OOTD: The Oula Company

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So excited for this trunk show!  This is an event unlike any other we have ever had.  The Oula Company is primarily a clothing company.  Erika, the company’s founder, combines heritage African textiles with modern design.  A perfect combo if you ask me!  Although we are know for our accessories, we couldn’t resist offering these playful, easy clothing pieces via a trunk show.  I love how wearable they are, perfect for summer. I can’t wait to see what I come away with (I’ve set a three garment limit for myself!).

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Love this piece, it can be worn as a dress or shirt. (Ladies, it has pockets!)

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The bold, graphic print looks amazing with these color-blocked necklaces.  I’m wearing all of them, of course, but one or two would look just as cool.

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Check out all the amazing Oula clothes, bags, and accessories Saturday, June 11 Noon-5. Champagne and appetizers will be served.



Broke Down: The Search for Fall

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Do you ever feel like you’re broken down on the side of the road, just waiting for someone to come along and tow you to safety? That is exactly how we feel waiting for Fall to come along. Enough with the babydoll dresses and billowy blouses. Well, we got impatient waiting for fall and decided to hit the road in search of patchwork, woolen layers, and the men’s coat of our dreams.




Scarves: Hitchcock Madrona; Sunglasses: MOSCOT

Chunky sweaters and oversized coats beg for a contrasting scarf and unexpected, exaggerated layers.



Scarf: Hitchcock Madrona; Earrings: Xenia Mara; Necklaces: Lulu Frost/ Dannijo/ Vintage

This year, we’re heading into fall with looks that pack a serious punch. Instead of easing into fall with a monochromatic attitude, we’re carrying color into our favorite season. From color-blocked hats and bags and festive cashmere, from Kelly Christy, Yestadt Millinery, and Hitchcock Madrona to 70s sexy, and Maleficent approved evil granny finds from our favorites at Dannijo and Lulu Frost we’re making our own fall story.


OOTD: Posing in an Alley with a Handbag I Don’t Own (or Just Another Day at the Office)

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ampersand as apostrophe, jewelry, turban, jennifer behr, scarf, hitchcock madrona, beads Today, I demonstrate a prime example of the power of accessorizing.  You can spice up a drab t-shirt and jeans with a mere 75 accessories!  Not only am I just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the t-shirt is effectively wrinkled like I slept in it for several nights in a row (I didn’t, don’t worry).  But, who will be able to focus on the wrinkles when I am wearing Lulu Frost’s Passages Necklace, Eddie Borgo’s Pierced Pearl Necklace, Vintage Native American Beads, and my Chanel Pearls??  HA!  I have cleverly added the biggest distraction of all: the Fashion Turban.


Satin Turban by Jennifer Behr, queen of all things headdress


Moscot’s Lemtosh sunnies and a few Hitchcock Madrona textiles (cotton men’s shirting scarf, silk pochette) compliment this soft, blush Ampersand as Apostrophe Half Tote.

Now that it is officially August, we’re already working fall into our vocab and wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled, as collections will be arriving in the coming weeks.  Check out our Instagram and Youtube channel for daily and weekly updates!



OOTD: Leather Shawls and Rose Gold Collars

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     If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is filled with fashion blogger, models, and other aspirational people that are more fascinating than who I goal myself to be like. That aside, sometimes their trend rub off on me and this fashion week was no exception. Fashionistas (I hate that word for the record) and style icons across the board seem to feel that wearing jackets as actual jackets instead of a shrug or shawl is passé. Not that I agree-sleeves and I generally get along, but I found myself becoming just another sheep in the herd. However, I accessorized in a way that most of them are not, with our newst fine jewelry line: Ginette NY. Sleek, sexy, and a little sweet the 18k rose gold collection we received left us blown away. A perpetual fan of letting my jewels do the talking, I suited up and hit the streets, well the alley behind our studio not quite NYC but far cooler in my opinion. Check out the awesome collection, and decide how you feel about sleeves as accessory.



Ginette Rose Gold Collar, Rose Gold Hoops, and Rose Gold and Diamond strip studs


Rose Gold rings by Ginette, FARIS, and Hitchcock Madrona. Black Gold Nico Ring by Selin Kent

     Loren Stewarts XL Chain Bracelet, and my wide silver HM Bangle Cuff have yet to come off my arm. Capped off with my Ampersand as Apostrophe (removable) clutch in Buffalo Leather and I’m ready for front row…at the bar of my choosing.

     Whether Fashion Week viewing, or strolling to your local dive these Ginette pieces are sure to make your cool, absolutely effortless. Throw in some leather accents, and your favorite pair of shades and you’re good to go.



Jewelry Contradictions and Life’s Little Subversion

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     Spring is in full bloom here in Seattle, and Team Hitchcock is taking a no holds barred approach to vivid color, and soft pastels. This week, Erica talks to us about color and contradiction, her love of Doritos, and how to expertly pair your earthy beads with some serious Heavy Metal for a day of errands in her OOTD. Simple, right?




There is nothing I enjoy more when getting dressed than to mix seemingly contradictory styles.  Wearing cooky clothing is my life’s little subversion *cackles* well, that and devouring spicy nacho Doritos. But, I digress. In this post my sole aim is to to illustrate one major “lesson” in personal style. Balance in contradiction, is a mantra I find myself repeating whilst meditating over my morning latte. Your contradiction may not be as extreme or thematic as mine (dramatic? me?) but don’t shy from mixing pieces that you normally wouldn’t. Experiment with color combinations, mix metals, combine designer with thrift.  But, and this is key, execute it in a way that is planned.  Balance your choices and leave everything else clean and simple.




We start with these delicate layers of colorful, vintage beads set to frame and balance this angry, angular pendant by IOSSELLIANI.  The multiple strands of cobalt, translucent pink, white and gold beads dance around the structured armor of the Italian bling.  IOSSELLIANI continues to amaze us with show-stopping jewels that are a fashion plate’s secret weapon.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by this slightly tribal stunner? Take your edgy pieces, and soften them for a sunny, summer brunch or Happy Hour with the girls. Throw on your frayed denim shorts, a white t-shirt (I know – so cliche!), these two necklaces and a fab pair of this season’s shoe du jour – the flat gladiator sandal.




To keep the balance, make sure your rings and bracelets make an appearance. Tying in our themes of earthy with edgy, a grey Hitchcock Madrona Druzy is always welcome feature in my wardrobe. The perfect neutral compliment for any season, and it compliments my hair-I’m definitely a fan.


Lulu Frost Scarab Earrings


Lulu Frost’s Scarab Family Earrings from the Spring Collection were the perfect touch of whimsy for the look. While I am a fan of the rules, I’m always a fan of turning them on their heads. Maybe it’s the rush of Vitamin D, or the flowers in bloom but I’m certainly feeling playful in all corners of my life. I see no reason for my outfit to be anything less than representative of how I feel, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.





For prices and availability, please contact the store via the Contact Us page.


Outfit of the Day: Star Wars Fantasy Featuring Yestadt

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Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Gold Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Yellow Sharktooth Cuff

It feels great getting settled into our new home at 1422 34th Ave (still in Madrona).  We are still setting up the space and taking some much needed time (reopening January 27th) to work on our web store and other time-sucking endeavors such as, inventory and financial planning.  It’s not all rhinestones and puppies around here!  But, alas, you can’t let calling insurance companies and researching point-of-purchase solutions get you down creatively!  So, out came the Star Wars t-shirt and racing stripe denim. My current favorite hat silhouette is a big round crown with a small or mid-sized brim (partially inspired by Dustin’s Jonboy look).  I have been a die hard fedora wearer for many, many years and still love me a tomboy hat BUT this proportion is so fresh.  It feels Wild West mixed with a little school girl.  Annie Oakley meets Madeline!  I’m investing in a few incarnations this year (black and brown, large and small brim).

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in Red, Lulu Frost

As per usual, the jewels are all over the place today.  I started with the gold Parnassus Necklace by Wanderluster (looks like spiky sun rays).  Then came the Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace in red (of course!) and a rhinestone and chain tangle by Lulu Frost (you can barely see it high on my neck).  I also threw on a crazy plastic skull necklace from Goodwill and some Chanel.  Why not?

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff - Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff – Wide Sterling Silver in brown leather

Double cuff action.  A Jedi gets to break rules and wear two cuffs at once.  But, you can too, if you want.  I opted for copper and sterling.  I wanted to fight symmetry by adding a sterling silver Native American cuff and an HM yellow gold shark tooth cuff on my left wrist.

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Hitchcock Madrona Leather & Metal Cuff, Sharktooth Cuff, Nora Kogan Matchstick Necklace, Lulu Frost

Outfit of the Day: Fascinating in a Fascinator

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After watching the Diana Vreeland documentary “The Eye has to Travel” I became obsessed with horn necklaces of all shapes and sizes. She is consistently wearing a large vintage (I think) horn necklace throughout the movie. A few actually, if memory serves me, one gold and one white??? Maybe?? Have you seen it? Diana sourced her jewelry and interiors during exotic photo shoots for Bazaar magazine. Me too… but not quite Morroco or Russia (like Diana)… more like Monroe and Redmond (Seattle natives raise yo hand!). But, travel is travel (so what if I am “traveling” an hour away from Seattle).

After watching said documentary I thought about the one person that I knew who could make all my horn necklace dreams come true. None other than Surplus designer Harriet MacNamara, a Seattle jewelry line that excites, inspires and scares us (a little). Harriet is actually very “Vreeland”. She has an amazing eye, has traveled and collected her entire life, and the one liners! Harriet can turn your world view on its head just by walking in the door. Me: “Is your t-shirt on inside out and backwards?!?!?” Harriet: “Yes, honey”. Me: “Awesome. I am so doing that!”


Resin Horn Necklace by Surplus jewelry (she mixed brown pearls with black chain), Gold Loop Bib by Dannijo (first layer). This Dannijo necklace is amazing! It is sooooo layerable. I also have on a triangle crystal necklace that I got as a gift (I think it’s Stella & Dot – shhhh don’t tell) and a double bronze chain froooooom a store in the mall (ooops! Again!).


A closer look….


Ear cuff by Eddie Borgo.

One of my favorite quotes of Vreeland’s is: “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika.We all need a splash of bad tasteNo taste is what I’m against.” That sums up what I live for when I get up and get dressed. I might not wear what EVERYONE likes but at least I am not boring, right?


Our classic sterling and leather cuff by Hitchcock Madrona layered with a Tom Binns barbed wire crystal cuff bracelet.


Eddie Borgo three-finger chain ring, Catbird silver Tomboy ring and Hitchcock Madrona diamond stacker.





Outfit of the Day: I Heart Swedish Girls

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YES, world I am Swedish! When I saw this t-shirt at Goodwill it took me about 4 seconds to shove it in my basket and I haven’t looked back since.  Sunnies by MOSCOT. The Grunya in Clear.


Who wants to wear a belt chain?? I do! I do! Wallet chain with brass wing by George Frost.


Feeling the sun on my shoulders… Bling-ing off of my beloved pave cone hoops by Eddie Borgo.


We die for the IKO INO Traffic Chain necklace. This is such a clever design. The chain is bunched up on the cord so tightly that it creates a new style of chain. It is pretty genius, actually. This necklace feels so good on – it warms as you wear it. There is something quite comforting about this piece.


The Nora Kogan obsession continues: Matchstick cuff in gold, sterling silver and enamel Eye ring, and Love Script ring in rose gold – love!

Have a great weekend, come visit!



Outfit Of The Day: Masculine Summer Style

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Colorfully beaded and woven pieces just scream “SUMMER!” to us. We have all been piling on these necklaces by George Frost, AISH, and Giles & Brother as the temperatures rise. These three jewelry lines all have something in common: they’re intentionally designed to be unisex. Together, they are the perfect mix of ethnic and preppy with pops of color – so summery.

George Frost black eternity knot necklace with red “laughing man” charm and brass bead details. Beaded necklaces also by George Frost. The jade and silver plated brass beaded version spells out “LUCK”  in morse code and the natural and silver plated brass beads spells out “UNITE”. How cool is that?


AISH cornflower blue necklace with brass beads. This navy Giles & Brother hook necklace with ceramic beads has a great nautical vibe. Both can also be wrapped as bracelets. Summer fedora by Kelly Christy.


Long braided leather and woven coin necklace by George Frost.


Orange and blue necklace with brass bead pendant by AISH. Love this bright color combination for summer!


Matte black chain is so masculine and sexy. This George Frost wallet chain necklace is striking with a horse hair tassel and red “laughing man” charm.

Summer is here!


Team Hitchcock

Outfit Of The Day: Dead End

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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the summer heat: it seriously makes me feel like I’m at a dead end. When it’s so hot I can barely breathe (and the thought of clothing makes me want to cry), I turn to my favorite, light as a feather summer dress, throw my hair up in a scarf, and push forward with the day.


Faris DuGraf of FARIS Jewelry is not only one of the coolest girls around, but my summer go to. Her Pina necklace is a low key statement for blistering days, when the last thing I want is to be weighed down by jewels.


A Wouters & Hendrix cigar band and Nora Kogan’s Love ring (in rose gold) pair easily with my Catbird stackers for a delicate statement.


Iko Ino Traffic Chain bracelet, Hitchcock Madrona cuff, Wouters & Hendrix cigar band, and Loren Stewart Baby Band Trinity Ring – mixed metal genius to edge up my lacy delicates.


Layered under my FARIS, is Unearthen’s Quartz Bullet. Quartz properties include clarity and stillness of the mind, both of which serve me well during the heatwave. MOSCOT Lemtosh sunglasses in black are the ultimate in cool, and a personal favorite of mine.


Lace and beads, delicates and pops of color guide me when summer is getting the best of me. How do you beat the summer heat when you find yourself at a dead end?

Stop by the store to see these pieces for yourself, and of course – stay cool, Leading Ladies!