Holiday Greetings!

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Hitchcock Madrona will be closed for the holiday December 25th – 27th.  We will resume regular business hours on Saturday the 28th.
Thank you for making this such a wonderful season, happy holidays!


Team Hitchcock

On The Twelfth Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Wild Card.


Kate:  Here I am as a “band-aid” (the glamorous term for groupie, coined by Penny Lane in Almost Famous). I’ve always loved that bohemian laced rock ‘n’ roll style, beautifully executed by Anita Pallenberg and Brian Jones (and then Keith, and then Mick…), of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  The most fabulous hat by local milliner Kelly Christy.


Dustin:  Back in the late 1800’s, Leon L. Bean had no idea that his influence would stretch all the way to the east side suburbs of Lake Washington in the early 80’s.  He outfitted my treks down school halls and purveyed the supplies needed for the treachery of the beauty barked landscape.  My catalog would arrive almost as fast as my handwritten mail orders went out.  In this case, buying the same items over and over again was completely acceptable, (maybe that’s what makes them classics).  So, here is my tribute to one of the classics of my life:  the man, the catalog, the brand that is, L.L. Bean.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:

wildcarderica wildcarderica2

Erica:  “Love, exciting and new.  Come aboard.  We’re expecting you.”  Who’s ready for a Mai Tai on the Lido deck?  I know I am (Thank you Isaac)!  The season is drawing to a close and I am ready to set sail on a 1980’s cruise a la the Love Boat!  Julie McCoy will check me in while Gopher takes my bags to the cabin.  I purchased this floor length sequin gown in Austin, TX for $20.  This was one gown that couldn’t be left behind.  I knew it was a bit big but that was fine with me – I wanted it to be a sequin column.  I ended up removing the sleeves to lighten the load (this thing weights about 30 lbs) and make it a bit more modern (that might be a stretch!).  Perfect for sailing off into the sunset to that iconic tune – “Love, life’s sweetest reward.  Let it flow, it floats back to you.”

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Xenia Mara rock crystal earrings.


Happy Holidays!


Team Hitchcock

On The Eleventh Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Bow Tie.


Erica:  Bow ties are so festive!  Saved for only the most exclusive events, they exude “special”.  Weddings are a particularly common occasion for the bow tie to make an appearance.  In fact, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen my husband in one since the big day.  Well, here at Hitchcock Madrona we feel that everyday should be bow tie appropriate.  Celebrate the mundane!  Everything is better with a bow, right?  Happy Holidays!

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  The World necklace by Surplus.


Dustin:  Our Irving Penn book in the store, entitled “Small Trades”, inspired this look.  It struck a chord with me, in particular, because it really enrobes how I feel about my role as co-owner.  If I wore what is appropriate for my daily responsibilities, it wouldn’t be much different than a pair of coveralls, BUT…who’s going to want to buy anything from the “janitor”, unless of course, he’s in a white shirt and tie???  Voila.  “Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Dustin and I not only clean Hitchcock Madrona, I also co-own it.”

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Barbour shoulder bag.


Kate:  Here I am mid-rotation in an ice skating outfit worn by twelve-year-old me. Stretch velvet, baby. My intent was to wear this for our “Athletics”  post but I had trouble locating it… I’ve only recently realized the genius of having this in my proverbial dress-up trunk.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Black and white Hitchcock Madrona silk pocket square as my “bow tie”.


On The Twelfth Day of Fashion…


Team Hitchcock


On The Tenth Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Denim.


Dustin:  I’ve always admired the Amish because they don’t fall to the pressure of keeping up with the times.  There’s been such a resurgence in product craftsmanship over the recent years, that I’ve really come to appreciate when we do our buying.  Most of our artists are putting the kind of time into their work like that of a bygone era.  For example, the hat I’m wearing is handmade and formed.  We’re probably still considered rumspringa to the Amish but we hope you appreciate the old world attention-to-detail of the artists we choose.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Kelly Christy straw and grosgrain hat.

denimerica1 denimerica

Erica:  Dear Mr. Levi Strauss,

Thank you for inventing the most versatile, durable, coveted, perfect material in the world.  Your jeans (especially those 501s!) are cool for everyone, everywhere all the time.  Can that statement get more universal?  No, and neither can denim.  Your contribution to American fashion and culture is unparalleled (Sorry Coco – Levi takes the award).  From the runway to the construction site, jeans are a part of our collective identity.  Denim (Levi’s or not) is now ubiquitous around the world.  The styles change subtly or radically (a little higher here, a little lower there) throughout the decades.  But, I will have you know, this truth remains the same – you had a really good idea.  Nice work.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  A fun, colorful bracelet by Dannijo.

denimkate denimkate2

Kate:  I found this perfectly worn in Levi’s denim jacket at my dad’s house a few years ago. I had never seen him wear it so I thought I could sneak off with it…  Not the case. “It needs to see the light of day! It is perfection!”, I implored to no avail. So it was a wonderfully welcomed surprise when I opened up my birthday present the next year and pulled out my “new”, perfectly worn in Levi’s denim jacket. Thank you dad!

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  A piece of simple (yet cool & edgy) fine jewelry from Loren Stewart.


On The Eleventh Day of Fashion…


Team Hitchcock

On The Ninth Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Goth Luxe.


Erica:  I got to do Dustin’s make-up!  Whoo hoo!  Number #81 on the bucket list crossed off.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  A stunning Jennifer Behr hair accessory.

gothkate1 gothkate

Kate:  All black? I’m in! Floor length black velvet just felt right for “gothic luxe” with a layer of black lace, and The. Sexiest. Necklace. Of. All. Time!  My attempt at a braided mohawk was futile but the black eyeliner as lipstick sealed my look… with a kiss!

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  IOSSELLIANI fringe necklace


Dustin:  Erica did my makeup.  Um…yeah.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Seventy Eight Percent leather & canvas “Schults” computer bag.


On The Tenth of Fashion….


Team Hitchcock

On The Eighth Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Western.

Kate:  Well howdy! I’ve always felt a little bit country at heart… Willie Nelson can melt me in seconds and I love me a bandana print. So when I predictably fell head over heels for Isabel Marant’s French twist on western collection, this “skort” (embarrassing!) had to be mine!

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Christine Chaney infinite knit scarf.

westernerica westernerica2

Erica:  Finally, a cowboy hat that I actually wear (sometimes!).  “Western” is another look I love but never quite feel myself in.  Although, this might have been my everyday look – with a weird twist of fate, in an alternative universe I could have been a REAL cowgirl!  How, you ask?  Let me explain, Grandpa’s dream was to own and run a successful farm, which eventually did happen.  Dad and siblings were raised on this farm in Oregon nowheres-ville until ALL, yep, every single one escaped to the city.  Dustin and I are the products of the urban influence.  BTW, that city was Hollywood (whoo hoo) then eventually Seattle.  What if bailing hay, waking up at 5:30am, constantly plowing the fields, and butchering various animals was FUN??  I would be a REAL COWGIRL (not just a poser).

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Italian leather gloves.


Dustin:  I’ve always dreamed of living in the wild west.  Not as in the wild Upper West Side of NYC, or wild West Hollywood and no, sadly, not the wild Pacific Northwest either.  Think the extreme pan handle of Oklahoma, the Badlands of SoDak or burrowed into the side of a New Mexican pueblo!  Quiet, peaceful, and not a soul to be seen for miles.  Might be due to too many days after school in front of the tv watching westerns (or the fact that the clothes are my favorite style ever).  Unfortunately, these are lousy places to consider a second Hitchcock Madrona, but I did say “dream” so here I’ll stay…for now.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Sterling buckled single and double wrap leather bracelets by Hitchcock Madrona.


On The Ninth Day of Fashion…


Team Hitchcock

On The Seventh Day of Fashion…

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Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Athletics.

Dustin:   This may seem strange to you, but that’s okay.  My tennis hero is not Bjorn, Boris or Rafael.  It is Chris Evert.  (Go ahead and laugh, I’m used to it.)  I was with Chrissy, as Bud Collins and I came to call her, from Evert, to Evert-Lloyd, and back again.  I witnessed her wits mentally defeat player after player.  Side to side, baseline to net, or after a perfectly executed passing shot, her opponent met an inevitable and exhausting end.  The “Ice Maiden” always kept her cool which was to her advantage, and that double handed back hand???  Perfection.  It all kept me spectating from the late 70’s up to her retirement in ’89.  Anyway, I digress…this is me dressed in my favorite sport.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:   100% cotton zebra beach towel by Maslin.

sportyerica1 sportyerica

Erica:  Athletic dressing feels like going back to my “all-american-jock-girl” roots – a look that served me well in my early years.  It was a time when the letterman’s jacket (not a boyfriend’s but MINE) was my wardrobe essential.  Was it tomboy chic or just sporty cool?  I don’t know, but to me there is something about a strong woman that is just plain sexy.  I guess you are normally required to actually DO something athletic to wear the gear.  Nope!  Not for us!  My soccer cleats have been retired, running is no longer therapeutic (I have a three year old.  Sitting in an empty room staring at the wall is what I like to do in my “free” time), and life is more about obligation than health.  Humpf!  I guess, I just have to get back in the saddle!  But, not until January, right?

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  A necklace from our new Dannijo collection (I am wearing three!).

sportyKate sportykate2

Kate:  If anyone were to describe me I’m positive “athletic” would not be one of the adjectives. My boyfriend once told me it is okay that I don’t exercise because I am artsy (and yes he is STILL my boyfriend). I have dabbled in athletics… I was a competitive ice skater for most of my youth, I danced for many, many years, and played Capitol Hill Rec soccer K-12 (Go Blue Angels!). But for now I will shine bright as an avid hockey fan in jewelry from Eddie Borgo’s Holiday 2013 collection.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Eddie Borgo pave crystal cone hoop earrings.

On The Eighth Day of Fashion…


Team Hitchcock

Just In: Catbird

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I think I’m addicted… I have been obsessed with Catbird for years. Several of my everyday rings are from Catbird. You get it, I’m a fan. So believe me when I tell you I could not be MORE thrilled to introduce Catbird at Hitchcock Madrona! It’s here! Yay!
Catbird is a gift and jewelry store (and now brand of jewelry!) in Brooklyn, New York. Catbird is all about delicate, but A LOT of delicate. It is about the “stack”, the combination of delicate (gold, silver, rose gold) rings on each finger. All of these beautiful rings are solid sterling silver, yellow and rose gold. Who wouldn’t love a whisper of fine jewelry for the holidays?


Opal and diamond baguette rings stacked together,  gold and rose gold threadbare and twisted stacker rings.


Yellow gold star,  threadbare hammered, heart, and twisted stacker rings.


A lot of delicate.


Sterling silver rose thorn necklace. The perfect everyday layering piece…


Isn’t it all lovely?

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! Be sure to come visit us, we are open every day now until Christmas Eve. We have beautiful new collections in (IOSSELLIANI, Dannijo, and Loren Stewart to name a few!) and other wonderful gift ideas for everyone… yourself included!