Outfit of the Day: Little Man Edition Featuring Ace William

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Bring your son to work day at Hitchcock Madrona!  Ace came to help out when we were working on our days off during the holiday rush.  Frankly, I had no choice.  But, we had fun!  We made it from 10:00 am until about 2:30 until I had to call in the reinforcements (husband).  Ace might be the future of this business so I am starting him early!   While he was here I assigned him the job of store “greeter” (and then model).  When anyone walked in he said “hello” and “welcome”.  Nobody heard him (I don’t think they were expecting it) but he tried!
He was most excited when Kate took him to the pizza place for a slice and a play.  Another highlight (for him) as when they went for a run around the block.  Kate was running in Manolo sling backs!  He did ask her to marry him, which she politely declined.  “I think I am a little to old for you.”  He didn’t care – love knows no age!

IMG_9594Ace is wearing a Venessa Arizaga cotton and rhinestone collar to coordinate with his tie.  We also had to layer him in the Lulu Frost Plaza number 3.  Kate is attempting to put on the Wooters & Hendrix sterling silver ear cuff which he did wear for a minute.  It was a little hard shooting a moving target (3 year old boy) but we got a few cute snaps.




Travel: The India Diaries – East West Tailors and Hitchcock Madrona Wool Vests

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We are happy to introduce a clothing item we designed in India last January.  It is our version of a traditional English bush vest made for women.  I like to wear mine as an outerwear item – over a sweatshirt or chunky knit.  I also love it belted with a wide vintage leather belt high on my waist.
Dustin and I spent a lot of time with Raja, the third generation tailor and owner of world renowned East West Tailors located in Jaipur, India.  It was fun comparing worlds – Raja and his team throw away all of the old garments that they remake.  We on the other hand covet anything old and worn in.  “Why would you want something that is old?”  I guess, as Americans we have come full circle.


It all started while Dustin and I were eating at Anoki, a hip traveler-friendly (you can eat the salad!) restaurant in Jaipur.  We spotted a dapper Indian man wearing a version of this vest.  From many feet away we could tell that it was made with the best fabric with perfect attention to detail.  Sooooo, I had to ask him “Who made that vest?!”.  He smiled and sent us to East West Tailors.


Bolts of fabulous wool and cashmere fabrics made in Italy and England.

When we got there we met Raja the grandson of the original owner of East West.  In India, you are born into your profession.  We waited patiently as he finished a traditional Indian suit fitting.  On the wall we noticed a framed photo of Raja presenting a suit to Prince Charles (along side was a thank you note signed by Charles himself).  Impressed!  After the client left, Raja revealed that he was a high ranking member of the Indian government.


While traveling from Raja’s showroom (outside of town) to his shop we stop and pick up his mother and aunt.  They spoke no English but we still found a way to communicate – me ooooing and awwwing at all their jewelry.  We also discovered that we had the same nail polish color on (I’m sure not same brand but same exact color).  In India, you never know when you are going to connect with someone you would normally never meet.  Usually, those unexpected connections are strong and wonderful.


As you can see, it was quite adventurous making our vests.  Come try one on!




Outfit of the Day: Johnny Depp and Color

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When I wake up in the morning and look at my closet I ask my self “Who do I want to be today?”.  Most days the answer is…Johnny Depp.  I realize I don’t have the facial scruff, acting chops, or pack-a-day habit but I do have glasses and a beanie.  That will have to do for now (I don’t plan on adopting any of the other Depp qualifications).  Today I am wearing my ever favorite MOSCOT Tummel frames lush cashmere beanie.  I needed to set off this outfit with some color – it is jeans and a grey sweater after all.  Beautiful lapis and gold earrings by Maria Carter.  How wonderful is this intense cobalt blue color?!


Necklaces (from top to bottom): Bronze pendant by Winifred Grace, bronze and semi-precious stone necklace by F A R I S, Plaza hotel #5 necklace by Lulu Frost.


Colorful stripe “prep school” wool scarf by Hitchcock Madrona.  Large green malachite and sterling silver ring also by Hitchcock Madrona.


I have layered my Hermes click clack bracelet with this riveted number by Winifred Grace.  Love all of Winnie’s new designs.  They are simple, edgy and luxe – all at the same time!  They are PERFECT gifts!  Who wouldn’t want to add this cuff to their bracelet stack?



Outfit of the Day: Another Year, Another Hat

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It is a new year and things are changing around here!  We are gearing up for a big store remodel next week  We are also working on getting stocked up for Valentine’s day with the new spring collections.  Spring?!  I know, it seems forever away…..  Changes are on the horizon and the new year is filling us with creative ideas, goals, and a renewed motivation.  But, there is one thing that hasn’t changed.  Our love of hats!  Last year we sold so many wonderful hats – knit hats (of all sorts), fedoras, wide-brimmed hats, floppy hats, straw hats……always and forever HATS!
burnt hat 3

I love the pure ocean blue of this Hitchcock Madrona cashmere scarf with my camel coat and the burnt sienna/pink color of this Kelly Christy fedora.  Isn’t it perfect?!  Do you have your Eddie Borgo cone bracelet yet??  We have several variations avaliable, as you can see, pave or shiny – they are quintessentially cool.  This fabulous 18K gold and diamond serpent ring by Daniel Gibbings has gotten very comfortable on my finger.

burnt hat good 1

Cobalt leather gloves handmade (hahaha) in Italy for Hitchcock Madrona.

I have been really into wearing necklaces on my pants lately!  I know, it seems quite strange but I was inspired by Victorian men’s pocket watch chains.  I love the hint of sparkle on the belt loops!  It is a great new way to reinvent your necklaces.

Vintage chain and crystal necklace by Xenia Mara and pave crystal star locket by Eddie Borgo.

burnt hat 5

Necklaces (shortest to longest):  Gold pyramid necklace by Eddie Borgo, “hitchcock” nameplate necklace and rose gold heart both by Hitchcock Madrona.  Long gold plated pave necklace by Eddie Borgo.

While Dustin heads up the store remodel next week I am off to Santa Barbara!  Whoo hoo!  I am hoping to post while on vacation (fingers crossed!).

Please note:  Hitchcock Madrona CLOSED from January 12th – 21st.  We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday the 22nd at 10:00am.

Happy New Year!