Halloween: Marie Antoinette

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A fashionista queen know for her revolutionary style – Marie Antoinette is an obvious choice for my final Halloween look.  We were inspired by the faux rustic farm that Marie had built at Versailles, sometimes a girl just needs to get away from it all and frolic in the fields in a ballgown and some sick jewels!


marie1 marie2

Any working mom (or at least the one’s I associate with!) will tell you…. “Let them eat prepackaged cupcakes!”  Marie Antoinette, part sheltered teenager and part delusional queen.  Gotta love her!


Bracelets:  Xenia Mara layered crystal and vintage chain cuff, Lulu Frost rhinestone sunburst bracelet (right hand).  Eddie Borgo yellow gold pyrimid bracelet and Iosselliani fall 2016 rhinestone bracelet (left hand).

Rings: Hitchcock Madrona vintage inspired cocktail rings.  Limited edition.

marie5 marie-ears

Earrings: Xenia Mara vintage chain and rock crystal sparklers


Yes queen!  Iosselliani rhinestone statement necklace as crown.


Necklaces: Xenia Mara double row rock crystal spikes.  Love this necklace – it is organic, tough, wearable and a bit magical.  If you don’t have a rock crystal piece in your jewelry wardrobe consider one.  I wear mine constantly!marie8This is the Deception Pass bridge in Washington State. It is (I fact checked this!) 180 feet tall and was built in 1935.  Hardly any of the bridge pictures were usable because I was so scared!  Melissa Baerwald my amazing friend and photographer kept telling me to relax but that wasn’t happening.  In fact, it was so scary that when I tried to go to sleep that night I couldn’t – my mind had me falling off the edge!  A little too close to poor Marie’s date with the guillotine for my taste!

Happy Halloween!



Halloween: Madonna “Like a Virgin”

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Who doesn’t want to be Madonna?  What’s your version?  Mine is “Like a Virgin” Madonna.  Forever ingrained in my brain….. This was my first album, tape, actually.  A 5th birthday gift, along with a “boom box” and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Not bad, right?  1983 was a good year.  Still have the cassette player (somewhere at my parents house) and still listen to these albums.  They have stood the test of time!


Bracelets: Lulu Frost rhinestone sunburst, Eddie Borgo yellow gold pyramid, and Xenia Mara bronze and rock crystal cuff.  All amazing alone or layered.


Dressed up in all my loves (Iosselliani, Eddie Borgo, Xenia Mara, Lulu Frost, and Jennifer Behr) and letting my inner Material Girl run wild!

guk5ajken59abnkrku7t56nphv-vkdpxhlfgvknl3iuIosselliani asymmetrical rhinestone necklace – love this piece!  It is delicate but packs a punch.  The whimsy of the random/asymmetrical crystals are perfect to take it away from stuffy.

hdi7uxwlp7pfmz7rzw42vwkmj8xcpxbmyho_egauzwqJennifer Behr rhinestone barrette used as a broach.   Bracelets (right hand): faux pearls (costume store), Iosselliani rhinestone and gold plated bracelet, Eddie Borgo yellow gold pyramid bracelet.

1jo9xfvf6r8rsrcf-iik5eq7ig5bcwnlrpbap15shhyIosselliani cluster rhinestone ring.  Obsessed!  These vintage looking rings are fused together – looks like you raided your grandmother’s jewelry box and wore them all.

Go ahead, find your Madonna and express yourself!

All photos by Melissa Baerwald – instagram: melissabaerwald website: www.melissabaerwald.com.



Halloween: MAD MAX in MADRONA

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mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upHalloween time at Hitchcock Madrona!  That means get in a costume that you can’t breath in, perch precariously on a rocky cliff, and wear all the jewels.  This year I was transfixed with the imagery of the new Mad Max movie.  I am old enough to remember the old movies (although not very clearly) which were brilliant.  But, any movie with Grace Jones is automatically in the reference data base that is our minds….

reposeSister soldiers…..this could easily be Millie and I at closing time the Saturday before Mother’s Day in the boutique.

fightDo you have a boss like this?!?!?  Xenia Mara chains are worn as belts and with more belts worn as belts.

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upMillie is wearing (amongst a lot of items from our prop closet) our sexy black leather driving gloves.  One pair left in store!

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upDramatic rhinestone earrings by Dannijo.  These are tough yet feminine – the Dannijo sister’s are the masters of a complex design.  So talented!

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make up, lulu frost, druzy, cocktail ringI am wearing two double pointed quartz necklaces by Xenia Mara (shortest necklace and spiky under layer), braided leather and chrome clasp choker by Hitchcock Madrona, Rhinestone necklace by Lulu Frost, and (last but not least) the largest of the steel “bug” collection by Surplus.  Of course, a look is never complete without a large Hitchcock Druzy Ring in sterling silver.

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upMillie’s fur vest is designed by CFAN.  Beanie hats by CFAN available in-store now.  They are just as fierce as the vest but more wearable on the daily.

layingDouble Hitchcock Cuff!  The sterling silver version (available online) is everyday must have for Millie and I.  We are naked without it!  I have layered mine with a classic Eddie Borgo cone bracelet and his pave pyramid bracelet (both in gunmetal).

mad max, jewelry, steel, crystal, xenia mara, cfan, hitchcock madrona, halloween, costume, make upThe sales warriors are ready for the holiday season!  We have on our heavy metal and are geared up for all our holiday collections which will be arriving throughout November.

Please email us at: info@hitchcockmadrona.com for purchase details on anything I have mentioned.

Have a MAD Halloween!



OOTD: Posing in an Alley with a Handbag I Don’t Own (or Just Another Day at the Office)

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ampersand as apostrophe, jewelry, turban, jennifer behr, scarf, hitchcock madrona, beads Today, I demonstrate a prime example of the power of accessorizing.  You can spice up a drab t-shirt and jeans with a mere 75 accessories!  Not only am I just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the t-shirt is effectively wrinkled like I slept in it for several nights in a row (I didn’t, don’t worry).  But, who will be able to focus on the wrinkles when I am wearing Lulu Frost’s Passages Necklace, Eddie Borgo’s Pierced Pearl Necklace, Vintage Native American Beads, and my Chanel Pearls??  HA!  I have cleverly added the biggest distraction of all: the Fashion Turban.


Satin Turban by Jennifer Behr, queen of all things headdress


Moscot’s Lemtosh sunnies and a few Hitchcock Madrona textiles (cotton men’s shirting scarf, silk pochette) compliment this soft, blush Ampersand as Apostrophe Half Tote.

Now that it is officially August, we’re already working fall into our vocab and wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled, as collections will be arriving in the coming weeks.  Check out our Instagram and Youtube channel for daily and weekly updates!



Just In: Eddie Borgo Fall 2013 – It's BORGEOUS!

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New Eddie Borgo jewelry is in and it is literally jaw dropping! He went above and beyond with this collection and has created pieces unlike anything we have ever seen (and that’s saying something!). The primary inspiration behind his jewelry for fall 2013 is Cleopatra – think cow horns referencing the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis (who Cleopatra modeled herself after), scarabs, pyramidal shapes, jade (one of the Cleopatra’s favorite stones) and jewelry that’s lavish and over-the-top, just like the ancient Egyptian queen herself.

If you’re a fan of Eddie Borgo then you MUST stop by Hitchcock Madrona and check these pieces out! They have to be seen to be believed.

Fashion Flashback: 1980's Flashdance

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I am rocking the 80’s color pallet of purple, pink and light blue today! The necklace is IOSSELLIANI (of course!). The length of this necklace is so flattering – it hits right on the collar bone. Perfection. The off-the-shoulder “Madrona” shirt was a Dustin experiment that I normally sleep in but that I had to wear today (comfortable!). I saved it from the garbage and cut the neck and arms. We still have the small pink fedora by Kelly Christy! Someone needs to snap this up before summer is over. It is adorable – a men’s silhouette in a girly color. LOVE it! The size is great for most people that have tried it on in the store.


Pink and red (that color combo is not used enough!) bracelet by IOSSELLIANI (right hand) and silver latch bracelet by Eddie Borgo (hard to see). Even my J.Crew shoes seem to read 80’s with this outfit!


Classic white druzy quartz and sterling silver ring by Hitchcock Madrona. I am also wearing a Hitchcock Madrona pink tourmaline and diamond one-of-a-kind cocktail ring.



Outfit of the Day: Mechanic's Jumpsuit

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We have reached a new high (or low) around here!  This is the debut of my new 1950’s mechanic’s jumpsuit.  I got a lot of looks walking to work and a good number of “that looks so comfortable” comments.  As you know by now, comfort isn’t usually the first priority of my sartorial choices (re. the shoes).  But, I guess that is better than “you look like a dumpy mess”.


I decided to pair the jumpsuit with lots of Eddie Borgo gold.  This large link Eddie Borgo necklace is still available – I can’t understand why!  It is so awesome.  I think it is a fab basic.  The silhouette is very easy but the scale makes it different and edgy.  It would be coming home with me but I have purchased TWO Lulu Frost necklaces in May.  But, it is now June so maybe…..  Olive drab, gold and coral – winning combo!  Of course, we had to take photos in the middle of a construction site as no gas stations are within walking distance.


Large geometric cuff and gold plated chain bracelet both by Eddie Borgo.  Bronze spike cuff by Pamela Love (closest to hand).


With an outfit like this there is never enough jewelry!


Gold and copper druzy quartz ring by Hitchcock Madrona.  Scarf by Barbour.  Love this new way of tying scarves – almost like an ascot or bow tie.



A Message to MEN: Success on Mother's Day

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I am not sure how many men read this blog (I am assuming NONE) so please FORWARD THIS TO YOUR HUSBAND!

Ask yourself, who’s more important than mom? Rock of the family! Giver of life! When I say “mom” I mean your mother or your children’s mother – just to be clear. With Mother’s Day fast approaching (it is Sunday FYI), it’s time to show the amazing women in your life just how much they matter to you. Here at Hitchcock Madrona, we feel there’s no better way to say “thank you for raising me or my children” than through jewelry!  Don’t make the age-old mistake of giving a woman a gift that plugs in – never good. Women want to celebrate the hardest job of all (motherhood!) with something sparkly, unnecessary and luxurious. It’s not the size of the gift but the thought that counts and shopping for jewelry is not easy for men (some men – sorry, I shouldn’t generalize). So, it means so much when you step out of your element and try to wrap your mind around WHY we love jewelry so much. Stop by Hitchcock Madrona this week to buy something special; we have jewelry and accessories in all styles and price points.

We took some photos of some of our favorite pieces that are perfect for ushering in summer – check ’em out:


From precious stone cocktail rings to cotton socks…..


Who doesn’t need a hot pink rhinestone lobster pin??


If your woman isn’t the biggest jewelry wearer we also have scarves and sunglasses – but don’t forget – nothing too practical!

Please don’t hesitate to visit!  I am an expert at gift suggesting- I simply pick out what I want!