The 10 Essentials #7 – The Cocktail Ring

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I’m not certain where exactly the name comes from, but you just can’t deny that sipping a perfect cocktail is a fabulous way to show off your stunning Cocktail Ring. The way that huge stone catches the light as you raise your champagne flute, magical! No wonder it’s our Essential #7. Here at Hitchcock Madrona we are know far and wide for our signature Druzy Ring, an edgy take on the classic Cocktail Ring.  The gold version is especially on point for the holiday season.


A selection of Druzy rings, large and small with black, white, and brown stones.  Order online for free domestic shipping!  Whoo hoo!

cocktail-4 cocktail-1

Check out these stunners from Marialla Pinelo featuring garnets and London Blue topaz.


We love the vintage feel of this Iosselliani stacked Cocktail Ring. It looks like you raided Grandma’s jewelry box, in a good way!


Mariella Pilato does it again with this hinged, sterling silver and rock Quartz statement piece.

Come visit for all the accessories lovers in your life (that might be you!).  We are open every day until Christmas day (closing at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve.)


Team HM



Halloween: Edward Scissorhands

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We love Halloween here at Hitchcock Madrona. I mean, what’s not to love – dressing up in delicious fashions, playing with hair and makeup until it’s just right, and of course finding the perfect accessories to complete the look. This year we’ve taken it to the next level with an amazing series of photos by the talented Melissa Baerwald.

First up – our version of the Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands.

Edward ScissorhandsWe found the perfect location… abandoned mental hospital!  Northern State Mental Hospital located in Sedro Wooley, WA.  Abandoned in 1970 and left to….rot.  Photo shoot – gold!


edward-braceThis fall we have a new shipment of Mariella Pilato jewelry.  Originally from Italy, Mariella has lived in Bali for 22 years.  Her designs are architectural and powerful.  This cuff speaks for itself!

ed2Totally creepy!


ed3Mariella Pilato sterling silver and quartz necklace and bracelet.  Available in-store now.

druzy-edwardHitchcock Madrona Signature Black Druzy Quartz Ring (sterling silver and yellow gold plated).

ed16 ed5

ed8Dress by Comme Des Garcons and harness by Zana Bayne.

ed9High fashion, statement jewelry, spooky abandoned mental hospitals – just another Hitchcock Madrona Halloween! More amazing posts coming soon!

Check out Melissa on Instagram: melissabaerwald and online:!




Halloween: MAD MAX in MADRONA

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mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upHalloween time at Hitchcock Madrona!  That means get in a costume that you can’t breath in, perch precariously on a rocky cliff, and wear all the jewels.  This year I was transfixed with the imagery of the new Mad Max movie.  I am old enough to remember the old movies (although not very clearly) which were brilliant.  But, any movie with Grace Jones is automatically in the reference data base that is our minds….

reposeSister soldiers…..this could easily be Millie and I at closing time the Saturday before Mother’s Day in the boutique.

fightDo you have a boss like this?!?!?  Xenia Mara chains are worn as belts and with more belts worn as belts.

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upMillie is wearing (amongst a lot of items from our prop closet) our sexy black leather driving gloves.  One pair left in store!

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upDramatic rhinestone earrings by Dannijo.  These are tough yet feminine – the Dannijo sister’s are the masters of a complex design.  So talented!

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make up, lulu frost, druzy, cocktail ringI am wearing two double pointed quartz necklaces by Xenia Mara (shortest necklace and spiky under layer), braided leather and chrome clasp choker by Hitchcock Madrona, Rhinestone necklace by Lulu Frost, and (last but not least) the largest of the steel “bug” collection by Surplus.  Of course, a look is never complete without a large Hitchcock Druzy Ring in sterling silver.

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upMillie’s fur vest is designed by CFAN.  Beanie hats by CFAN available in-store now.  They are just as fierce as the vest but more wearable on the daily.

layingDouble Hitchcock Cuff!  The sterling silver version (available online) is everyday must have for Millie and I.  We are naked without it!  I have layered mine with a classic Eddie Borgo cone bracelet and his pave pyramid bracelet (both in gunmetal).

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upThe sales warriors are ready for the holiday season!  We have on our heavy metal and are geared up for all our holiday collections which will be arriving throughout November.

Please email us at: for purchase details on anything I have mentioned.

Have a MAD Halloween!



Bridal Week: Elope to Las Vegas!

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For our last installment of bridal week we are going on a little impromptu trip…to Vegas! Your wedding your prerogative, right?? We wanted to redefine what it means to be a modern bride by pairing a traditional veil with our favorite vintage Levis. Whether you just can’t stand to wait any longer, or jeans and a white tee are the fanciest clothes you could ever want or need, Vegas isn’t for the faint of heart or those in doubt.

bridal-weddingWhite tulle veil by Kelly Christy


There is something so fun about the irreverence of a Vegas wedding.  Las Vegas must be the only place in the US you can get married in a drive thru (or, by an Elvis impersonator).  Traditions come in all shapes and sizes!

kelly-christy-mariella-pilato-dannijo-ashlyn'd Rhinestone bib by Dannijo.

It’s your day! Who cares if the family is a little surprised?

ashlyn'd-clutch-sideviewAcrylic Dice Clutch by Ashlyn’dScarab and Rhinestone Bracelet by Lulu Frost.


Silver Spear Earrings by Mariella Pilato

Go for the dramatic earrings and necklace.  More is more in the The Graceland Wedding Chapel and we say go full bling.

dannijo-necklaceThis must be my favorite necklace in the store right now. I am obsessed with it’s stylistic ambiguity. There is something very evocative of 1970’s Elvis within the color combination! Is it just me? Bonus! Bridal jewelry that can double as your something blue. Lasting, gorgeous, and a funky nod to tradition. Viva Las Vagas!



Hitchcock Retreat 2014: Darth Vader is Fancy

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Sometimes we like to get away, feel the bay breeze on our backs, and flex our creative muscles. The summer 2014 Hitchcock Madrona retreat was no different.  After all the meetings we needed to get out the jewels, a ball skirt and, in this case, one borrowed Darth Vader helmet. I decided that if Mr. Vader was Ms. Vader (who wore fashions and jewels) she would be fierce. Right?! There is nothing we like more than a crazy photo opportunity. My son’s helmet was begging for a moment. Welcome to it…enjoy.

Empire Strikes Back with some bling. I have been so into Star Wars fashions – the Vans collaboration, vintage T-shirts from eBay, and cheap synthetic sweatshirts were all must-haves this fall. I guess it is fascination by association – my son lives and dies by Star Wars everything. #BoyMom


Necklaces: Bella Colletta Warrior necklace, Iko Ino Sensi-Star necklace, Unearthen Crystal Bullet necklace, we like to lounge leather and chain necklace, Mariella Pilato crystal pendant necklace.

Bracelets: (left – my right) Hitchcock Madrona sterling silver industrial link bracelet, metal and rope bracelet by Orly Genger. (right – my left) Eddie Borgo cone hinge bracelet, sterling silver and leather cuff (best thing ever!), gold-plated industrial link bracelet both by Hitchcock Madrona.


“You underestimate the power of the dark side.”


Hitchcock Madrona metal and leather cuff, Hitchcock Madrona gold-plated industrial link bracelet both by Hitchcock Madrona, Eddie Borgo cone hinge bracelet, Crystal Hartman sculpted silver ring, Eddie Borgo silver armor ring.

“The force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”


Hitchcock Madrona sterling silver industrial link bracelet and metal, metal and rope bracelet by Orly Genger, Hitchcock Madrona large gold Druzy ring.


” You have learned much, young one.”


“The Force is strong with this one.”



Just In: Spring Serpents and More by Mariella Pilato

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Another new collection we will unveil at tomorrow’s event is that of Mariella Pilato.  Mariella is Italian but designs and manufactures her jewelry collection in Bali.  As you can see, her work is absolutely BREATHTAKING! The collection features solid sterling silver pieces with gorgeous garnet accents such as her gorgeous coiled snakes (see below).  Although they are quite a statement everything in this new spring collection is totally wearable.  I am quite smitten with this snake bracelet.  Powerful!

Sterling silver serpents – arm band and breast plate.  Mariella’s designs are organic and architectural (remember the crystal “bridge” bracelet from a year ago?!).  Her construction is flawless AND manufactured by traditional silversmiths. So worth the investment!


One-of-a-kind jade ring.  Angular quartz crystal pyramid ring.


The collections impressive earrings are delicate yet strong.  A wonder in construction!

Come try on these stunning peices at the SPRING EVENT tomorrow.  They will not disappoint.


Team Hitchcock

Inspiration: Jewelry on your Wedding Day

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What does a “modern bride” wear on her big day? This is a question that I have been thinking about a lot this spring and summer while creating custom wedding necklaces for a myriad of different brides. I find that during every consultation we walk the fine line of being fashionable and cool without risking the dreaded dated photos in twenty years. So, what should you wear??


First, you have to decide what kind of bride you are. The location and vibe of your wedding are the biggest hints. Are you on a beach? On a farm? Is the reception in a ballroom? Then we can decide: you are organic/effortless, simple/rustic, or Cinderella (that was me!) and we can gear our search toward materials that are cohesive to your vibe. Above, the Lulu Frost rhinestone earrings and necklace scream vintage/formal wedding. I picture them with a more traditional princess (in a good way) dress.


By contrast, this rock crystal necklace designed by Mariella Pilato is perfect for a more organic setting like the woods, a farm or even the beach.

In order to keep the look classic you CAN wear a statement piece of jewelry but limit it to one. If your bracelet is the IOSSELLIANI bangle (above at the very top of the post) then wear diamond studs and no necklace (maybe something in your hair?). Always keep taste and proportion in mind. If you think that you might be getting too crazy then reel it in (on your wedding day). You can wear your combat boots, tutu, and cowboy hat every other day of your life.


Wedding day look consultations available at Hitchcock Madrona, as well as custom bridal jewelry. Email me at




Interview: Mariella Pilato

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Mariella is a new artist to Hitchcock Madrona. She has a unique aesthetic and her work has a striking architectural quality to it. A local designer who divides her time between Seattle and Bali, Mariella’s jewelry is entirely handmade. Her pieces are bold and statement-making but remain elegant and sophisticated. We are so happy to welcome her to our store!

How did you become interested in designing jewelry?
I have always been involved with the creative process using whatever media came to hand. When I came to Bali I discovered gemstones and started my own benchwork, learning silversmithing techniques, experimenting hands-on how to realize my ideas and turn them into jewelry.
Is there any particular woman whom you design jewelry for?
Strong, independent, risk taking fashionistas…. I create pieces that satisfy my taste and that I would wear myself. I like accessories to be bold and to make a statement about the woman wearing them.
Mariella at work!
What is your favorite way to style your pieces?
In a word? Bold.
The short answer: stackable bracelets; pendants worn on long handcrafted chains that match the style of the piece or choker-length short; all-or-nothing large rings that stand out wherever you are and those big statement, one-of-a-kind pieces that are to a sexy black dress what wine is to cheese.
Where do you find inspiration for your collections?
My love of the arts & architecture, my background in stage design. I love fashion but I make what pleases me and when others love it as much as I do that is affirming for me. I also draw inspiration from indigenous cultures and their traditions in personal adornment. Everything has its own beauty and I just like to add to that.
Love this nautical-themed piece for summer!
What do you particularly love about designing jewelry?
In the end, it all comes down to my strongest suit, which is sketching endless variations on a theme, and the stimulation of the stones that excite me at the time until an idea manifests that I can develop into comfortable, wearable jewelry…. I like to get hands-on at my bench and create patina and texture to complete my ideas.
What would you say are three key pieces of jewelry that every woman should own?
Only three?!? A woman should have everything she loves that makes her happy…. I love large bangles, a bold ring, a stunning pendant and earrings to match.
What aspect of the design process do you find most challenging?
Certainly it’s the long process of transforming a drawing into a piece of jewelry, as well as coming up with new styles to keep my jewelry line fresh and fashion forward.
Amazing sterling earrings!
What clothing or jewelry designers do you admire?
From the high fashion world I admire how things are crafted to perfection; I  love  the Chanel diamonds collection. But I really love edgy, creative young fashion designers from Bangkok [and] the clean styles of Japanese fashion. Plus, I have expatriate artist friends here in Bali who are creating fabulous jewelry and other fashion modalities that are innovative & completely different. These are the very people that inspire me.
What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of being a jewelry designer?
The freedom I enjoy. I work for myself and get to travel around the world, meeting many people that share my interests in adornment, and I get to explore new materials from exotic locations too.drawings
Mariella’s sketches for her amazing jewelry.
Thank you so much for answering our questionnaire, Mariella! Your answers are so inspiring!