Halloween 2014: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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“Armageddon was yesterday, today we have a serious problem.”

Look out Lisbeth Salander, Team Hitchcock Madrona is looking pierced, tattooed, and punk enough to take on any dangerous mission. We might be lacking in the computer hacking skills department (is Mercury still in retrograde? Can we blame it on that?) but we’re making up for it in spades with the fiercest jewels and accessories around.


Railroad Spike necklace by Giles & Brother, Safety Pin necklace by Giles & Brother, crystal and stud cuff by Tom Binns, Jumbo Hinged Railroad Spike cuff by Giles & Brother, Large Link gold bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona, gold midi ring by Hitchcock Madrona.


This hat by Kelly Christy is the perfectly subtle, witchy touch. The Loren Stewart Shapeshifter necklace has never been more punk: Millie is wearing it attached to her earring and nose ring!!! We think Lisbeth would be more than proud.


“She was perfectly content as long as people left her in peace.”

Ruby “Twinkler” necklace by Hitchcock Madrona, Panther bracelet by Iosselliani, gold and rose gold rings by Catbird, Hitchcock Madrona, and Loren Stewart.


Eddie Borgo ear cuff worn as nose ring, Eddie Borgo reversible pave pyramid earrings.


Gold shield by Hitchcock Madrona, gold tone Goddess necklace by Xenia Mara, cast bullet necklace by Unearthen.


Rose gold Mignon ring by Catbird (on thumb), rose gold Mini ID ring by Loren Stewart.


Crystal Quartz bullet necklace by Unearthen on silver wheat chain.


“You already have loads of tattoos. Are you sure you want another one?”

Silver Sharktooth cuff by Hitchcock Madrona, gold rings by Catbird and Loren Stewart.


We wore our fake tattoos for the rest of the day in the store and some of our clients (and even close friends) thought they were real!

Happy Halloween!

Be safe and spooky tonight!


Team Hitchcock

Halloween 2014: Girl Interrupted

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Confession: We are just as obsessed with Halloween as we were last year. For our first installment of Halloween dress-up fun we channeled Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted. We took high-low dressing to a whole new level, adorning our hospital gowns with ridiculous amounts of jewels. We wandered up to the Madrona playground (yes, you can imagine the looks we got) and got seriously into character – give us a theme, crazy accessories (Kate has a fake hair Sassy in!), and a selection of Hitchcock jewelry and we are good to go!

“Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash? Have you ever been blue? Or thought your train moving while sitting still? Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe it was the 60’s. Or maybe I was just a girl… interrupted.”


Hitchcock Madrona metal & leather cuffs (bronze on Erica and sterling silver on Kate) and black and white marbled bib by Dannijo.


Pearl and crystal New Decade necklace by Lulu Frost, leather and pearl necklace by we like to lounge, gunmetal fringe necklace by Bella Colletta, Hitchcock metal & leather cuff, Hitchcock black Druzy ring.

“Was insanity just a matter of dropping the act?”


Eddie Borgo chained cuff, Hitchcock Madrona metal and leather cuff, Ikno Ino necklace worn as bracelet, Iko Ino Sensi Star necklaces worn as harness, Iko Ino Acapulco Gold necklace.


Jumbo hinged railroad cuff by Giles & Brother, Eddie Borgo hinged silver cuff, Giles & Brother silver safety pin necklace wrapped as bracelet.


“If I could have any job in the world I’d be a professional Cinderella.”


Jennifer Behr veil, Lulu Frost rhinestone necklace worn as crown, Lulu Frost vintage dress clip earrings.

“The only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”


Team Hitchcock


Daily Fortune (The Cookie Kind): “It is difficult being fascinating”

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That is the best fortune I have ever gotten. We quote that (yes, we quote a cookie) tidbit weekly around here. Half joking (we try not to take ourselves too seriously), half serious. This is why, as you can see, there is something different about me… Yep, I dyed my hair gray. As millions of women try to cover it (I have been one of them for years) I go all the way. I have a thing about extremes – I seem to only be interested in the fringe. A personal truth: boring is death. I know this decision may be confusing for some… or even scary. Is it because I am going against the norm and not respecting traditional social truths (i.e. “young is better”)? A physical confrontation of ones mortality? Or, people just think it is plain ugly!  All of these are okay with me. Dustin said, “You don’t dye your hair gray and expect everyone to love it. That’s why it is great!”. Other people aside, I am enjoying it. I have covered almost all conceivable “natural” hair colors in my 20 year hair experiment so, why not the last, unconquered frontier: GRAY!


In this outfit I wanted (sorry, needed) to highlight the gorgeous colors from Lulu Frost’s Fall collection. These earrings and necklace are amazing. I love all things blue, it’s my color. The “Nebb” frames by MOSCOT in the color blonde are a fun way to set off my cool, cool, cool, cooler than cool, new hair color tones.


Under everything is a delicate gold waterfall necklace by Xenia Mara. This one is sooo good. It is a chameleon necklace – a little Grecian goddess with a dash of Amazon woman. Super sexy. My heart necklace is over the whole sha-bang. We can’t leave out the frosty filling of this jewelry Oreo cookie: the “Warrior” necklace by Bella Colletta. I feel strong today…. that will work.





Thank You Justin Giunta And Subversive Jewelry

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Heart Cluster Necklace: mixed color, vintage findings.

We are still blown away by the INCREDIBLE trunk show we had this last Sunday for Subversive Jewelry. The collection was beyond our wildest dreams, true couture jewelry creations. It was an honor to host Justin, he has such a beautiful spirit! Having the opportunity for our clients (and us!)  to be able to speak directly with the artist about their creative process and vision is so wonderfully inspiring.


Sunken Treasure Necklace: gold, vintage chains and findings.


Silver Crystal Wreath Necklace: silver, laser cut French curves, crystals, ruby bead cluster.


Sunken Treasure Necklace: vintage faux pearls, vintage chains and findings.


Egyptian Wreath Necklace: lapis, jasper, moonstone.


Pearl Cluster Necklace: faux pearls, vinage chains.


Light Touch Necklace: crystal and pearl.

These are photos of the Subversive pieces we kept from the trunk show – if you couldn’t make it you’re still in luck! These pieces are works of art, all handmade and all strikingly one-of-a-kind.

Thank you Justin!!! We can’t wait to host another Subversive Jewelry trunk show!


Team Hitchcock

Subversive Jewelry Trunk Show with Justin Giunta

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Justin Giunta and Amber Valletta in Vogue November 2006.

It is an honor to host an exclusive trunk show for jewelry artist Justin Giunta of Subversive Jewelry. I have admired (let’s be real, stalked) Justin’s work from the very beginning. I will never forget the photo of Amber Valetta in Justin’s studio. She was sultry, sexy and dripping with Subversive Jewelry. He was sitting next to her with a shy smile. I promptly set down the magazine and emailed Subversive Jewelry. He has been an artist I have loved in every phase of his career. His work has garnered hundreds (not exaggerating) editorial features world-wide. My friends and clients know that I have always wanted a Subversive necklace of my own. But, alas, seven years later I am still waiting (it is a self-inflicted obligation to let go of the best pieces and pay the rent)… But, on Sunday, October 19th it is my time.  My piece is in the trunk – is yours??



Subversive Jewelry Trunk Show with Justin Giunta

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It is always a privilege to meet the artist behind the jewelry we love, and this is one of those golden opportunities. Justin Giunta, the genius behind Subversive Jewelry, will be Hitchcock Madrona’s special guest and host for a one day trunk show. Please join us in this truly extraordinary artist’s honor.

Sunday, October 19th

Noon – 5pm

Champagne Served


Team Hitchcock

Outfit of The Day: Pumpkin Spice And Layers

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Fall is here! And this October baby could not be happier. Everything good comes back as soon as the leaves start turning: fall tv shows, grandpa sweaters, Pumpkin Spice (although I’m not convinced that is actually a good thing) and LAYERING! Never one to shy away from layering in any form, I have been known to layer sweaters on sweaters, with a jacket on top… or in this case a sweater, on a dress…on jeans? Why not! It’s Fall, anything goes!


I chose to go heavy on the clothing layers, so for my jewelry simple statements felt perfectly appropriate. Opting for our Hitchcock Madrona XL Gold Bars to pair with my constant companion: Catbird’s Chained To My Heart stud. Topped off with Moscot’s classic Lemtosh and Yestadt’s Nomad hat (it’s packable!) for some timeless, masculine touches.

IMG_7384 IMG_7429

Xenia Mara chains from her newest collection, and the delicate BOMB necklace by Faris were the perfect combination. They have opposing lengths and scale that seem mismatched but work so well together! And a total departure from my everyday, heavily layered look.

IMG_7393 IMG_7426

Again, keeping it delicate and simple on my fingers, with a cool statement stack by Selin Kent on my right hand to throw things off just a little bit. A curveball that is somehow still perfectly within the lines. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to protest the manufacturing of pumpkin spice chapstick. But not before throwing on another sweater. Stay layered!




Just In: Selin Kent

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The Fiona Pave ring in yellow gold with white diamonds.

Selin Kent is our newest fine jewelry artist at Hitchcock Madrona. We love the clean lines, elegant geometrical shapes, and unique stacking options that come along with these beautiful pieces. Each piece is handcrafted in New York out of responsibly sourced 14k golds and precious stones. Kent has always been inspired by the architecture from her time in Vienna, New York, Istanbul, and Paris. These are timelessly modern pieces with just enough edgy sophistication to get our hearts racing!


The Ella ring in yellow gold.


The Francoise Pave ring in rose gold with white diamonds.


The Ella Pave ring in white gold with white and black diamonds.


The Koko ring in yellow gold with white diamonds.


The Koko Mini ring in yellow gold with white diamonds.


The Hex ring in rose gold with black diamonds.



Team Hitchcock


Fall Hour Change at Hitchcock Madrona

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I know, I know, it’s Spring forward, Fall back, but we decided to unwind just a tick and Fall forward.

Starting Wednesday, October 8th, our opening hours will change from 10am to 11am (a round of applause to the clock for lending us a hand).

New hours:

Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm

Sunday, 11am – 5pm



Team Hitchcock

Outfit of the Day: Fascinating in a Fascinator

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After watching the Diana Vreeland documentary “The Eye has to Travel” I became obsessed with horn necklaces of all shapes and sizes. She is consistently wearing a large vintage (I think) horn necklace throughout the movie. A few actually, if memory serves me, one gold and one white??? Maybe?? Have you seen it? Diana sourced her jewelry and interiors during exotic photo shoots for Bazaar magazine. Me too… but not quite Morroco or Russia (like Diana)… more like Monroe and Redmond (Seattle natives raise yo hand!). But, travel is travel (so what if I am “traveling” an hour away from Seattle).

After watching said documentary I thought about the one person that I knew who could make all my horn necklace dreams come true. None other than Surplus designer Harriet MacNamara, a Seattle jewelry line that excites, inspires and scares us (a little). Harriet is actually very “Vreeland”. She has an amazing eye, has traveled and collected her entire life, and the one liners! Harriet can turn your world view on its head just by walking in the door. Me: “Is your t-shirt on inside out and backwards?!?!?” Harriet: “Yes, honey”. Me: “Awesome. I am so doing that!”


Resin Horn Necklace by Surplus jewelry (she mixed brown pearls with black chain), Gold Loop Bib by Dannijo (first layer). This Dannijo necklace is amazing! It is sooooo layerable. I also have on a triangle crystal necklace that I got as a gift (I think it’s Stella & Dot – shhhh don’t tell) and a double bronze chain froooooom a store in the mall (ooops! Again!).


A closer look….


Ear cuff by Eddie Borgo.

One of my favorite quotes of Vreeland’s is: “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika.We all need a splash of bad tasteNo taste is what I’m against.” That sums up what I live for when I get up and get dressed. I might not wear what EVERYONE likes but at least I am not boring, right?


Our classic sterling and leather cuff by Hitchcock Madrona layered with a Tom Binns barbed wire crystal cuff bracelet.


Eddie Borgo three-finger chain ring, Catbird silver Tomboy ring and Hitchcock Madrona diamond stacker.