Outfit of the Day : Sunshine, Candy and Overalls

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Bringing out the color today!  It is a bit (just a bit) sunnier today and I thought this lemon yellow top looked refreshing.  An encouragement to Seattle spring – we need you.  Come quick!

We took over the Madrona market.  It is the neighborhood’s go to for a quick sweet snack, Red Bull or (in our case) gallons and gallons of Talking Rain and an occasional banana.  Jewelry and candy – what a sweet combination!


Matrix turquoise and sterling silver ring by Hitchcock Madrona.  Necklaces: (top to bottom) Vintage turquoise double strand, “Nomad” necklace by Lulu Frost, vintage Native American beaded necklace.  I am also sporting a glam pair of Dannijo rhinestone earrings to dress up the construction worker vibe of these vintage overalls.  Utilitarian bling – perfect for a trip to the corner mart.


Sterling silver arrowhead cuff by Pamela Love with my favorite bronze shark tooth cuff by Hitchcock Madrona.  Just ordered more in silver, gold and bronze.  Stay tuned for the restock and full blog post.

What is your favorite type of convenience store candy???  I like a little sweet (Mamba or Starburst), a little sour (Sour Patch) and a little chocolate (M&Ms). Sooooo, what to share???





Bridal Week: Outfit of The Day: Millie

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Accessorizing a simple, vintage slip gown gives you almost limitless possibilities…

Long layers of golden Xenia Mara and the dreamy blues of Dannijo create a dynamic look that really brings the dress to life. Mirroring the blues of the necklace, the earrings draw the eye upward and the pearl-encrusted headband frames the whole look.


The Dannijo Josephine necklace sparkles with Swarovski crystals and glossy beads. The crisp, deep blues really pop on a white dress. The bright gold of the vintage Xenia Mara chains sets off the whole ensemble – the extra long length of the chains is beautiful on a column-shaped gown.


The Dannijo Tenley studs are bright, iridescent blue Swarovski crystals. An elegant choice with the pearl Deepa Gurnani headband. I love the combination of gold with white and hints of blue, it feel classic but still current.


Do not dismiss layering on your wedding day! Delicate layers of Hitchcock Madrona Hammered Bangles (gold and silver) and a dainty Loren Stewart Diamond Bezel Bangle make sweet details that are subtle but stunning.


A cocktail ring is always a beautiful and timeless statement. We styled a fearless bride once who wore the Hitchcock Madrona white Druzy ring to her ceremony – love it! With its modern setting and ethereal crystals it is so elegant on a bride.


A sprinkling of delicate rings (think Loren Stewart and Hitchcock Madrona gold stackers) can beautifully set off your wedding rings.

By now you hopefully have a good grasp on the bridal accessories and styling we offer. If you have any questions please email info@hitchcockmadrona.com or stop by the store! 



Bridal Week: Headpiece & Earring Inspiration

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One of our favorite bridal looks is the “no necklace” bride. This look alleviates any neckline/necklace competition and showcases YOU! A striking way to do that is with an earring/headpiece combination. It feels modern and nostalgic at the same time, we love it. Whether you are a minimalist bride or an eccentric bride, there is an earring/headpiece combination for you.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our brides an assortment of beautifully crafted headpieces. A veil, headband, crystal-encrusted head wrap, or a combination can transform your look. Think of a headpiece as a modern tiara…


Jennifer Behr is the premier hair accessories designer and renowned in the bridal world. Handmade in Brooklyn, her creations are true heirloom quality. The pieces range from minimal headbands to ornate Swarovski crystals diadems and classic veils.


Made of supple French leather, this Jennifer Behr headband is perfect for the edgy, yet minimalist bride. It is simple and chic without sacrificing the “cool factor”.


Feminine Lulu Frost earrings pair lovely with a daintier, pearlized headband from Deepa Gurnani and pale veil.


These Lulu Frost beauties were MADE for a bride! Brilliant designer Lisa Salzer repurposes stunning vintage dress clips into the perfect wedding earrings. These can be your “something old” too!


A cropped veil can be demure AND flirty.


The Dannijo Jovana earrings are a beautiful pop of color, made of striking Swarovski crystals.


This Deepa Gurnani head wrap has a beautiful shape and bohemian vibe. The juxtaposition of the classic veil and the edgy Pamela Love Five Spike earrings (in rose gold) is lovely.


If this Kelly Christy concoction doesn’t say “Mother of the Bride” we don’t know what does! Leave it to Kelly Christy, the expert milliner, to make a sophisticated (yet cheeky!) fascinator.


 Three inches of sparkling glass stones, these Lulu Frost earrings are aptly named the Rococo Statement. Inspired by the scrolling leaves of the Rococo artistic movement, they are SO enchanting!


 Add a bit of mystery with a veil and a touch of glamor with a twisted crystal head wrap (both Jennifer Behr). The earrings are Lulu Frost’s Revolution Stud, a statement of iridescent resin and glass stones.


Blue is beautiful for a wedding. This Deep Gurnani headband has tranquil blue crystals that exemplify the purity, love, and fidelity represented by your “something blue”.  Tied in with Dannijo’s darling Luna earrings this look offers sophisticated sparkle for any bride.

More bridal inspiration to come!


Team Hitchcock

Bridal Week: Outfit of The Day: Erica

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This is not my actual wedding dress.  My dress is hermetically sealed in my basement never to see the light of day again.  What a shame!  Do you remember this dress from our Halloween blog extravaganza?  This dress is so fun to wear!  I especially love pairing it with my red shoes.  I once saw a bride change her shoes for the party.  She wore traditional ivory for the ceremony and red pumps for the reception.  I was already married at the time so I couldn’t steal this idea…until now!  Here at Hitchcock Madrona we represent the “nontraditional” bride but are not limited to her.  A bride that wants to create a fashion forward look with a slight edge is perfect for our inventory.  BUT, if you are more traditional, take away moments and inspiration from our bridal posts.  We know not many people will actually wear all of this on their wedding day, but it is quite fun to pretend!


The first layer I am wearing is the Lulu Frost Bord La Mer necklace.  It is inspired by the beach; a stunning tangle of brass chains, freshwater pearls, and glass stones.  On top is the celestial jumbo pearl creation by Subversive Jewelry.


The Ashlyn’d Pearlette clutch is beyond chic.  And it is the perfect size for the necessities (lipstick, blotting papers, mints, etc.) you will need at the rehearsal dinner or reception.  Wearing: Xenia Mara hand bracelet, Hitchcock Madrona cocktail ring, and a sprinkling of personal and Catbird rings.


The Wouters & Hendrix Safety Pin Pearl earrings may be the coolest “alternative pearl” look possible.  The scale is just right and they feel fresh and modern.


You probably noticed how many pearls I incorporated into this look… Pearls are the traditional wedding jewelry.  They have such a wonderfully rich history.  The ancient Greeks correlated them with love and marriage and believed they brought martial bliss.  It has been long common for royalty to wear pearls (including American Royalty: Jackie Kennedy) in matrimony.

I hope you brides are feeling as inspired as we are!



Bridal Week: Make A Personal Apointment

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The most important part of any bride’s wardrobe is of course “The Dress”.  Whether you are a ball gown princess (that was me!), or barefoot bohemian, we want your wedding jewelry to reflect your personal style and make you feel confident and beautiful. We are in full tilt wedding season in Seattle with June being a very popular month (no rain – cross your fingers!). Here at Hitchcock Madrona we encourage you to bring your wedding dress in so we can strategize your look and get you all the accessories you need. To book your personal appointment email info@hitchcockmadrona.com. This is the best way to craft your look – from head to toe.

Today we are focusing on necklaces for inspiration, to get the gears turning.


Pearls are beautifully timeless for a wedding (and a personal favorite).  If you do not want to wear a traditional strand of pearls we have some wonderful options from Lulu Frost and Xenia Mara.  This year especially, we are seeing TONS of pearls incorporated into our artists work – love it!


Necklace in relation to neckline and dress is of utmost importance. Your wedding necklace (and all jewelry) should compliment your dress, enhance it, but not overwhelm or take away from its beauty. Jewelry is also a great way to edge up a look when you want to be formal but still young and fun.


Xenia Mara’s rock crystal necklaces are true classics, making them perfect for the big day. If the XL scale of the rock crystal piece above is intimidating Xenia also makes beautiful, daintier versions.


 Necklaces with a mix of rhinestones and edgier materials are a good option for brides that want some sparkle but do not want to be too “blinged-out” on their big day.


Try not to limit yourself to any preconceived “rules” when approaching your wedding jewelry. Pick what speaks to you, what makes you feel spectacular.  There is a time and a place for testing style limits, but your wedding is NOT it.  That being said, if your personal style is bold, be bold! More ladylike sensibilities? Stick with more sophisticated pieces. Make sure you have a clear idea of what suits you before starting your jewelry hunt. We can help draw out your personal style if you are having trouble thinking about it in a concise way. Your wedding look should be tight and defined.


For the vintage bride, look no further than Lulu Frost. Often incorporating real vintage elements into her designs (remember the vintage shoe buckle bracelets and the dress clip earrings?), you could count a Lulu piece as your something old!

More Bridal Week posts coming soon.


Team Hitchcock

Studio Visit: Dannijo

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February was our first ever Dannijo studio visit! It was a pleasure to finally meet Jodie and Danielle Snyder, the sister duo behind Dannijo.  They were so lovely and the whole Dannijo team welcomed us with open arms (literally!).  This is such an exciting brand to follow.  They have been so successful with the help of social media and editorial features in many (if not all) major magazines.  The women that work here are young, fashionable, smart and ambitious.  As you can see, the environment is so alive!

The decor is amazing!  From the tapestries to the art, the immaculate displays of the current collection, fresh flowers, and antique furniture,  everything about the space was wonderful.


Every collection designed by Dannijo gets a mannequin (see featured image) dedicated in it’s honor. It was so striking to walk in and see all the beautifully adorned mannequins of seasons past.  As you can see they are laden with serious jewels, it was amazing to see all the different themes.


The 2014 collections are young and fresh, very New York City.  Dannijo is big, bold, and sparkly in a wearable, modern yet tribal way.  Above is a sneak peek of what we are getting in a few months……stake your claim now!


Dustin and I spent about an hour choosing Spring (in store now), Pre-Fall and Fall.  It was so fun getting to see the collection in person.


Bottom line – If you haven’t seen the Dannijo pieces we have right now, you NEED to stop by the store (and we will be getting more in!).  We just put out three amazing bibs (a Dannijo classic!) for summer.  We also started carrying the Dannijo phone cases, they feature kaleidoscope like patterns of Dannijo designs. Super chic and durable, Millie and I have been loving ours!

Happy sunshine!




Outfit Of The Day: New Pants And A Kelly Christy Hat

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On my last visit to Seattle I had to stop by the new Zara downtown. I couldn’t resist snapping up these billowing, silky, slit-up-to-there, pants in my favorite color. During our trip to Volunteer Park, Millie and I snuck up to the water tower and tried to capture the lovely movement of the pants in the slightly windy Spring air.

To balance the pants I chose necklaces with some length. I’m so drawn to longer pieces (bib obsession aside), I think they complete an outfit in a very chic way.


An exaggerated Xenia Mara chain necklace in dark, bronzy tones paired perfectly with the UNEARTHEN Cast Bullet necklace. The Cast Bullet is so special, a piece of titanium quartz is added to liquid metal in the casting process. The result is a completely unique pendant, the crystal peeks through a bit with wear – truly beautiful.


I’m obsessed with “hoops” in alternative shapes, like these 18k gold plated heptagonal beauties. My second ear piercing has my beloved rose gold Small Rod (with a tiny diamond!) by Loren Stewart. One of those perfect, simple yet still interesting, never-take-them-out, earrings. 


You can barely tell in these photos, but each pant leg has a serious slit up the front, allowing a bit up of leg to peek through (good ventilation in this 90+ degree LA weather!).


I felt compelled to add some volume on top, so naturally I reached for my favorite Kelly Christy creation. It is a custom design, perfectly parts Amish and French boater hat. I can’t stop wearing it! Although I am religious about applying SPF, I’m happy to have extra sun protection in an accessory I want to wear. Kelly’s designs are so beautiful, she is such an artist. Each one of her hats is so thoughtfully well made. It is a true treasure to have her at Hitchcock Madrona.

Do you have your Spring/Summer hat yet? We have beautiful options in the store and know that custom is always available as well. A handmade hat fit to you to perfection, now THAT is luxury.



Studio Visit: Justin Guinta and Subversive Jewelry

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As you can see, Justin’s work space is fantastical.  Layered with jewelry (finished and supplies), art, sculpture and all things miscellaneous and beautiful.  Justin makes all of his pieces himself in his New York studio.

This space has a wonderful history.  George Gershwin lived here and composed the musical “Porgy and Bess” and the music for “The Wizard of Oz.”  The creative juices flow in this space – this is where Justin founded his jewelry line and became an instant star in the fashion world.


His whole fireplace is a shrine to jewels – so wonderful.  Look at my photog skills in the background.  HAHAHAHA!


Here are the piles we got to pick from.  So much fun!  Of course, I had to try everything on – it is my duty.


Behind me is one of Justin’s paintings.  They are so beautiful and complex.  The perfect balance between feminine/masculine and pretty/rough.  The two necklaces that I am wearing are my favorites of the whole collection and they are still available!  I love, love, love the space age pearls!


More art and jewelry designed by Justin in his space.


Look at these colors!


It was so wonderful to meet Justin!  We have worked together for over seven years (all via email and phone!).  His work is always amazing and engages so many of our clients.  His artist eye shines in the composition of each necklace.  Do you have a Subversive Jewelry piece in your collection??  If not, come visit!



Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Druzy Ring

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What is on the top of our list to give Mom this Mother’s Day? Our druzy ring, of course! The Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring captures the essence of the boutique’s aesthetic and spirit. It is a timeless piece that has a serious cult following. Druzy is the term used to describe the tiny crystals that form over millions of years within the crevices of a geode. Each Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring is unique and comes in a variety of colors, as well as two different stone sizes. We have sterling silver and gold settings. druzy5IMG_3153druzy3druzy8IMG_3149druzydruzy6A wonderful gift idea for Mom, she’s sure to love it.
We will be open tomorrow for all you last minute shoppers!

Come visit!


Team Hitchcock