Just In: Wouters & Hendrix Spring 2014 Collection

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Absolutely loving this new collection by Dutch duo Wouters & Hendrix!  They had me at “pearl and safety pin”.  Be still my heart.  Inspired by 1920’s Harlem, you can see the Deco urban vibe filtered through the ever creative lens of W&H.  Their theme of Zou Zou, ‘the soul of jazz’, is evident in each glamorously sultry piece.  W&H describes their muse: “Zou Zou was larger than a life, though anything but a saint”.  Sounds like our kind of girl!

Chunky and whimsical, the pearl and safety pin earrings were a no-brainier purchase for me.  They are light weight studs that are a statement without conflicting with the 57 necklaces I wear on a daily basis.  I am, despite trying for years, a finicky earring wearer.  My lobes are a victim of the 1980’s – we will leave it at that.


Gold plated pearl and safety pin bracelet. Gold plated gray resin necklace. Gold plated lace imprinted ring.


Gold plated pearl and safety pin necklace layered with gold plated gray resin necklace.  Major!  Notice the ring on the earring stand – one of my favorite pieces in the line.  Layer it with diamonds or plain bands.  It is an over-sized pearl on a simple band.  The scale is wonderful.

Pop by and try on your favorite piece in the collection.


Team Hitchcock


Inspiration: Break Some Rules with Two Chunky Pieces

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I love the idea of taking “rules” on dressing and finding ways around them.  If it can be done, of course, I am not going to wear something if it doesn’t work (or is ugly).  I know, everything is subjective.  My fabulous is a lot of peoples “bizarre” or “interesting”.  Trust me, I am aware.  I still have some semblance of reality (Although, it is rapidly disappearing.  Come on, I work in a jewelry store!  It’s all unicorns and puppies around here.).  I do still see the looks I get walking to work in sleepy Madrona.  They are extra long glances.  But, I digress….. try a bold combination this weekend.  Two chunky necklaces or perhaps two cocktail rings.  Two different earrings anyone?  I know I am!

I wanted to play with the idea of layering chunky necklaces.  Usually, I like to work with three elements in a layering combo but these colors drew me in today.  I love rich jewel tones, cobalt blue being my favorite color in the world.  This Venessa Arizaga cobalt blue crocheted necklace is so different.  I am so into Malacite as a stone this season – we have this chunky beauty and many earrings featuring this stone.  It is like a necklace sweater hybrid – genius!


Vintage lucite bangle and my beloved O Venture key chain.  These are made in the United States by two women in Texas.  I love mine!  It is made of leather and stainless steel.  A perfect gift.

My rings are also a usually unorthodox yet fantastical combination.  Here is another “two statement” combination.  Do you sense a trend?




Travel: The India Diaries – Rug Making & Fabric Dying

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Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled Spring posts and go back to India.  Please, don’t ask what I am wearing in these photos.  Even I, the wearer, have no idea.  I bought the skirt in a pinch for a nice dinner with one of our vendors during the trip.  Before visiting this rug and fabric factory, we went to the Tibetan market and I scored this faux/real fur vest.  This would be a weird outfit for me in Seattle but totally normal for India!


Last time we were there was January 2013.  That is why we are a little bundled up (and the Indian people are a lot bundled up).  Temperatures were in the mid 60’s which is freezing to them!  Night time is quite chilly, even to our standards.


Every time we are in Jaipur we hire Anwar as our tuk-tuk driver.  Somehow we always find him.  Or, he finds us!  The first day we came out of the market and he was at our usual meeting place – I screamed “Anwar!” he looked up and saw us.  He couldn’t believe his eyes!  So, again he drove us around all day and all night.  Above, he is showing us traditional rug weaving – his old profession.  That is a knife in his right hand.  He pulls the yarn through the loom and chops it off.  Right at the same length every time.  His hands were moving so fast!  I can only imagine the number of cuts one would get doing this all day, every day.


Skeins of natural dyed, hand loomed, wool yarn.


Along with rugs this factory also dyes all types of fabric.  Plain fabric bolts and clothing.  Above is a woman dying a polka dot pattern on white dresses.  There is a stack of white dresses in every pile on the dirt floor (I know!), she puts her hand in the dye bucket and scoops a dollop on the dresses.  The dye soaks through the layers, dying them all at the same time.  Look at her right hand – it is blue up to the wrist.  Indian’s do fabric dying, rug making, stone sorting and cutting all on the floor.  Usually a dirt floor.


Dip dyed dresses.  All made with 100% natural dyes.


I am mimicking the dollop motion that she makes to dye the polka dots (I think).




Event: Spring Launch Party

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Yes, Spring is more aspiration than reality right now, but the grey clouds have to part eventually, right?
Maybe you’re headed on a sunny vacation and want something special for your trip?

Or, you’re just ready for something new to brighten your day?

Either way, join us as we introduce our favorite new Spring lines and toast optimistically to the new season.

Champagne and hor d’oeuvres served.

All Day Saturday,

March 22nd

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


See you there!



Team Hitchcock Madrona

Just In: Spring Serpents and More by Mariella Pilato

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Another new collection we will unveil at tomorrow’s event is that of Mariella Pilato.  Mariella is Italian but designs and manufactures her jewelry collection in Bali.  As you can see, her work is absolutely BREATHTAKING! The collection features solid sterling silver pieces with gorgeous garnet accents such as her gorgeous coiled snakes (see below).  Although they are quite a statement everything in this new spring collection is totally wearable.  I am quite smitten with this snake bracelet.  Powerful!

Sterling silver serpents – arm band and breast plate.  Mariella’s designs are organic and architectural (remember the crystal “bridge” bracelet from a year ago?!).  Her construction is flawless AND manufactured by traditional silversmiths. So worth the investment!


One-of-a-kind jade ring.  Angular quartz crystal pyramid ring.


The collections impressive earrings are delicate yet strong.  A wonder in construction!

Come try on these stunning peices at the SPRING EVENT tomorrow.  They will not disappoint.


Team Hitchcock

Just In: Kelly Christy Spring Hats

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Spring finally seems to have sprung-at least it’s trying to! The sun has been gracing us with its presence. Even the temperature seems to be staying at about 50 degrees. For us Seattleites this weather calls for t-shirts, the perfect cropped pant, and a shade shielding hat. Cue Hitchcock Madrona’s obsession with local milliner: Kelly Christy! Spring hats are here!

A selection of Kelly Christy Spring 2014 hats. Made of seagrass with grosgrain ribbon details.


I was happy to preview the hat collection when Kelly stopped by Hitchcock. The red pop of ribbon on this straw fedora immediately caught my eye. The hat was comfortable and incredibly fun to style with my girly and comfortably casual outfit.


This Dannijo necklace and our bronze shark tooth cuff pair perfectly with the fedora. They add an instant bold statement to any casual look. Come check out these excellent pieces, and more new Spring accessories at our Spring Launch Party! It is this Saturday, March 22nd from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!



Just In: Iosselliani Spring 2014

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The Spring 2014 collection from Iosselliani is HOT. I hear the sun has yet to make a lasting appearance in Seattle and while I am no longer deprived of vitamin D (it’s 75 degrees here in LA), you might be. So take your supplements and know that a dose of Iosselliani couldn’t hurt!

The sexy metallic fringe we have come to associate with this beloved Italian brand feels fresh in bright silver and muted gold tones.


Tropical Baroque earrings – strong lines and pops of color for Spring 2014.


Crystals, pearls, colorful studs, and marquise cut gems are the backbones of this collection. Masterfully blended together, these elements create statement pieces that feel nostalgic, current, and futuristic all at once. There is a beautiful dichotomy between the glamorous feminine and the strong masculine in each Iosselliani piece. That contrast makes them wearable for a wide array of occasions. Or for no occasion at all… Don’t mind if I rock my tropical baroque earrings to Trader Joe’s!

This Saturday, March 22nd we are having our Spring Launch Party at Hitchcock Madrona. We will be celebrating Spring all day (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) with champagne and hor d’oeuvres. Stop by and see all the new collections!



Just In: Surplus Angel Bugs

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It’s edgy. It’s unique.  It’s a new design from Surplus!
Leave it to Harriet to bring us something fresh, unexpected, and completely cool.  These strikingly sculptural steel necklaces are completely up for your own interpretation.  I thought they were industrial angels, Erica told me they were bugs, now I’m onto the possibility of birds,  planes, or Superman . . .


Surplus steel necklaces, chain and French elastic versions.


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” This quote by Edgar Degas is perfect for Surplus.

Harriet is a true artist, what does she make you see?







OOTD: Concrete Casual featuring Surplus Steel and Pearls

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Time for “transitional” dressing!  No coat, straw hat – spring is right around the corner!  The jewels in today’s look are heavy (looking) steel pieces by Surplus.  Designer, Harriet MacNamara stumbled on these amazing gears, filed them down (as to not impale yourself) and wrapped them in leather.  Combined with my costume pearls, silk shirt and Kelly Christy fedora this is the perfect outfit to welcome spring while saying goodbye to winters cold-combating layers.

We just got in spring hats!  They are tailored and sophisticated – a great investment.  The collection has mostly traditional shapes with pops of colorful grosgrain ribbon here and there.  Full post on the spring hat collection by Kelly Christy for Hitchcock Madrona coming next week.  I can guarantee you will love the different materials we are debuting.


My diamond dot is hiding – can you see it???

Necklaces (short to long): Grey costume pearls and spikes (personal), Steel gears and leather necklace by Surplus, piles of costume pearls (personal), abstract steel pendant by Surplus.  Closer look below!


Bracelets: Shark tooth cuff in bronze by Hitchcock Madrona and planetary bracelet by Subversive Jewelry (the only bracelet in the Subversive Jewelry collection!)

Rings: Iolite and Sterling Silver Cocktail ring by Hitchcock Madrona (left) and “Sputnik” steel ring by Surplus.  I love this Surplus ring – it is the embodiment of Harriet’s personal style!  Maybe not for everyone, certainly not the faint of heart!  You will truly command respect in this piece.  What more can we ask for in a piece of jewelry?  Pretty???  No thank you – we prefer bossy.


We hope the sun is shining where you are!  I can feel it on me now – oh finally!



Custom Project: Renae & Amir Wedding Rings

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One of the best things about my job is creating one-of-a-kind wedding and engagement rings.  My couples are always so happy and in love!  I get to develop a relationship with them during an exciting time in their lives.  I usually work closely with the future husband which is fun.  They really look to me for guidance and direction.  Plus, I can live vicariously through all the women I create rings for.  I want to wear each and every one of these rings!
Hitchcock Madrona attracts a unique client.  They are in search of something different in a vast sea of white gold solitaires.  It is my pleasure to help them realize their jewelry dreams.  I love designing with different center stones; black diamonds, raw diamonds, sapphires, colored diamonds.  Every ring we make is one-of-a-kind and made by hand – 100% custom and original.  A direct reflection of my client’s style.  While I am designing, I channel the desired “vibe” while always keeping in mind practical parameters.  I pay careful attention to the couples lifestyle and budget.
It was such a wonderful day when I met Renae and Amir.  They wandered in one summer day when my door was open and we immediately hit it off.  They are both young, ambitious, intelligent and darn attractive!  I had a girl crush on Renae from the minute she walked in the door.  Then there is Amir….he is HILARIOUS.  A breath of fresh air in a less-than-personable city.  I got to know him quite a bit during this process.  He is a successful tech guy with great style and taste (I know, you can be smart and stylish!).  I especially loved this couples desire for a raw diamond.  Not only is raw beautiful but, it is cool conceptually.  This ring set is not your typical “bling bling” – although her ring is quite sparkly!  Renae’s ring had so many tiny side stones (over 50!) that we decided to cast it using the “lost wax” process.  This process is more efficient than setting each and every stone by hand.  Her center stone is a large rose cut (sometimes called “mine cut”), raw, grey diamond.  Rose cut diamonds are flat on the bottom with domed facets on the top.  I love rose cut (you will see it in a lot of my fine jewelry designs) because you can set the stone low which makes it easier to wear.  We contrasted the cool, grey tone of the raw center stone with sparkly cognac diamonds.  Then we set it all off with high quality white ones.
Amir’s ring is a play off Renae’s.  He wanted mostly white gold but mixed with warmer elements – enter 18k yellow gold and a cognac diamond.  It is masculine, industrial and organic.  Perfect.
It was wonderful helping these two with the rings that they will wear forever.  If you are looking for a special ring, whether you are already married or getting married, please come in and chat.  I can work within all budgets and styles to get you a ring you will love forever.  Or, at least until the upgrade is made.