This embodies what I love most about jewelry – its history and its ability connect generations. Jewelry is one of the few items we possess that will live on past us to experience new life and continue to make history.

How do you like to style your jewelry? 

What I love about jewelry is that it has the power to completely change the tone of an outfit with one or multiple pieces. I’m a firm believer that more is better, so I usually layer it on until I can’t hold my neck up, bend my fingers or fit another bracelet around my wrist!

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers at Hitchcock Madrona? 

Honestly, I love every designer Hitchcock represents. They embody a wide range in style and approach to jewelry. But I especially love the pieces that Hitchcock Madrona designs. Erica and Dustin have a knack for creating unique jewelry that quickly become my staples. The added bonus is the personal connection I feel from being able to hear first-hand the artists’ ideas and inspiration.


Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”? 

My Hitchcock Madrona shield necklace. It never leaves my neck [and] I love how delicate yet unique it is for a small piece. It goes with everything and I’m pretty sure it gives me super power.

What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile? 

This is shocking coming from me since I refused to wear them until Erica convinced me, but pearl necklaces!  They exude femininity and timelessness with any look. It’s especially fun to layer pearls with skulls or crystals.  I am totally hooked and have finally embraced my birthstone!