Hitchcock Madrona Retreat: Summer 2014 Sequin Shipwreck

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Sooooooo, sometimes I get in a full length sequin dress and emerge from the water dramatically, fulfilling all my Siren Shipwreck fantasies.  You?  No? Ok, I guess it’s just me. In any case, I don’t necessarily recommend doing this – the water was freezing.  But, anything for the picture, I guess.


The perfect accessories for a shipwreck: Hitchcock Madrona Metal & Leather cuff with Bella Colletta’s “Showstopper” necklace.  One might think this dress doesn’t need a necklace but we love pushing the limits.  The chains almost blend into the sequins and add texture.

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We throw caution to the wind when it comes to our cuff – the more you wear it, the better it feels and looks.  As spring and summer approach give your cuff new life and rock it with your favorite swimsuit (or gown). Whatever floats your boat- or, in this case, sinks it.



Outfit of the Day: Turn Your Necklace Around

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Navy, bronze and white. How can you NOT want to play with a color combination that perfect? I’m in love!  I threw on three Xenia Mara goddess chain necklaces (one as a bracelet-which also works as a belt!) along Eddie Borgo’s dramatic and sexy silk tassel necklace from last fall.  Obsessed with these off kilter proportions!


As you can see, Xenia masterfully mixes deeper bronze with bright gold and copper.  The warmth plays off the cool navy and white of my outfit in a dramatic and cohesive way. To top it off (literally) I threw on my Kelly Christy Fedora, which I absolutely can’t live without! This is the best hat I have ever owned.  It’s light, well crafted, and unspeakably comfortable. When my son sits on it I have a heart attack but it (thankfully) pops right back into shape. Bonus: I can wear it confidently in the rain. Swooning yet?

Kelly+ChristyKelly+Christy Xenia+MaraXenia+Mara (1)

I love experimenting with clothing and jewelry.  How can I wear this differently? Turn your necklace around, wear a necklace as a bracelet, or even a ring as a pendant.  Once you start looking for new possibilities they become endless.