Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hitchcock Madrona will be closed November 28th & 29th in celebration. See you on the 30th for Small Business Saturday!


Team Hitchcock

Just In: Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories!

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I am thrilled to introduce to you a new artist AND new category for Hitchcock Madrona: Jennifer Behr hair accessories. If you, even occasionally, flip through the pages of Vogue, W, i-D or Numero you’ve more than likely seen a piece of Behr’s work.  She is the premier hair accessories designer, renowned in the bridal world.  Striking headbands, veils, turbans, hair wraps, bejeweled pins, and more.  Swarovski crystals set in contrasting dark metals, silk chiffon, hand-braided rope, french leather, and luxurious satin are just a sampling of Behr’s ethereal creations. Her pieces are beautifully hand crafted in New York City.

Erica is wearing two of Behr’s pieces – “Voilette” a black mesh headband and a rhinestone delight.


My favorite….the “Vela Halo.”  This rhinestone piece is a party!  It will stop traffic this New Year’s Eve.


“Cosette” silk flower headband.  So easy to wear and beautifully feminine.  We have her in nude too!


Let me introduce you to the “Dita Diadem.”  This is the most dramatic of all the pieces we have in the store.  It would be so wonderful on a bride or for a 1920’s themed party.


Outfit of the Day: My Slant on Heavy Metal

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I think this might be my best outfit ever.  The skirt was custom made for me by my seamstress extraordinaire, Summer.  I found the fabric at the Goodwill and immediately thought of the skirt SJP wore to the exotic market in the Sex in the City movie 2 (was that #2??).  She paired it with her “J’adore Dior” t-shirt so I faked it with my “Frankie Say RELAX” t-shirt that Dustin purchased on ebay.  We were in a big Frankie Goes to Hollywood phase about a year ago.  Unfortunately, I buttoned my vintage Levi’s jacket up to the top (thank you Jenna Lyons) to feature this ridiculous Polly Hitt necklace.  I LOVE this piece!  It was the necklace that sold me on Polly as a new designer for the store.

“Heavy Metal” Necklace by Polly Hitt.  Rabbit fur felt “Slant” beret by Kelly Christy.  This hat is AMAZING.  It is crafted so perfectly.  Everyone suddenly becomes either 1.) Russian/French (some incarnation of either) 2.) A Spy or 3.)  Pablo Picasso.  Honestly, this hat makes everyone feel fantastic.  Earrings by Lulu Frost.


This car was parked right outside the door of the boutique – perfect photo opp!


Fun cocktail rings by Lulu Frost from her fall/holiday collection.  Perfect for special events – they look so great together!

There will be more to come from Polly – can’t wait to see what she creates next!




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Just in time for holiday shopping – more treasures from UNEARTHEN!  We try to always stock a few bullet necklaces.  They are a jewelry wardrobe staple!  I love wearing mine with a feminine pencil skirt and a strand of harmless pearls.  We also received a few new designs – how perfect are all the earrings? PERFECT.  When you want to give your diamond studs a day off choose the subversive UNEARTHEN doppelganger.

The “Crux” earring: clear quartz stone set in rose gold vermeil.


“Lyncis” 18k gold plated ring set. Perfect for adding a bit of texture to your stack.


Medium cast pendant (gold-plated) on the beautiful, masculine “wheat” chain. I LOVE this chain.


“Prism” studs: gold vermeil with pyrite, oxidized sterling silver with smokey quartz, rose gold vermeil with onyx. Super easy and super cool!


Small bullet pendants: black tourmaline, quartz crystal, cast (gold-plated).


Sweeten up your tough bullet with our Hitchcock Madrona classic diamond dot necklace – perfection!

Come visit these beauties in the store!


Team Hitchcock



Outfit of the Day: Lady in White

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Lately I have taken a liking to monochromatic dressing… I’ve had days in all black (okay that’s nothing new), shades of gray (it’s true!), and currently white and all it’s incarnations: cream, wheat, eggshell, ecru and even oatmeal.  I wouldn’t naturally reach for an all white ensemble (not careful enough with my coffee) but I pushed my fashion boundaries after I saw a snap of early nineties Kate Moss walking the Calvin Klein (the monochromatic master) runway in billowing white pants and a white crop top. I decided to leave the visible inch of tummy to really be authentic to Kate’s  “Calvin in the 90’s” look.  To complete the head to toe white-out, I popped on a gorgeous Lisa Battaglia hat and scrumptious Hitchcock Madrona cashmere scarf.
kate 1

Eddie Borgo’s Large Supra Link Choker necklace.  I never thought chunky and gold could equate to wearable… Leave it to Borgo! This piece is designed to perfection with the subtle texture and shape of the links.


All layered up in Eddie Borgo, my own UNEARTHEN crystal bullet, FARIS and my most treasured piece: my loves dog tags.

kate 2

I’m wearing my sterling silver & leather cuff, a Hitchcock gold plated shark tooth cuff, and my IOSSELLIANI bone bracelet.

Check back next week for posts on new UNEARTHEN (classic bullet necklaces & new earring styles!) and a new artist AND new category for us: hair accessories from Jennifer Behr. Get excited!



Outfit of the Day: Featuring Kelly Christy

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We had the best time at the Fall/Winter Kelly Christy Trunk Show on Thursday night!  NINE hats walked out the door!  Eleven if you count Dustin’s amazing chocolate brown bowler and my fabulous black “Highhorse” (which you will see soon!).  Here are some pics of me faux waiting for the bus with Kelly’s famous “Greta-to-Go” hat.  This hat is pretty amazing – it folds, rolls up and can fit in your POCKET.  Now that, my friends, is good design.
bus stop 4

The Kelly Christy “Greta-to-Go” in camel with vintage sequin trim.  Regina Chang hammered gold hoops.  If you don’t own these there is something wrong!  LOVE how light and easy they are.  Great gifts too!

bus stop 3

Can you see that Xenia Mara long brass goddess necklace?  Barely!  It is there!  Never fear!  We are currently working on a post devoted to the one-and-only Xenia Mara goddess necklace.  This piece is a staple in my (and many clients) jewelry wardrobe.  Hitchcock Madrona Ikat scarf.

bus stop2

Leather layers – large plain brown with sterling silver buckle cuff sitting pretty with a small copper version.  Both bracelets are Hitchcock Madrona.

bus stop 5

The amazing Barbour bag!  A great gift for the man in your life.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Kelly Christy Trunk Show.  We are hat heavy these days and couldn’t be happier!  Come visit and find your perfect fall/winter hat.  You will rock it for years….we promise.



Event: Fall Kelly Christy Trunk Show

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So, we are pretty obsessed with hats around here.  Fate brought Kelly Christy to our door – she came to the shop to check it out, dropped off her card.  Normal right?  Well, I love checking out new designers so I jumped on her blog to see her work.  I scrolled down to find fabulous hat after fabulous hat.  When I saw Kelsey Grammer on the cover of Parade Magazine in her straw fedora I picked up the phone.  Mind you, I never pick up the phone (email is easier when you work retail – can’t be that girl behind the counter on the phone a la Macy’s circa 1995).  The first thing I said to her was “Kelly, I am obsessed with you.”  The rest, as they say, is history….
KC Kate 2

It has been a pleasure to represent a designer committed to the idea of handmade, quality, old-world style millinery.  Don’t miss out on your fall hat!  Just like a great boot a protective felt hat will pair with your favorite coats for every weather situation.

KC Erica 2-2

Join us on the evening of Thursday, November 14th, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. for an exclusive trunk show featuring Kelly Christy. So excited!





Hitchcock Leading Lady: Erin of Hammer + Awl

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We are thrilled to introduce our latest Hitchcock Leading Lady: Erin.  Erin has been a client of ours for about five years.  The first time she came into the store I think I embarrassed her – “Hello.  Who are you and where have you been all our lives?”  Apart from being a stunning beauty, Erin’s gentle demeanor and genuine enthusiasm is rare.  She is enthusiastic about fashion, design, food (I follow her on Instagram and drool), wine and most of all – her WONDERFUL husband Anthony.  Anthony is our client as well, he has impeccable taste and knows his lady.  One of my favorite projects of all time was collaborating with Anthony on Erin’s 10 year anniversary gift.  We created a stunning asher cut black diamond engagement ring.  To our excitement, Erin recently opened a beautiful menswear boutique in Madrona called Hammer + Awl.  It is fantastic!  At the opening party I scored a new fragrance, an ascot (oh yeah!), a t-shirt, and lip balm!  But, Dustin’s Pendleton jacket took the cake.  So beautiful!
Below is Erin’s interview and photos of her lovely jewelry and new boutique. Enjoy:


How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona? 

If I remember correctly, I just stumbled upon it when it used to be the little shoebox store at the South end of 34th.  The selection was small, but I liked what I saw and have been coming back ever since.


How would define your style?

A double “E”. Easy with a bit of Edge.

Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry? 

Apparently my Instagram obsession has turned into a vehicle for gift giving. My husband staged a photo of my newly acquired signet ring in a meaningful setting and posted it to Instagram tagging me. Knowing that I would be taking some sort of photo and posting it during our dinner out, which I had, he proceeded to prod me to check if there were any good comments on my food posting. That’s when I saw his photo with the ring and out came the mini black bag and the tears.


What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

A versatile statement necklace,  simple earrings that you can sleep in, a layerable chain bracelet or cuff.

Who are your style icons?

I’m most inspired by glimpses of people I see walking on the street,  out for coffee or dinner on any given day.  Especially when traveling.


What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own? 

My black diamond wedding ring UPGRADE my husband gave me for our 10th anniversary… from Hitchcock, of course. A silver spoon ring gifted from a friend, because it reminds me of my Mother who has worn one similar ever since I can remember.


What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

Since I usually wear more than one piece at a time I always have in the back of my mind how a new piece may work with my existing collection.


Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What is the story behind them?

Unfortunately no. No one in my family was ever a real jewelry wearer. I guess there always has to be a first!


How do you like to style your jewelry?

I am a layerer of sorts, but in moderation. I like to pair chunky with delicate or something more bold balanced by other pieces that are more simple. And I don’t discriminate on metal color, I will mix gold, silver, white gold all together as long as it works.

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers at Hitchcock Madrona?

If I have to pick…Pamela Love, Xenia Mara and newly found favorite Faris DuGraf.


Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”?

Kathleen Whitaker Staple and Double Post Stick Earrings, Hitchcock Diamond Dot Necklace.


What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile?

All the different chain bracelets and leather wrap cuffs. I mix and match different ones together getting a new look every time. It’s like having triple the amount of jewelry!


Be sure to check out Hammer & Awl:



RING: 206.992.7444



WED. – SAT. 10AM – 6PM

SUN. 9AM – 5PM