Just In: Dannijo Boxerina

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Dannijo’s Boxerina collection is here! We are thrilled: chain details, vibrant stones, delicate pearls, asymmetry, and lots and lots of chunky silver. There are serious armor-like bibs and cuffs, and more delicate rhinestone laced pieces. This collection is just plain cool – after all, it is Dannijo. Grab a glass of bubbles and join us!


One statement necklace? No thanks, I’ll take three. Layered on top is the Evangeline Necklace (clear baguette rhinestones set off the bold yellow and green), next is the Whistler Necklace (cool toned rhinestones and oxidized chain), and underneath it all is the Guthrie Necklace (big, bad, bold silver with subtle rhinestones).


Boxerina is total edgy elegance, a little bit tribal, and beyond bold. It may be our favorite collection from Dannijo so far.


The Whistler Necklace and the Guthrie Necklace.


Has elegant ever been more badass?! Vivid colors and tough chain make up the Cayden Necklace.


The Tamara Bracelet has a punchy green center stone (layered with the rose gold Railroad Spike Cuff by Giles & Brother) while the other cuff gives serious edge with layers of oxidized chain and rhinestones.


Don’t let the statement necklaces detract you from the earrings in this collection… they are stunning. The evil-like, dark stones of the Monaco perfectly juxtapose the classic shape – genius. The dangling rhinestone earrings have a chic pearl stud, and although you can’t tell from this photo they are ASYMMETRICAL – love it!





Team Hitchcock

Outfit of the Day: I Heart Swedish Girls

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YES, world I am Swedish! When I saw this t-shirt at Goodwill it took me about 4 seconds to shove it in my basket and I haven’t looked back since.  Sunnies by MOSCOT. The Grunya in Clear.


Who wants to wear a belt chain?? I do! I do! Wallet chain with brass wing by George Frost.


Feeling the sun on my shoulders… Bling-ing off of my beloved pave cone hoops by Eddie Borgo.


We die for the IKO INO Traffic Chain necklace. This is such a clever design. The chain is bunched up on the cord so tightly that it creates a new style of chain. It is pretty genius, actually. This necklace feels so good on – it warms as you wear it. There is something quite comforting about this piece.


The Nora Kogan obsession continues: Matchstick cuff in gold, sterling silver and enamel Eye ring, and Love Script ring in rose gold – love!

Have a great weekend, come visit!



Just In: Weston Earth Images

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Canyon Agate AG1248-S

These gorgeous scarves from Weston Earth Images are totally giving us life. Actually, the phrase “giving us life” is really giving us life but the scarves are pretty damn good too (and p.s. I did give someone life so I know what that phrase ACTUALLY means, and it is no small potatoes, my friend). Anyway, the scarves! They are the most beautiful silk and linen fabrics, with vivid gemstone prints. They are conceptually genius and the execution is flawless.

AG1248-S Canyon Agate

The detailing of the Canyon Agate satin silk scarf.

Each of these beautiful prints is an actual (extremely closeup) photograph of a mineral, stone, or fossil. Richard Weston, the Creative Director of Weston Earth Images, has harnessed the advancements of digital technology and created something so special, and wearable! We feel lucky to be able to offer these scarves (pieces of art) at Hitchcock Madrona.



Fordite Classic FD0030-MSM-110200

As you can see, Weston captures the minute details in each gemstone. These scarves are mind blowing in that they are direct reproductions of objects found in nature.

Elestial Quartz 1 QZ0040-S

Satin silk scarf: Elestial Quartz.

We have these scarves in linen and silk. Think of these as more than just scarves: The silk could be draped into a skirt, and the linen would make for a fantastic beach coverup!

Mookaite MK0035-S

Satin silk scarf: Mookaite Jasper.

MK0035-S Mookaite

Close up of the Mookaite Jasper scarf.

“I’m sorry, but when it comes to creativity man comes a poor second to nature, and, in fact, a lot of human creativity is drawn from – some would say copied from, others inspired by – nature.” – Richard Weston

Touché, Mr. Weston, touché.


Team Hitchcock

Outfit Of The Day: Millie’s Monochrome Moment

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Some days, I feel absolutely monochromatic. I’m all black and white – no gray area. This rainy summer day was no exception. My new body con dress (American Apparel x KESH) had finally arrived, and I figured no color was needed when the giant eye print could do all of the talking (seeing?). Thankfully, the brilliant ladies at Dannijo fully supported this sentiment.


Our classic Druzy ring paired perfectly with this Dannijo bracelet. Nora Kogan’s Love ring in rose gold was a singular delicate whisper of color, in the stark landscape of my monochrome look.


Dannijo Max Bib, a statement to rival the all seeing eye.


Jennifer Behr wide black leather headband, MOSCOT Tummel sunglasses, and Pamela Love’s Five Spike Earring.


My ring stacking may be a bit out of control at this point… What can I say? I’m a sucker for a delicate ring! My trusty Hitchcock Madrona sterling and leather cuff balances out Dannijo’s tribal-chic bracelet for a hand party that can’t be beat. After all, who said black and white had to be boring?




Outfit Of The Day: Masculine Summer Style

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Colorfully beaded and woven pieces just scream “SUMMER!” to us. We have all been piling on these necklaces by George Frost, AISH, and Giles & Brother as the temperatures rise. These three jewelry lines all have something in common: they’re intentionally designed to be unisex. Together, they are the perfect mix of ethnic and preppy with pops of color – so summery.

George Frost black eternity knot necklace with red “laughing man” charm and brass bead details. Beaded necklaces also by George Frost. The jade and silver plated brass beaded version spells out “LUCK”  in morse code and the natural and silver plated brass beads spells out “UNITE”. How cool is that?


AISH cornflower blue necklace with brass beads. This navy Giles & Brother hook necklace with ceramic beads has a great nautical vibe. Both can also be wrapped as bracelets. Summer fedora by Kelly Christy.


Long braided leather and woven coin necklace by George Frost.


Orange and blue necklace with brass bead pendant by AISH. Love this bright color combination for summer!


Matte black chain is so masculine and sexy. This George Frost wallet chain necklace is striking with a horse hair tassel and red “laughing man” charm.

Summer is here!


Team Hitchcock

Just in: Patriotic Polly Hitt

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Our favorite pieces by Polly are the masculine bibs primarily made out of old military medals. She has made some stunners in the past! Remember these posts (1 & 2)? I asked her to work on a few more for us and here are the fruits (hahaha) of her labor. She nailed it with this pearl necklace – as you know, give me some faux pearls in an ironic way and I am on it!

Be prepared for every OOTD this summer to feature these Levi’s. I can’t seem to find shorts that I like – I bought these by accident in Boise last summer and they are my favorite. The only conundrum that I face with shorts is… I don’t usually feel comfortable wearing heels with them. Therefore, my legs are stumps! Once you get used to looking at yourself in high heals you can’t settle for what Mother Nature gave you. It’s a problem. I am working through it.  Sort of.


To stay in the red, white, and blue color palette that I gravitate toward so often, I went for the two Nora Kogan rings above. Kogan is so great at mixing whimsical with her fine jewelry execution. She is the real deal and every piece reflects her skill level. Sterling silver eye and red matchstick rings by Nora Kogan. Delicate 18k gold band (on pinky) by Hitchcock Madrona.


I am also wearing the Nora Kogan red and gold matchstick earrings – so hot!


This is actually two necklaces – underneath all these pearls is a bib of small, colorful medals mixed with vintage Victorian broaches. On top is the brilliant pearl, medal, and broach creation. Complete perfection!


Of course, I had to wear this Kelly Christy fedora – I think this must be my favorite hat in the store right now. If somebody doesn’t snap it up it may come home with me.

Happy (belated) Birthday America! I am back from my vacation(s!) and ready for the Fall collections to trickle into the store.



Outfit Of The Day: Dead End

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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the summer heat: it seriously makes me feel like I’m at a dead end. When it’s so hot I can barely breathe (and the thought of clothing makes me want to cry), I turn to my favorite, light as a feather summer dress, throw my hair up in a scarf, and push forward with the day.


Faris DuGraf of FARIS Jewelry is not only one of the coolest girls around, but my summer go to. Her Pina necklace is a low key statement for blistering days, when the last thing I want is to be weighed down by jewels.


A Wouters & Hendrix cigar band and Nora Kogan’s Love ring (in rose gold) pair easily with my Catbird stackers for a delicate statement.


Iko Ino Traffic Chain bracelet, Hitchcock Madrona cuff, Wouters & Hendrix cigar band, and Loren Stewart Baby Band Trinity Ring – mixed metal genius to edge up my lacy delicates.


Layered under my FARIS, is Unearthen’s Quartz Bullet. Quartz properties include clarity and stillness of the mind, both of which serve me well during the heatwave. MOSCOT Lemtosh sunglasses in black are the ultimate in cool, and a personal favorite of mine.


Lace and beads, delicates and pops of color guide me when summer is getting the best of me. How do you beat the summer heat when you find yourself at a dead end?

Stop by the store to see these pieces for yourself, and of course – stay cool, Leading Ladies!



Outfit Of The Day: Vintage Tees And A Tablecloth

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Every lady should have a good vintage tee in her closet. This happens to be my favorite one (ever!). Whether throwing it on with your perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, dressing down dark denim, or adding some edge to a frilly skirt, one thing I know is that they are versatile, elusive, and oh so cozy (easy to wash too!).

In my case, I’m currently in a committed relationship with my Rolling Stones t-shirt. I scored this baby at the huge Goodwill in south Seattle. It was a last minute grab as my two-year-old (at the time) was losing patience in the cart. Little did I know what had actually happened in that moment – a t-shirt that would be in the rotation about once a week for years and years. That’s the stuff of thrifting legend. These sunglasses by MOSCOT are such a unique color and shape. The burgundy is spot on – the perfect shade for maximum wear-ability. They are dramatic – when I wear them everyone comments!


A fantastic Tom Binns rhinestone bib necklace anchors this combo. When working with a vintage t-shirt, luxe up the look with some sparkle. I have also thrown on a pearl and barbed wire necklace by Tom Binns and our 18K gold heart necklace (by Hitchcock Madrona).


My skirt is made from tablecloth material. Yes, you heard that right! As it has been worn (I purchased it used) the plastic part has rubbed off and created a cool distressed texture. I just love it! Safety pin and pearl bracelet (I need to get my quota of pearls in every outfit) by Loren Stewart. On my pinky is the wonderful solid gold and diamond signet ring, also by Loren Stewart. Stewart never ceases to amaze us! She strikes the perfect balance between classic and edgy, feminine and masculine. Her price point is very reasonable (in my opinion) for the jewelry that she creates. Her materials are the best of the best. Delicate diamond and 18k gold band by Hitchcock Madrona and sterling silver “Tomboy” ring by Catbird (lately, these two never come off me).


Brass safety pin cuff by Winifred Grace. We can’t get enough of safety pins around here! Rings are the “Tiny Chain” and “Mignon” both by Catbird. I wish I had a whole wardrobe of vintage t-shirts. Give me: Mickey Mouse (a la early Marc Jacobs), 80’s bands (new wave not heavy metal), a little “I [heart] NY”, and maybe some faded collegiate athletic t-shirts. BUT you can’t always get what you want… right, Mick?



Outfit Of The Day: Purple Patterned Pants And Purple Patterned Scarf

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Say that three times fast! As many of you know, mixing patterns is the trend du jour. This trend (I wish I had a better word…) can be quite difficult to navigate. Which patterns work together? Which articles of clothing should be featured? How and why should I leave the house looking like a walking optical illusion??? I will admit, pattern mixing is intimidating to me. Even for a fashion psychopath like me (meaning I have no conscience about my clothing choices). Enter our scarves: the perfect patterns to mix and match. We have houndstooth, paisley, floral, plaid, and (the ever popular) stripes.


Necklaces: (top to bottom) Diamond dot on oxidized sterling chain by Hitchcock Madrona, gold plated deco fan necklace by Wouters & Hendrix, rhinestone and chain necklace by Dannijo.


I can’t seem to leave the house without one piece of denim clothing… I paired my Gap quilted chambray coat to “casual it up”. Rhinestones call for denim in my book!


Only one wrist accessory (amazing!). The ever popular silver chain cuff by Dannijo. Quite possibly the most perfect cuff!




Studio Visit: Opening Ceremony & Venessa Arizaga

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In anticipation of our new Fall order of Venessa Arizaga (to be delivered in a few months!) here are a few snaps of the beautiful Opening Ceremony showroom in Soho. This is another post from our trip in February. Opening Ceremony is a wonderfully curated showroom – we have discovered many new lines within their white walls. We are always delighted with Arizaga’s whimsy and alternative materials. With each new collection she consistently evolves and toes the line between young and sophisticated. Here is a fun sneak peek of the Fall 2014 collection…


“I LOVE YOU” Pearl, handmade ceramic beads, and thread. I call “DIBS” on one of these! Love something kooky with prim pearls.


Some of our picks and a coordinating highlighter (to prove we actually work)!


I threw on a few of my favs with the jewels I was wearing that day. I will be buying the “denim and rhinestone” piece (in the middle of my layers). It is so perfect! Venessa’s work is statement jewelry but it can still be layered. So fun to wear! I’m also wearing my beloved Xenia Mara chains and some vintage African beads.


Dustin making our picks!


The gorgeous showroom presentation.

As you can see, we have some amazing stunners on the way from Venessa Arizaga – one of our favorites! This is her Fall collection, which will be here before we know it. But, who can think about that right now! Bring it on summer!


Team Hitchcock