Schools out for Summer! Graduation Gifts

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Shop our curated selection of tried and true grad gifts, “Graduation Ornamentation” under the Shop tab on our website.

We love monograms for our grads.  There is something so classic about them but, of course, we add a little edge to ours with sterling silver, diamonds, and shields.

exc-54b71b73e4b020fbe43e94f2 Sterling Silver Signet Ring – our unisex selection! Above, Dustin chose the more masculine lettering. Below, I chose the more feminine script to balance the ring’s substantial design. The Signet Ring is also available with white or black diamonds, in-store only.


Large Sterling Monogram Shield Necklace (exclusively in-store) by Hitchcock Madrona.


exc-54b71b73e4b020fbe43e94c2Our most popular graduation gift!  The Hitchcock Madrona shield represents strength and protection.  A symbolic piece for your grad to tackle the world (or college!).  For more information about grad gifts, email me at


Team HM

Graduation Ornamentation: Fine Jewelry Under $500

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Graduation Ornamentation

Gifting a piece of fine jewelry is always appropriate for a milestone, and graduation is definitely one of those celebratory occasions. Although we primarily carry fashion jewelry, we have expanded our own in-house line to include some unique fine jewelry options (think our Diamond Dot, Shield, etc.) and started to carry a few fine jewelry lines that speak to us. Below are several options to get you thinking about what to give your graduate.


Our XL Shield necklace is solid sterling silver on a stunningly substantial chain. Our Heart necklace in sterling silver veers away from “too sweet” with its dark oxidized chain (we have several variations – including gold and diamond options).


 (Left to right) Hitchcock Diamond Stacker Rings, Hitchcock Gold Stacker Rings, Loren Stewart Black and White Diamond Rings, Hitchcock Silver Stacker Rings, Hitchcock Black Diamond Silver Stacker Ring.

Stacking rings are a great gift because they are easy add-ons to a current collection or the beginnings of a beautiful new collection. From simple gold bands to rings with a sprinkling of diamonds, we have stackers to delight any grad.

IMG_3881Show your love with these Loren Stewart Ruby Heart & Gold Arrow Stud Earrings.

Loren Stewart is one of our favorite fine jewelry artists and is having a serious moment  in the jewelry world. Modern, chic, and eternally cool, Loren Stewart pieces appeal to practically everyone. Right now we have a great array of rings, earrings, and necklaces in from her current collection.

We have many more wonderful fine jewelry options in the store, please stop by to see them all!


Team Hitchcock

Graduation Ornamentation: The Signet Ring

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For the second installment of our Graduation Ornamentation Gift Guide we are focusing on the Signet ring. Typically engraved with a monogram, coat of arms, or symbol of significance, the Signet ring is a wonderful graduation gift idea. Steeped in rich history, the signet ring is a traditional expression of identity – how appropriate for the grad in your life.


Striking yet streamlined, our in house design is made of solid sterling silver. At Hitchcock we think of the Signet ring as a jewelry wardrobe essential. It is something to be passed down to future generations. It will never go out of style. We put a twist on the classic Signet design with an oxidized frame and gave it a more substantial weight.


For the “girlie” grad this Loren Stewart Baby Signet is so sweet. It is solid 14k gold with diamonds encircling the face – so special.


There are several font options for engraving (above is a more masculine font). After the ring is engraved we slightly oxidize the monogram which pops on the shiny silver face. The darker letters also coordinate with the black frame. This is a small touch that makes a big design impact.


A more scrolling font brings some femininity to the strong style of Signet. Engravings can also be etched on the inside of the ring… a simple note of love or the graduation date are unique and sentimental ideas.

The Hitchcock signet ring is available in sizes 6 through 11 to accommodate men and women.

If you are not sure what your grad would like engraved we encourage gifting a plain Signet ring and coming back into the store to discuss the options.


Team Hitchcock

Graduation Ornamentation: The Shield Necklace

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This week we will be showcasing gift ideas for all the recent/upcoming grads in your life. Whether it is a high school graduation or college graduation it is the perfect time to present your grad with a timeless, sentimental piece of fine jewelry to last forever.

The first gift idea we would like to present is the Hitchcock Madrona Shield Necklace. It is like a personal piece of armor to carry your grad through this exciting (and sometimes scary) transition.


We have many Shield variations: gold or silver, texturized matte or shiny, small or large, plain or diamond (white, black, champagne), and several chain styles in a darkened (oxidized) silver. The Shield suits many different style sensibilities… It is modern yet vintage, feminine and masculine, sweet but strong.


The Shield necklaces are perfect for engraving (initials, graduation date, etc.).

Jewelry is already such a personal gift, add an engraving and you have a beautiful heirloom in the making, perfect for your grad embarking on their new life.


Team Hitchcock