Outfit Of The Day: Masculine Summer Style

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Colorfully beaded and woven pieces just scream “SUMMER!” to us. We have all been piling on these necklaces by George Frost, AISH, and Giles & Brother as the temperatures rise. These three jewelry lines all have something in common: they’re intentionally designed to be unisex. Together, they are the perfect mix of ethnic and preppy with pops of color – so summery.

George Frost black eternity knot necklace with red “laughing man” charm and brass bead details. Beaded necklaces also by George Frost. The jade and silver plated brass beaded version spells out “LUCK”  in morse code and the natural and silver plated brass beads spells out “UNITE”. How cool is that?


AISH cornflower blue necklace with brass beads. This navy Giles & Brother hook necklace with ceramic beads has a great nautical vibe. Both can also be wrapped as bracelets. Summer fedora by Kelly Christy.


Long braided leather and woven coin necklace by George Frost.


Orange and blue necklace with brass bead pendant by AISH. Love this bright color combination for summer!


Matte black chain is so masculine and sexy. This George Frost wallet chain necklace is striking with a horse hair tassel and red “laughing man” charm.

Summer is here!


Team Hitchcock

Studio Visit: Opening Ceremony & Venessa Arizaga

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In anticipation of our new Fall order of Venessa Arizaga (to be delivered in a few months!) here are a few snaps of the beautiful Opening Ceremony showroom in Soho. This is another post from our trip in February. Opening Ceremony is a wonderfully curated showroom – we have discovered many new lines within their white walls. We are always delighted with Arizaga’s whimsy and alternative materials. With each new collection she consistently evolves and toes the line between young and sophisticated. Here is a fun sneak peek of the Fall 2014 collection…


“I LOVE YOU” Pearl, handmade ceramic beads, and thread. I call “DIBS” on one of these! Love something kooky with prim pearls.


Some of our picks and a coordinating highlighter (to prove we actually work)!


I threw on a few of my favs with the jewels I was wearing that day. I will be buying the “denim and rhinestone” piece (in the middle of my layers). It is so perfect! Venessa’s work is statement jewelry but it can still be layered. So fun to wear! I’m also wearing my beloved Xenia Mara chains and some vintage African beads.


Dustin making our picks!


The gorgeous showroom presentation.

As you can see, we have some amazing stunners on the way from Venessa Arizaga – one of our favorites! This is her Fall collection, which will be here before we know it. But, who can think about that right now! Bring it on summer!


Team Hitchcock

Studio Visit: Hitchcock Madrona Private Label Scarves

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If jewelry is our wife then scarves are our mistress. They are a very strong category for us and we love collaborating with our manufacturer to bring bright, fun, fashion-forward (btw – that phrase is so annoying!) scarves to Hitchcock Madrona. They are manufactured in Italy by a decades old mill dedicated to traditional and high quality materials.

Dustin’s heart lies in textiles. Here he is pouring over the sample swatches.


We don’t play it safe with our scarves. We love the bold options. YES – buy the pink!


We meet with our rep, the lovely (and very English) Mr. James Sheed, in his good friend’s custom suiting showroom in downtown Manhattan. As you can imagine, Dustin and James love to talk shop about new wool blends on the market and who is buying (custom) suits. I usually wander back to the seamstresses and spy on them in awe of their talent.


James is quite amused by us – we are nothing like his usual clients! As our biannual meeting approaches he pops on to the blog to see what we are up to.  We met with him the last week in February so he teased me about our Valentine window (and the fact that I was standing in it).



Father’s Day Gift Hint: Hitchcock Madrona Jewelry

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Father’s Day is tomorrow! Whether your man is a jewelry lover, or you want to push his style boundaries a bit, we have got you covered. Both Hitchcock classics, our sterling silver cuff (bronze and copper versions too!) and signet ring are wonderful options for dad.


Our sterling silver and leather cuff has been one of our most popular items for years (for women and men). We just love a big cuff with a masculine vibe and we think he will too! It is effortlessly cool, a little tough and totally edgy.


Our cuffs are comfortable and stylish, timeless and sophisticated – an instant classic. They only get better and better with time as the leather breaks in and softens, and the metal develops its own unique patina. It is such a special piece and one that adds an instantly cool vibe to any jewelry collection.


Signet rings are a jewelry wardrobe essential. For our in-house design we put a twist on the classic Signet with an oxidized frame and gave it a more substantial weight – perfect for your man.


We will be open tomorrow (10am-5pm) for any of your last minute Father’s Day gift needs!



Team Hitchcock

Father’s Day Gift Hint: The Pocket Square

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We just put out a new batch of our striking pocket squares in time for Father’s Day (this Sunday the 15th)! Even if your man does not wear a suit /jacket that often, when he does wear one and adds a pocket square everyone will be impressed. It is a beautifully classic touch and a timeless gift.


We have a wonderfully diverse collection of pocket squares… from subtle paisley patterns to bright and cheery checkered ones.

IMG_3917 IMG_3899

The cotton version can also be used as a hanky which is so retro/practical!


Wedding season is here, bump his summer suit style up a notch with a colorful pocket square – he will definitely be the most stylish man in attendance!

IMG_3891 IMG_3910

Swing by the store to see more pocket square varieties and to check out the beautiful Father’s Day windows Dustin has installed – so clever and chic!

More Father’s Day gift hints to come.


Team Hitchcock

Studio Visit: Dannijo

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February was our first ever Dannijo studio visit! It was a pleasure to finally meet Jodie and Danielle Snyder, the sister duo behind Dannijo.  They were so lovely and the whole Dannijo team welcomed us with open arms (literally!).  This is such an exciting brand to follow.  They have been so successful with the help of social media and editorial features in many (if not all) major magazines.  The women that work here are young, fashionable, smart and ambitious.  As you can see, the environment is so alive!

The decor is amazing!  From the tapestries to the art, the immaculate displays of the current collection, fresh flowers, and antique furniture,  everything about the space was wonderful.


Every collection designed by Dannijo gets a mannequin (see featured image) dedicated in it’s honor. It was so striking to walk in and see all the beautifully adorned mannequins of seasons past.  As you can see they are laden with serious jewels, it was amazing to see all the different themes.


The 2014 collections are young and fresh, very New York City.  Dannijo is big, bold, and sparkly in a wearable, modern yet tribal way.  Above is a sneak peek of what we are getting in a few months……stake your claim now!


Dustin and I spent about an hour choosing Spring (in store now), Pre-Fall and Fall.  It was so fun getting to see the collection in person.


Bottom line – If you haven’t seen the Dannijo pieces we have right now, you NEED to stop by the store (and we will be getting more in!).  We just put out three amazing bibs (a Dannijo classic!) for summer.  We also started carrying the Dannijo phone cases, they feature kaleidoscope like patterns of Dannijo designs. Super chic and durable, Millie and I have been loving ours!

Happy sunshine!




Outfit of the Night: D & E at the Make-A-Wish Foundation Auction

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Before I start listing the outfit credits and explaining the reaction my head piece got at the event, I want to thank our good friend and client Heather (I didn’t ask to use her name so I will only use her first name) for inviting us to the annual Seattle Make-A-Wish Foundation live auction.  We have happily donated for several years through Heather, and this year her and her husband hosted us at their table.  Because they are amazing people, so were their friends and colleagues.  We had a lovely time!


Here is a close up of the malachite, lapis and sterling silver cocktail ring by Wouters & Hendrix.  This is such a great piece for spring into summer.  A big ring is so easy to wear but dresses up any outfit.  I love this amazing acrylic clutch by Ashlyn’d.  It is so complex and beautiful.  The sides are clear so you can see the chic contents of your evening bag – phone, lipstick, ID and mints!


The show stopper (of course) was this full rhinestone head piece designed by Jennifer Behr.  How beautiful is this???  I am so obsessed.  The earrings are green onyx and opal dangles by Xenia Mara.


A Hitchcock Madrona pocket square made in Italy is Dustin’s final touch!

If you are wondering if we bought an African Safari, hot air balloon ride, or 28 bottles of wine…..the answer is no.  We made our donation, tried our hand at the raffle and walked away happy.  Life is adventure enough for us and wine doesn’t get drank at my house anymore (I’m in bed too early)!



Travel: The India Diaries – Rug Making & Fabric Dying

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Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled Spring posts and go back to India.  Please, don’t ask what I am wearing in these photos.  Even I, the wearer, have no idea.  I bought the skirt in a pinch for a nice dinner with one of our vendors during the trip.  Before visiting this rug and fabric factory, we went to the Tibetan market and I scored this faux/real fur vest.  This would be a weird outfit for me in Seattle but totally normal for India!


Last time we were there was January 2013.  That is why we are a little bundled up (and the Indian people are a lot bundled up).  Temperatures were in the mid 60’s which is freezing to them!  Night time is quite chilly, even to our standards.


Every time we are in Jaipur we hire Anwar as our tuk-tuk driver.  Somehow we always find him.  Or, he finds us!  The first day we came out of the market and he was at our usual meeting place – I screamed “Anwar!” he looked up and saw us.  He couldn’t believe his eyes!  So, again he drove us around all day and all night.  Above, he is showing us traditional rug weaving – his old profession.  That is a knife in his right hand.  He pulls the yarn through the loom and chops it off.  Right at the same length every time.  His hands were moving so fast!  I can only imagine the number of cuts one would get doing this all day, every day.


Skeins of natural dyed, hand loomed, wool yarn.


Along with rugs this factory also dyes all types of fabric.  Plain fabric bolts and clothing.  Above is a woman dying a polka dot pattern on white dresses.  There is a stack of white dresses in every pile on the dirt floor (I know!), she puts her hand in the dye bucket and scoops a dollop on the dresses.  The dye soaks through the layers, dying them all at the same time.  Look at her right hand – it is blue up to the wrist.  Indian’s do fabric dying, rug making, stone sorting and cutting all on the floor.  Usually a dirt floor.


Dip dyed dresses.  All made with 100% natural dyes.


I am mimicking the dollop motion that she makes to dye the polka dots (I think).




On The Fourth Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Leather.

 Dustin:  I love it when disparate styles work together.  For example, this combination of a 50’s leather biker jacket, 30’s leather land surveyor boots, and frames popularized by Hasidic Jews in the 60’s.  Somehow, at least to me, they seem to come together in a way that feels harmonious.  Hmm…I sense a bigger question about society in there…but let’s keep it about fashion, shall we?

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Moscot “Koopa” eyewear.


 Kate:  For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have always been on the hunt for the perfect leather [insert every clothing item and accessory under the sun]. So when I saw these full on leather overalls (with oxidized hardware…I mean, come on!!!) I knew they had to be mine. Aside from keeping me warm (as much as possible) this fall they’ve been a great topic of conversation… with EVERYONE! 

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Hitchcock Madrona paisley scarf.


Erica:  Leather is a material that has its place in my closet.  That place is called my feet.  Other than leather shoes, I never quite feel myself in leather clothing.  I know this about myself, as “Rock n’Roll” is the one vibe I almost never pull off.  I guess, being raised in the suburbs as the only child of two supportive and loving parents has left me with no real edge (although I am not opposed to faking it).  I think of my style as more Prada than Balenciaga, more Marni than Balmain.  Therefore, I can never justify upwards of $1,000 for leather pants!  Unlike Kate, our resident leather addict, I know leather pants will languish in my closet – starving for wear!  When I found these vintage Talbots (yes, you read that right!) black leather pants at Value Village for $12.99 while Halloween shopping I snapped them up.  Pretty good score, huh?

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Weston Image scarf (I am wearing the small size).

On the Fifth day of fashion…

Team Hitchcock