Inspiration: Dannijo Cubano Collection

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My outfit is built around (and inspired by) the current spring collection from Dannijo.  Danielle and Jody, the deisgners, made a trip to Cuba for this season’s inspiration.  Pastel colors punctuate fresh silhouettes which are reminiscent of what I image Cuba is like ….. 1950’s automobiles, pale pink and sea foam green buildings, year round sunshine, and exotic everything!

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Cuban lady or accidental tourist?

Blog 5-19

Kelly Christy straw hat with mauve vintage ribbon trimming is perfect to balance the volume of this skirt and shade me from the sun.  This hat is available in two colors (this and black) and is essential for the summer.  Moscot “Miltzen” sunglasses in blonde.

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Velia Necklace by Dannijo and large white Druzy Ring in rose gold by Hitchcock Madrona.  Everyday is a Druzy day in my world.

Interested in any of these items?  Email for prices and descriptions.



Broke Down: The Search for Fall

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Do you ever feel like you’re broken down on the side of the road, just waiting for someone to come along and tow you to safety? That is exactly how we feel waiting for Fall to come along. Enough with the babydoll dresses and billowy blouses. Well, we got impatient waiting for fall and decided to hit the road in search of patchwork, woolen layers, and the men’s coat of our dreams.




Scarves: Hitchcock Madrona; Sunglasses: MOSCOT

Chunky sweaters and oversized coats beg for a contrasting scarf and unexpected, exaggerated layers.



Scarf: Hitchcock Madrona; Earrings: Xenia Mara; Necklaces: Lulu Frost/ Dannijo/ Vintage

This year, we’re heading into fall with looks that pack a serious punch. Instead of easing into fall with a monochromatic attitude, we’re carrying color into our favorite season. From color-blocked hats and bags and festive cashmere, from Kelly Christy, Yestadt Millinery, and Hitchcock Madrona to 70s sexy, and Maleficent approved evil granny finds from our favorites at Dannijo and Lulu Frost we’re making our own fall story.


Bridal Week: Elope to Las Vegas!

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For our last installment of bridal week we are going on a little impromptu trip…to Vegas! Your wedding your prerogative, right?? We wanted to redefine what it means to be a modern bride by pairing a traditional veil with our favorite vintage Levis. Whether you just can’t stand to wait any longer, or jeans and a white tee are the fanciest clothes you could ever want or need, Vegas isn’t for the faint of heart or those in doubt.

bridal-weddingWhite tulle veil by Kelly Christy


There is something so fun about the irreverence of a Vegas wedding.  Las Vegas must be the only place in the US you can get married in a drive thru (or, by an Elvis impersonator).  Traditions come in all shapes and sizes!

kelly-christy-mariella-pilato-dannijo-ashlyn'd Rhinestone bib by Dannijo.

It’s your day! Who cares if the family is a little surprised?

ashlyn'd-clutch-sideviewAcrylic Dice Clutch by Ashlyn’dScarab and Rhinestone Bracelet by Lulu Frost.


Silver Spear Earrings by Mariella Pilato

Go for the dramatic earrings and necklace.  More is more in the The Graceland Wedding Chapel and we say go full bling.

dannijo-necklaceThis must be my favorite necklace in the store right now. I am obsessed with it’s stylistic ambiguity. There is something very evocative of 1970’s Elvis within the color combination! Is it just me? Bonus! Bridal jewelry that can double as your something blue. Lasting, gorgeous, and a funky nod to tradition. Viva Las Vagas!



Bridal Week: Rethinking the Veil

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     Throughout the centuries, hair ornamentation has been a symbol of social status or ritual significance. Wedding veils are no exception, but this form of adornment has certainly seen many iterations as popular wedding fashions change and grow.

     Artists like Jennifer Behr and Kelly Christy, are able to create modern examples of classically rooted, and seriously stunning headgear. Whether you’re a vintage bride, a minimalist bride, an edgy, bold bride or something entirely different there are ways to tailor your hair accessories in a way that feels uniquely you. Not only that, but Mother of the Bride fascinators, and jeweled headpieces for your bridesmaids are a wonderful thank you, and a special nod to the ones you love for their support on your day.

kelly-christy-jennifer-behr-rosita-headwrapBirdcage veil by Kelly Christy, Rosita-Tiny Crystal Scallop Headwrap by Jennifer Behr 

A perfect, vintage inspired fresh take on a veil. Remove the Veil and just wear the headband for the reception. Jennifer Behr does a wonderful job, creating hadpieces that are flawless in composition and can be tailored to so many different styles. Bridal and beyond.


jennifer-behr-facinator-closuuFeather and vintage floral hair clip by Kelly Christy, Earrings by Lulu Frost


Whether you’re a cool toned winter bride, or a whimsical spring bride there’s nothing like a plume of milk white feathers to tie together your whole look.

jennifer-behrJennifer Behr headband 

jennifer-behr-rhinestone-headwrapTom Binns Medium White Crytal Earrings With Hanging Degradee Pearls 

For the edgy minimalist, or the quirky delicate bride this sleek headband adds an elegant hint of sparkle. Paired with a pearl and rhinestone pair of stunners from Tom Binns (the Godfather of fashion jewelry for those who don’t know-take note) and you’re guaranteed to be turning heads. No matter how bold you go, or how simple you keep it risk and restraint always yield great results. What’s most important in my mind? Feeling like the most radiant version of yourself on that day. We just want to help you shine.




Bridal Week: The Whimsical Bride in Spring

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After Winter comes Spring and to every Spring bride I say: Color!  Flowers!  Whimsy! We at Hitchcock Madrona will always encourage you to bring some whimsy into your look for any late spring event. There is no better time to rock a fascinator (It’s just a veil light.  Right??) or why not throw in multicolored rhinestones, and that vintage brooch that was left to you? Sweet and sentimental are hard to beat for Spring.


It seems as though Dustin is directing me and I am…well….doing whatever I want.  My husband is the ever solid hand to keep me steady.


A vintage multicolor crystal and black necklace is my favorite vintage purchase as of late.  I knew it needed to be the center of this look.  As you can see, you can bring in color and whimsy without looking too overdone.  There is something about a huge white cress with 20 layers of tulle that really tones everything else down!

1Lavender is my color of the moment!  I found this extra long lavender grosgrain ribbon within our extensive ribbon archive at HM headquarters and paired it with a vintage lavender flower brooch at the bow.  We kept the ribbon long and let it goooooooooo.  As you can see it creates movement in an otherwise still photo.

This is the actual fascinator that I wore to my reception.  I opted for a veil during the ceremony but wanted to be a little more playful and light for the dancing.  Kelly Christy has created several wonderful headpieces for our bridal clients.  Feathers, net, white flowers and tulle are the ultimate whimsical flare paired seamlessly by Kelly’s expert hand…more on those later this week. Until then, consider adding a little whimsy to your life, see how fun it can be.



Fall Launch Party: Thank You!

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Thank you all for joining us last night at our Fall Launch Party! We had such an amazing evening and it was wonderful to see all of your beautiful faces. If you missed the event do not worry, all the fantastic new collections are still on display – stop by soon to check them out! We have new Iosselliani, Venessa Arizaga, Wouters & Hendrix, Kelly Christy, and several brand new scarf, hat, and jewelry lines.

We are falling for Fall!


Hitchcock Madrona


Just in: Patriotic Polly Hitt

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Our favorite pieces by Polly are the masculine bibs primarily made out of old military medals. She has made some stunners in the past! Remember these posts (1 & 2)? I asked her to work on a few more for us and here are the fruits (hahaha) of her labor. She nailed it with this pearl necklace – as you know, give me some faux pearls in an ironic way and I am on it!

Be prepared for every OOTD this summer to feature these Levi’s. I can’t seem to find shorts that I like – I bought these by accident in Boise last summer and they are my favorite. The only conundrum that I face with shorts is… I don’t usually feel comfortable wearing heels with them. Therefore, my legs are stumps! Once you get used to looking at yourself in high heals you can’t settle for what Mother Nature gave you. It’s a problem. I am working through it.  Sort of.


To stay in the red, white, and blue color palette that I gravitate toward so often, I went for the two Nora Kogan rings above. Kogan is so great at mixing whimsical with her fine jewelry execution. She is the real deal and every piece reflects her skill level. Sterling silver eye and red matchstick rings by Nora Kogan. Delicate 18k gold band (on pinky) by Hitchcock Madrona.


I am also wearing the Nora Kogan red and gold matchstick earrings – so hot!


This is actually two necklaces – underneath all these pearls is a bib of small, colorful medals mixed with vintage Victorian broaches. On top is the brilliant pearl, medal, and broach creation. Complete perfection!


Of course, I had to wear this Kelly Christy fedora – I think this must be my favorite hat in the store right now. If somebody doesn’t snap it up it may come home with me.

Happy (belated) Birthday America! I am back from my vacation(s!) and ready for the Fall collections to trickle into the store.



Outfit Of The Day: New Pants And A Kelly Christy Hat

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On my last visit to Seattle I had to stop by the new Zara downtown. I couldn’t resist snapping up these billowing, silky, slit-up-to-there, pants in my favorite color. During our trip to Volunteer Park, Millie and I snuck up to the water tower and tried to capture the lovely movement of the pants in the slightly windy Spring air.

To balance the pants I chose necklaces with some length. I’m so drawn to longer pieces (bib obsession aside), I think they complete an outfit in a very chic way.


An exaggerated Xenia Mara chain necklace in dark, bronzy tones paired perfectly with the UNEARTHEN Cast Bullet necklace. The Cast Bullet is so special, a piece of titanium quartz is added to liquid metal in the casting process. The result is a completely unique pendant, the crystal peeks through a bit with wear – truly beautiful.


I’m obsessed with “hoops” in alternative shapes, like these 18k gold plated heptagonal beauties. My second ear piercing has my beloved rose gold Small Rod (with a tiny diamond!) by Loren Stewart. One of those perfect, simple yet still interesting, never-take-them-out, earrings. 


You can barely tell in these photos, but each pant leg has a serious slit up the front, allowing a bit up of leg to peek through (good ventilation in this 90+ degree LA weather!).


I felt compelled to add some volume on top, so naturally I reached for my favorite Kelly Christy creation. It is a custom design, perfectly parts Amish and French boater hat. I can’t stop wearing it! Although I am religious about applying SPF, I’m happy to have extra sun protection in an accessory I want to wear. Kelly’s designs are so beautiful, she is such an artist. Each one of her hats is so thoughtfully well made. It is a true treasure to have her at Hitchcock Madrona.

Do you have your Spring/Summer hat yet? We have beautiful options in the store and know that custom is always available as well. A handmade hat fit to you to perfection, now THAT is luxury.



Outfit of the Day: Back in Seattle….

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I am back after being away for a week and a half.  How did I live without my Hitchcock family for that long? I don’t know…..  After being in California, Seattle is a bit of a let down, although the sun has been making an appearance this week.  People are out and about and spring breaks are happening all over the city.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a summer hat.  We have this fedora style in many colors: natural, ocher, navy and black.  You can pick your ribbon color and wear it all spring and summer (I plan too!).


Even though the weather is looking up you can still wear your heavier statement necklaces.  This stunner by Subversive Jewelry is black onyx, horn, shell, and miscellaneous vintage beads.  It is constructed with leather cord.  I also layered it with my vintage turquoise strands and pearls….always pearls.


Neo Equine Cuff by Lulu Frost – the perfect day bling.  Rings by IOSSELLIANI – a snake (index) and panther (middle).


Come visit!



Outfit of the Day: Overalls and Kelly Christy Straw Hat

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Every outfit is better with a Kelly Christy hat!  That is an undeniable fact.  Did you see our previous post on stylish Sheldon?  He proves men’s outfits are better with Kelly Christy too!  Spring, summer, fall or winter – I have a KC hat for every occasion.  Paint stained overalls or a flowing skirt.  How versatile is that?!  We always strive to pick jewelry and accessories that can be worn all year long – with anything!  A good example is this bold IOSSELLIANI necklace.  Dress it up or down – I always say, “Dress this [insert cool sparkly necklace here] way UP or way DOWN”.  As you know, there is no in-between with me.  It just confuses people.  Especially, if said piece has any bling.  Perfect for thrashed jeans or an evening gown.  But wear it with a work appropriate/business casual ensemble and everyone will be asking, “Where are you going?”.

Black and brown “Highhorse” fedora by Kelly Christy.  Necklaces (short to long): Pave diamond and oxidized sterling silver heart locket, 18K gold and diamond skull, tiger eye and crystal bib by IOSSELLIANI, pyrite bullet (medium size) by UNEARTHEN.  New UNEARTHEN order just arrived!  Post to come!!

As you can see, the weather is perking up in Madrona.  Whoo hoo!  Let’s hope it sticks……