Outfit of the Day: Summer Bowler Hat

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My vintage bowler hat finally made an appearance!  For some reason this is the only hat that I own that I don’t love wearing.  I always feel a bit “costume-y” in it.  I needed to post this OOTD before summer is long, long gone (because yes, it is GONE in Seattle).
Necklaces: (shortest to longest) IOSSELLIANI black and gold spike collar, Lulu Frost Deco fan sparkle and Surplus Pearl and steel (my fav combo!).

hat&ringsRings tiny and large – no middle ground around here!  18K gold and diamond delicate rings (I’m wearing 4) and extra large iolite cocktail ring.  All rings are Hitchcock Madrona.

Bracelets: IOSSELLIANI black and gold studded cuff (um, on sale people!!  Call us!) and Eddie Borgo silver spike cuff.


Dustin and I are off to Austin, Texas this week.  Expect some fabulous vintage jewelry finds when we return.  Visit Kate she will be here holding it down for the team.



Event: Xenia Mara Designs TODAY

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We have merchandised all the items (and there are LOTS) for the trunk show!  Xenia did not disappoint!  Highlights are the many versions our favorite “goddess” necklace (small, medium or large – large please!).  Every woman needs one.  Upon our request, she also brought many rock crystal infused necklaces (extra large!).  Love mine!
Join us TODAY from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm


I am only wearing ONE earring in this photo.  Ever since I showed Kate (for the first time!) the Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” video this been on my mind.  You need a big earring to pull it off – a classic Janet moment.

As you can see, Xenia made some amazing statement earrings for the show.  They are bigger than we have ever seen from her!  Whoo hoo!

It’s going to be a party!  Bring friends and sip some champagne on us!


Team Hitchcock Madrona


Event: Xenia Mara Designs Trunk Show

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Hitchcock Madrona Trunk Show Featuring Xenia Mara Designs
Saturday, September 28th from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

If you are going to come to one Hitchcock Madrona event make it the annual Xenia Mara Designs Trunk Show!  Xenia has been designing one-of-a-kind pieces for HM for over six years.  She is one of our top selling artists as her pieces are extremely wearable and superbly unique.  Plus, we love her!  Xenia’s attention to detail and deliberate design process is the secret to her success.


We are obsessed with wearing necklaces backwards!  Have you tried it?  If you do, you will get compliments (that is….um….interesting) and awestruck looks (my favorite).  Love it!  Always keep ’em on their toes.


Xenia Mara embraces the patina of the vintage chains that she collects and designs within the natural earth tones of brass, copper and oxidized silver.  These rich patinas allow the wearer to dress her peices down – denim and a t-shirt or your little black dress.  Perfect for most people’s daily life, which is where you want to invest (in my opinion).


Vintage chains en masse!

We hope to see everyone at the trunk show in a few days!  Bring friends.  Champagne and appetizers served.


Team Hitchcock

Xenia Mara Trunk Show: Saturday, September 28th

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Please join us for the much anticipated annual trunk show Saturday, September 28th, featuring one of our favorite artists — Xenia Mara. If you have been a Hitchcock client for any period of time, you probably own one of her designs. Inspired by a trunkful of just discovered vintage chains, Xenia has created a collection for your every mood and taste: sleek & shiny, web-like & airy, bold & heavy, and always rich with a vintage patina.
Champagne and appetizers served!


Team Hitchcock

Fall Collections 2013: Xenia Mara

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We are thrilled to give you a sneak peak of  the Xenia Mara Fall 2013 collection debuting next Saturday the 28th at our annual Xenia Mara trunk show! Check out some of her amazing new pieces:

One of our favorite artists always, Xenia continues to create stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry. This collection is spot on for Fall – Gold is coming back in a BIG way and we are loving it!


Xenia mixes beautiful vintage chains with semi-precious stones (rock crystal pictured above).


Check back for more lovely photos of Xenia’s new collection in the coming week.


Team Hitchcock

Hitchcock Madrona Singature: Leather & Metal Cuff

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Hitchcock Madrona cuffs: sterling silver, copper, and bronze variations.

The Hitchcock leather cuff has become an instant classic. It is perfect within its timeless simplicity.  To quote Dustin, it is worn by “the chicest women [and men] in Seattle”.

I treasure my own large sterling silver with tan leather cuff but treat it poorly… which in this case is advantageous. For the first few months I literally did not take it off of my wrist.  I went to the beach in it, showered in it, and even slept in it. The leather is a yummy buttery texture now (thanks to my abuse!) and the sterling silver has a gorgeous worn patina.  Everyday, month and year that goes by my cuff gets more distressed.  A reflection of my life and how I live it (wow, getting deep here).

A staple in my wardrobe since I purchased it – almost an extension of me. I wear it casual and dressy.  It is striking alone or, for a bold statement perfect layered with multitudes of bracelets.  The androgynous nature of the Hitchcock Madrona cuff lends style to every ensemble.

I love my cuff.


Just In: Hitchcock Fine Jewelry

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Diamond Cross necklace, diamond Horseshoe necklace, and diamond Bar necklace.


A new collection of Hitchcock fine jewelry has hit the store! It is absolutely breathtaking, this collection has a sense of dark whimsy that I absolutely adore. White & champagne diamonds paired with black oxidized silver is THE combination of the moment here at Hitchcock – love, love, love!



Our classic shield  necklace in sterling silver with oxidized sterling silver chain.



Champagne and white diamond Disc necklace with the Tahitian pearl and diamond Acorn necklace.


These pieces are so so special, you must see them in person to appreciate their beauty!

Stop by the store and take a peak.


Obsession: Love Tokens by Surplus

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New to Hitchcock Madrona are necklaces featuring love tokens (engraved coins)! The lovely Harriet of Surplus put her own unique and innovative spin on this very traditional form of jewelry.

Extremely popular during the Victorian era in North America, love tokens are coins that were smoothed on one or both sides and engraved with initials, a special meaning, imagery, etc. The tradition of giving love tokens is rooted in earlier English uses of giving coins for special occasions such as births and marriages; such coins are known as engraved coins and not love tokens. (However, coins have been endowed by their owners with special significance for centuries and for hundreds of years were carried around for good luck.) Love tokens were regularly used to adorn bracelets (the most common form of jewelry during this era) but were also made into necklaces and pendants, earrings and brooches. Coins in a variety of different metals were used but silver was most common because it was valuable but not prohibitively expensive for the average person; however, some love tokens were made using the $20.00 gold coin!

Love tokens fell out of favor during the 1890s. During this period great deposits of silver were discovered, bringing the price in silver down and causing gold jewelry to be favored. Since then, they have emerged as a collectible, prized for their beauty and meaning. Our love tokens at Hitchcock Madrona are the perfect mix of vintage and modern. Harriet attached each token to a strand of beads or to a chain with a more industrial feel to it. They are the ideal combination of romantic and edgy. We love them!

Outfit of the Day: Dapper Denim

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Denim on denim on denim on denim.  That seems to be my mantra lately.  Technically these pants are a subtle blue and white railroad stripe but my many shades of blue are all denim tones.  I have been seen lately rocking the “Canadian tuxedo”.  I have always been a blue person (color palette not general mood) but this outfit takes it to a new level!
Sterling silver and leather cuff by Hitchcock Madrona.  This piece is a MUST have for your fall wardrobe.  I have paired it with a resin bracelet also by Hitchcock Madrona.  When layering bracelets think in terms of contrasting shapes and sizes.


Pearl, rhinestone and pocket watch necklace by Hitchcock Madrona.  Wool scarf by Hitchcock Madrona.


Sterling silver extra large hoops are also a basic for fall.  It is very important that your hoop earrings are LARGE.  I love an exaggerated hoop!  They made me feel like Sade.  I have a little more swagger in the shop.  Speaking of Sade, I wish I had the level of commitment she does to hoop earrings (everyday for thirty years).  Alas, I am fickle and she is an icon (sigh).  Back to jewelry – if your hoop earrings are too small they can age you (think “little old lady earring”) and are just boring.  We have many versions available right now – silver, gold and rose gold.  They are a workhorse piece.  As you can see, I even wear them with a statement necklace!




Fall Collections 2013: Dannijo

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We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying Dannijo! A new jewelry line for Hitchcock Madrona, it has an established presence in the fashion world. The jewelry regularly appears in magazines like Vogue, Elle and W and has a devoted fan-base, including celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones. The brainchild of sisters and designers Danielle and Jodie Snyder, Dannijo is fashion-forward and fun – we think of it as if Lulu Frost and Iosselliani had a glamorous fashion baby.


One of the things that we love about Dannijo is that the company is totally born from the sisters’ passions for fashion and jewelry. Initially, they started making jewelry together in their apartment as an antidote to jobs that they had become dissatisfied with. They were fearless in their initial marketing approach, cold calling department stores to sell their designs. Bergdorf Goodman eventually took a chance on Jodie and Danielle’s jewelry and the rest is fashion history! The sisters are the primary and best ambassadors for their brand, totally embodying the Dannijo lifestyle. We are so excited to introduce both them and their jewelry to Seattle!


One of my favorite things about Dannijo jewelry is how versatile it is.  I know, you must be thinking HOW??  Paired with bright beaded Native American jewelry and clothing with frayed edges it can be cool/casual.  It can just as easily be worn to a formal event with your favorite dress or a t-shirt/full skirt (which, I am dying to wear for fall.  More on that later!) combo.


While we were shooting our new Dannijo jewels we noticed these skateboarders doing a photo shoot of their own.  They were taking turns doing skate tricks for a video camera.  We decided to meld our worlds – boy, did they have fun posing for our camera.


Vintage Navajo pawn turquoise bracelet and two colorful Dannijo bracelets.