Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Hitchcock Madrona

will be closed

Thursday & Friday (Nov. 27-28)

in celebration of Thanksgiving

We will resume regular business hours

Saturday (Nov. 29)


Team Hitchcock

Hitchcock Retreat 2014: Darth Vader is Fancy

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Sometimes we like to get away, feel the bay breeze on our backs, and flex our creative muscles. The summer 2014 Hitchcock Madrona retreat was no different.  After all the meetings we needed to get out the jewels, a ball skirt and, in this case, one borrowed Darth Vader helmet. I decided that if Mr. Vader was Ms. Vader (who wore fashions and jewels) she would be fierce. Right?! There is nothing we like more than a crazy photo opportunity. My son’s helmet was begging for a moment. Welcome to it…enjoy.

Empire Strikes Back with some bling. I have been so into Star Wars fashions – the Vans collaboration, vintage T-shirts from eBay, and cheap synthetic sweatshirts were all must-haves this fall. I guess it is fascination by association – my son lives and dies by Star Wars everything. #BoyMom


Necklaces: Bella Colletta Warrior necklace, Iko Ino Sensi-Star necklace, Unearthen Crystal Bullet necklace, we like to lounge leather and chain necklace, Mariella Pilato crystal pendant necklace.

Bracelets: (left – my right) Hitchcock Madrona sterling silver industrial link bracelet, metal and rope bracelet by Orly Genger. (right – my left) Eddie Borgo cone hinge bracelet, sterling silver and leather cuff (best thing ever!), gold-plated industrial link bracelet both by Hitchcock Madrona.


“You underestimate the power of the dark side.”


Hitchcock Madrona metal and leather cuff, Hitchcock Madrona gold-plated industrial link bracelet both by Hitchcock Madrona, Eddie Borgo cone hinge bracelet, Crystal Hartman sculpted silver ring, Eddie Borgo silver armor ring.

“The force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”


Hitchcock Madrona sterling silver industrial link bracelet and metal, metal and rope bracelet by Orly Genger, Hitchcock Madrona large gold Druzy ring.


” You have learned much, young one.”


“The Force is strong with this one.”



Welcome to our YouTube Channel!!!

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We are so excited to officially announce the Hitchcock Madrona YouTube Channel!!! We want to welcome you into our world, all the dimensions of Team Hitchcock. Go behind the scenes with us to see how our fine jewelry is made, watch us in our natural habitat, see our favorite new collections, learn to layer like a Hitchcock woman, and much more to come!
We have had so much fun already and we hope you enjoy our channel!



Team Hitchcock

Outfit of the Day: KIMONO or KIMON-YES

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Sometimes an outfit just begs to be worn – that is what happened this morning.  The kimono was hanging dangerously close to the pale blue and plaid scarf.  They wanted to be together…the same colors with conflicting cultures.  Star crossed lovers.  Just kidding (no, I’m not).  So, here is the result of my morning sartorial mash-up.  As if the “fit” isn’t enough, add the hair and, as Kate says, “you are so editorial.”  Hahahhaha.  I’ll take that – I know, that coming from her, it is a high compliment (we have lived and died by Vogue and W together for years).

There is nothing like a big, worn, men’s leather belt.  I am obsessed with this vintage one I picked up somewhere years ago.  Cinch this around a ball skirt or your baggy men’s Levis (my two favorite leg treatments) and it adds the perfect rugged/masculine touch (you know I need my boy/girl dichotomy in every outfit!).  High heels required.


Giles & Brother mixed metal chain link necklace.  This is quite possibly the perfect necklace.  It works whenever, wherever, however.  I can’t think of an outfit that couldn’t handle this 18″ layered dreamboat.  Wooters & Hendrix extra large pearl ring.  This ring takes the granny out of the pearl and replaces it with Alice in Wonderland size.


Tom Binns gold and crystal barbed wire bracelet with Giles & Brother jumbo railroad spike bracelet.  Today I am wearing one of my three pairs of Tummel glasses from MOSCOT (excessive, me?  No!).  I can’t live without these!  In black they are relentlessly “Blues Brothers cool” without being the Blues Brothers requisite Wayfarer (which we still wear!  No shade).


How could I not wear this multi-chain necklace by IOSSELLIANI in my hair?  Hair needs more jewelry nowadays.  Right?!  Sport your favorite necklace, brooch or bracelet as a hair ornament and leave the necklace at home.  I am always surprised at how much attention a trick like this garners.  Minds are blown all over the party!

Lulu Frost pearl and crystal earrings – the perfect holiday party ear treatment.


Team Hitchcock Madrona is excited to embark on our 9th holiday season.  Whoo hoo!