Just In: Lulu Frost Neon Baroque

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Once again, we have been blown away by the sheer beauty and brilliance of a new Lulu Frost collection. Drawing inspiration from classical Rococo and Baroque design, Lulu Frost has revamped two iconic eras in a bold, beautiful way. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Neon Baroque:

Hand painted crystals and dashes of neon resin make for a serious cool factor.


Add in the playful bling of the equine inspired pieces, and you have an exciting combination of must-have statement pieces for Spring!


Lulu Frost designer Lisa counts filmaker Sophia Coppola’s lavish, punky Marie Antoinette as inspiration for Neon Baroque.


Stop by the store to see these amazing new pieces!


Team Hitchcock Madrona

OOTD: Millie and the Ladder

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Ever since my interview with Kate, when we penned my signature look as “rebellious schoolboy”, I have been feeling the need to take it to the extreme. What better way to do that than by decking myself out in spikes, leather, and chains with my recent obsession: the American Apparel Skater Dress. It is the perfect backdrop. I should add a disclaimer: Do not try climbing your ladder in heels at home!

I’m a big fan of mixing beautiful vintage pieces with edgy, shiny objects. I believe in paying homage to the classics through reinvention. It could be a stand alone presentation – like my 18k vintage bracelet, or creating something new by blending old pieces to build an entirely different piece.


I loved the idea of layering my grandmother’s bracelet (such a classic) with signature Hitchcock pieces. The leather cuff mixed with the extremity of the shark tooth bracelet – genius.


The Xenia Mara “Goddess” chain necklace was one of the pieces I gravitated to my first week in the store. It is the perfect combination of texture, length, and gold to make you feel empowered. I layered the Hitchcock heart necklace in for a subtle touch of sugar. Definitely a specific look, born of two extremes. But what fun is it if we can’t go to extremes every once and a while, right?





OOTD: Heavy Metal at The Bus Stop

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Heavy Metal needs to be a jewelry genre. Categorized by serious layers mixed to perfection,  this look is not for the faint of heart… and we couldn’t love  it more!

Get creative, be fearless, and layer up!  It IS possible to layer statement necklaces.  Anything pearl, vintage, crystal or chains – it all works together.  I know it’s a lot of jewels but I love the look!


Balance it all out with XL hoops and worn in denim.


New designs from Polly Hitt.


Layers of Xenia Mara, Polly Hit, and Surplus.

Sometimes, more is more…..what can I say?





Just In: Xenia Mara

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Lots of new Xenia Mara!  Come visit – we have goddess chains and rock crystal.  These are two classic Xenia silhouettes.  You need both in your jewelry wardrobe.  I can’t live without both of my Xenia pieces.  They will create unique depth and dimension in your collection.

New Xenia Mara necklaces.





New Shop Girl: Meet Millie

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I am so excited to introduce you to the newest member of team Hitchcock. Millie is sweet, funny, and super stylish – the perfect addition! I did a quick interview with our new shop girl, meet Millie:
Kate: Where are you from?

Millie: Seattle, Washington. I grew up in Seward Park, but I was born here in Madrona. I lived on 35th!

K: Describe your personal style? What influences it?

M: It’s kind of preppy. I like things that are sweet but with some edge. Living in the UK influenced my love of mixing masculine and feminine. I dress like a rebellious school boy.

millie2Millie in Xenia Mara chains and Moscot frames.

K: What are your three favorite foods?

M: Bacon, bacon, and bacon. I love bacon, I love sushi, and pizza. Pizza is the perfect food although I AM gluten intolerant so eating is more of  a chore than an indulgence.

K: What is your favorite book?

M: It’ a tie between One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez and All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. I have read both books 15 times, at least, I just love them. I have certain parts that I open up and read when I’m having a bad day.


K: What is the first piece of jewelry you remember wearing?

M: The thing I really rocked, like rocked, would be my $20 hoops from Claire’s. I was all about that. Go to the mall on Saturday with my friends, go get my hoops, and go to the food court for fries and a coke with my leftover money.

K: Why are you excited to be part of team Hitchcock?

M: I’m excited to get to know everyone. I know some Hitchcock clients because I was one! I am looking forward to getting to know the merchandise and add my personality to the store!


Kate & Millie



Just In: Silk Scarves by Weston Earth Images

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The inherent beauty of nature inspires many an artist. Add that to advancements in digital technology and you’ve got the incredible work of Professor Richard Weston.  The Creative Director of Weston Earth Images, Professor Weston has recently gained recognition in the fashion world for his inimitable silk scarves. We love accessories that are works of art, and these are no exception.


Weston has a mineral image collection comprised of over 10,000 photographs! Only a handful of these striking images are created into wearable forms. We’re not complaining though – the ones we have in the store are GORGEOUS.


 Minerals, stones, and fossils are all captured in equally stunning light. The vibrant colors and strong patterns are ethereal in looking unnaturally perfect. It’s amazing to see such otherworldliness in seemingly simple, earthly substances.

The irony may be overwhelming, but photographs of these scarves just do not do them justice. To truly appreciate these scrumptious silk creations come visit!


Team Hitchcock Madrona

OOTD: Reporting from Los Angeles

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One of the “big changes for 2014” that Erica mentioned at the start of the new year is that I, Kate Donahue, will now be reporting from Los Angeles, California! What does this mean? It means you can expect a weekly dose of sun-drenched Hitchcock news in your blog, Instagram, and Facebook feeds. You can take the girl out of Hitchcock Madrona but you can’t take the Hitchcock Madrona out of the girl, right?

That being said, I will be holding down the shop while Erica and Dustin travel to NYC for serious jewelry business. I’ll be in the store starting Sunday February 16th and I want to see all your beautiful faces.


I am wearing “The Slant” by Kelly Christy in the perfect poppy red with my current favorite Dannijo bib necklace and a sprinkling of personal jewelry.

I will do my best to bring some sunshine with me. No promises!


Valentine’s Day: Hitchcock Madrona Fine Jewelry

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Looking for something unique to give (or get!) this Valentine’s Day? You want it to be special but not cheesy, right? Hitchcock Madrona fine jewelry is your answer. Edgy details like oxidized sterling silver and black diamonds make these luxury pieces completely cool and a little bit evil – just how we like it.

Solid 18k gold bar earrings by Hitchcock Madrona.


Diamond bar, diamond dot, and 18k gold heart necklaces all by Hitchcock Madrona.

There’s still time left. Come visit today to make sure you’re prepared for tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Team Hitchcock Madrona

Valentine’s Day: Great Gifts Under $100

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Valentine’s Day is almost here – eek! Don’t worry, Hitchcock Madrona has got you covered. We have a beautiful selection of jewelry for every budget.
Whether you’re a gold gal, silver gal, earring enthusiast, or a necklace aficionado, we’ve got great options for you or your better half to choose from. 

These necklaces are effortless. Layer them up with your current pieces for drama or style them alone for streamlined simplicity.


If you’re craving something OTHER than jewelry, the “backdrop” of these photos is another great gift idea: silk covered journals by Weston Earth Images. Extreme close-up photographs of minerals (labradorite, fluorite, agate, etc.) create unexpected patterns. These stunningly colorful images are printed onto silk for luxurious scarves, and the journals above.

You’ve got two more days… come visit soon!


Team Hitchcock Madrona


Valentine’s Day Window

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A gift from Hitchcock Madrona.  Trust us.


Our Valentine’s Day windows are up!  I had to step in and check out Madrona from this perch. . .


I was wearing my red coat after all!


Dustin wrapped a few gifts as a subtle hint to the men of the neighborhood.


This Iosselliani necklace is a stunner!  I have it layered with a Dannijo collar and medium cast bullet from UNEARTHEN.



Team Hitchcock Madrona