Bridal Week: Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

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A lot of you may not know we sell pochettes (pocket squares) and since it’s Bridal Week we thought it appropriate to mention.

The pochette is the prefect way to tie in the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride, etc to the vibe of your big day. Our selection ranges from white solids with traditional check borders to playful patterns of polka dot, paisley and houndstooth in vivid colors. We also carry cotton squares for the more casual moments, be it the rehearsal dinner, after party, reception, etc. Through texture, with color, coordinated with neckties; there are many ways the pochette can add to the event’s cohesion.

Your out of pocket expense is reasonable too with prices ranging from $65 to $78, (all made in Italy). However you decided to remember your special day, Hitchcock Madrona is here to say “we do”.

pocket square, silk, italy, groom

Classic black punctuated by silk polka dots in blue!


Inherently casual seersucker perfectly complimented with cotton paisley.


Fold it flat or let it bloom…on a linen blazer = CHIC


Pocket square as bouquet?  Maybe not, but consider it money in your pocket when this simple addition elevates his suit to a million bucks!

Team HM

Welcome to Bridal Week! My Wedding…10 Years Later

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Weddings are not beautiful because they are perfect, they are perfect because they are beautiful.  Two families coming together, small children in charge of gold rings, groomsmen and an open bar…imminent disaster lurking.  On our particular day everything went relatively smoothly.  The only glitch was, because there always is one, all photos were lost.  Obviously this was a big deal!  Now, ten years later, our bridal week post-apalooza was the perfect excuse to recreate the moment (with proof).  Our mom’s are ecstatic!


Expect multiple bridal styling posts featuring new merchandise ordered specifically for weddings.  We also have groom and groomsmen accessories and gift ideas.  Enjoy and thank you for indulging us!


Dustin steaming away my dress after being resurrected from it’s hermetically sealed tomb.

Fortunately, ten years later most details are the same: same couple, same dress, same location.  One (not so minor) addition was our four year old son…playing secret ninja!






Obsession: Ampersand as Apostrophe

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      royal_sideandhalf_2015-04-12 17.00.38 copy 2

Every time I start discussing Ampersand as Apostrophe handbags with a client, passerby, barista really anyone who will listen.  I find that my voice climbs a notch or two with excitement. Simply put, Ampersand as Apostrophe has made a loyal fan of this handbag lover. Designer, Creative Director, and Founder of AasA (as the fandom has affectionally abbreviated it) seamlessly navigates the line between fashion forward, simple, and classic in a way that I have yet to see at such an accessible price point with the quality of a few design houses I will refrain from naming.

     Blush Half 2015-03-06 18.09.22 copy

Each bag is functional, structured, fun and comes with an incredible snap out clutch that is not only convenient but adorably sexy as well.

     sops_2015-04-12 17.19.17 copy

Often times, I find myself gravitating to features I never utilize; mirrors, lipstick pockets, built in key rings, you get the picture. This has not been the case for my AsasA bag. I spend most of my time running from the store to an event, or a styling gig and I have found myself snapping out my clutch so often I think it has become an involuntary action.

If you’re interested in seeing Jessica’s amazing work in for yourself, and for a chance to meet the designer in person, stop by the store this Saturday, April 18th between 1pm and 6pm for our Ampersand as Apostrophe Trunk Show.

Hope to see you there!



OOTD: Leather Shawls and Rose Gold Collars

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     If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is filled with fashion blogger, models, and other aspirational people that are more fascinating than who I goal myself to be like. That aside, sometimes their trend rub off on me and this fashion week was no exception. Fashionistas (I hate that word for the record) and style icons across the board seem to feel that wearing jackets as actual jackets instead of a shrug or shawl is passé. Not that I agree-sleeves and I generally get along, but I found myself becoming just another sheep in the herd. However, I accessorized in a way that most of them are not, with our newst fine jewelry line: Ginette NY. Sleek, sexy, and a little sweet the 18k rose gold collection we received left us blown away. A perpetual fan of letting my jewels do the talking, I suited up and hit the streets, well the alley behind our studio not quite NYC but far cooler in my opinion. Check out the awesome collection, and decide how you feel about sleeves as accessory.



Ginette Rose Gold Collar, Rose Gold Hoops, and Rose Gold and Diamond strip studs


Rose Gold rings by Ginette, FARIS, and Hitchcock Madrona. Black Gold Nico Ring by Selin Kent

     Loren Stewarts XL Chain Bracelet, and my wide silver HM Bangle Cuff have yet to come off my arm. Capped off with my Ampersand as Apostrophe (removable) clutch in Buffalo Leather and I’m ready for front row…at the bar of my choosing.

     Whether Fashion Week viewing, or strolling to your local dive these Ginette pieces are sure to make your cool, absolutely effortless. Throw in some leather accents, and your favorite pair of shades and you’re good to go.