Outfit of the Day: Dustin for Spring

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Much to his chagrin, here is a rare Dustin OOTD! This is the “get up” that he was sporting for our Spring event invitation (since I did mine yesterday). How very south-of-France-dirtyrottenscoundrels-chic! Anyone get that reference??

Glasses: Clear MOSCOT Grunya (available at Davenport!). Hat: Barbour Trilby (also available at Davenport). What is Davenport?  It is our new store! Blog post to come – very exciting!


Nautical rope and silver necklace by George Frost (Lulu Frost men’s line). “Victory” Cuff also by George Frost and double wrap leather and sterling silver bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona (brand new!).




Outfit of the Day: Glam Rosie the Riveter

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Here are some more shots of my outfit from the spring event invite. As you can see, it was very colorful!  I wanted to feature the color burst of our new spring lines by Lulu Frost, Iosselliani and the statement gold of Eddie Borgo. I can’t resist the adorable turbans by Lulu Frost. They are inspired by the well traveled eccentric Nancy Cunard.


Necklaces: Chunky gold link necklace by Eddie Borgo, thread, crystal and chain necklace by Venessa Arizaga, Layers of beads from a street vendor in India (personal).


Bracelets: (right arm – top and bottom) Resin and batik fabric bangles by Lulu Frost, (right arm – middle) Geometric gold cuff by Eddie Borgo. (left arm) Pink and red crystal bracelet by Iosselliani.  Look at that bling!  We do have a necklace version that is unbelievable!

Happy spring everyone!





Inspiration: Cleopatra Pharaohciousness

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We at Hitchcock Madrona love fearless, intelligent women with fabulous fashion sense. Legendary Egyptian ruler Cleopatra epitomizes strength, glamour, determination and intelligence. elizabeth_taylor_richard_burton_cleopatraDecadent and dramatic but exceptionally strong willed and smart, she used her wits and sex appeal to make important alliances, first with Julius Caesar and later with Mark Antony, and stay afloat politically in the cutthroat ancient Roman world. Cleopatra and Antony’s combined militaries were eventually defeated by the future emperor Augustus (then known as Octavian) at the Battle of Actium. Knowing they would soon be taken prisoner or killed by Octavian. they each committed suicide. Cleopatra’s untimely end, her persona and the legends surrounding her have continued to inspire writers and artists millennia after her death. We decided to pay homage to Cleopatra with a photo shoot incorporating some of our most ancient Egypt-esque jewelry.



Cleopatra’s death as been a popular subject in art for centuries, holding sway over artistic imaginations in large part because of the manner in which she died. It has long been purported that she killed herself by provoking an asp into biting her. Though most contemporary Roman historians wrote that the asp bit her on her arm, it later became a part of the Cleopatra myth that the asp actually bit her on her breast. Her death subsequently became a favorite subject of artists. In his 1875 painting The Death of Cleopatra,  for example, Hans Makart depicts Cleopatra at the exact moment that she has been bitten. This twist on her story added enormously to her reputation as a sensuous and dangerous femme fatale.

So many designers have been featuring snakes in their work this season and it has been a major trend this year for spring (possibly because it’s the year of the snake? or maybe they’re feeling inspired by ancient Egypt like we are).

snake necklace

A Hitchcock Madrona original, this snake pendant has a pave diamond body and hangs from an oxidized sterling silver chain (he also has rubies for eyes!). Some lucky lady snapped this handsome fellow up already, but he is too amazing for us not to include in our Cleopatra themed blog post. We paired him with a beautiful necklace of layered vintage chains by Xenia Mara and an incredible collar by Iosselliani. The high collar of this piece seems so ancient Egypt. It’s definitely a statement piece but you can find ways to wear it more casually. We love it over a cardigan and collared shirt – Cleopatra meets prep!


Above is a Lulu Frost snake bracelet (there’s also a matching ring!) layered with our newest Hitchcock Madrona signature piece, a double wrap leather bracelet. The snake bracelet has lovely turquoise accents and is the perfect bangle for layering. The rings are a bronze arrowhead by Pamela Love, a sterling silver Iosselliani ring with a garnet and small snake detail and an 18k gold ring with black diamond chips.


So many jewels!!!



















Travel: The India Diaries MOSCOT

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Dustin Lemtosh

We are expecting a huge MOSCOT reorder for spring/summer next week! While sifting through all the fabulous styles (deciding which to buy) I remembered how much we wore our MOSCOT glasses in India. I was inspired to post a few snap shots of us sporting them while we were there. Enjoy!


Above and below photos are of us in our faithful Tuk Tuk (same driver everyday) riding all over the city! We spent a lot of time in this vehicle (also know as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”) and therefore smelled of petrol constantly. Scarves are quite necessary in India because you never know when you will need an air filter.

Dustin Grunya

Above Dustin wearing MY clear Grunya sunglasses.


The classic Lemtosh – the perfect frame (above and on Dustin below).

Lemtosh Nebb

Cousin selfie photo.

Grunya Clear

Above I am sitting in the garden of our hotel – the calm before the storm!

Come visit next week and be the first to try on all the new styles of MOSCOT frames! We will also be featuring the MOSCOT sun collection, hopefully in time for some Seattle sunshine.



Just In: Loren Stewart Safety Pin Earrings

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We just got these new safety pin earrings in from Loren Stewart and they are so cute! They’d be great dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt but can also be worn to a more formal event as the material dresses them up. They’re simple but elegant, sophisticated yet fun.


The earrings come in gold and rose gold and are so pretty and delicate. Stop by and check ’em out!


Outfit of the Day: Mickey Mouse and Disneyland

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I’m off to Disneyland!!! I’ll be gone Thursday afternoon through Sunday, but Hitchcock Madrona will still be open. Morrow and Dustin will be holding down the fort! I got this sweatshirt in a market in India. Odd, right? Here is the story – places in the States like Goodwill and Value Village take all the clothes that never sell here and sell them at rock bottom prices (buy the pound) to India. Who in India, I am not sure…business or government? It is common to see an Indian man wearing a soccer sweatshirt from 1991 with “Smith” on the back. Anyway, I got this for $2 in a huge pile of sweatshirts in India. I “eagle eyed” it as we say and rescued it from the market and brought it back home.


Wearing the multi color Venessa Arizaga necklace with a Lulu Frost star cyrstal necklace. Perfect “Fantasia” combo, don’t ya think? I am adding some much needed sophistication with my MOSCOT frames.


Top to bottom: delicate gold band with diamond, diamond and emerald cocktail ring, (personal) diamond eternity band.  Yellow and wood bangle bracelet from India. We have many colors and styles of these bracelets available. They are a perfect pop of color for spring/summer.


Man chic shoes!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! We will be in the CA sunshine hangin’ with the real Mickey. Should I pack the sweatshirt?? NOOOOOOO! Way to literal.



Leading Lady: Renee

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We would like to introduce you to a few of our clients in a new series on the the blog called “Leading Lady”. Our first leading lady that we want to introduce to you is Renee. Renee is a creative, generous, funny, sweet, well-traveled mother of FIVE. Yes, you read that correctly! How amazing is that?!


Renee, a long time Hitchcock Madrona client, was gracious enough to take the time to answer our client questionnaire. We love her original, but still classic, approach to styling jewelry (HM sterling silver and leather cuff with a LBD for evening – love!). She dropped by the store the other day wearing some of her favorite HM pieces and we had a photo shoot (in the new Davenport space!). As you  can see we had so much fun – thanks Renee!

How did you find out about Hitchcock Madrona?

I was in the hood several years ago walking by the original Hitchcock location, saw a brown and red carved wooden ring through the shop window and had to have it.

How would define your style?

My current style includes wearing black, white, denim and leather, paired with one statement accessory (shoes, bag, or jewelry). Someday I will have more time to pull my outfits together.


Do you have a story about how you acquired a piece of jewelry? 

A few years ago for Christmas, my husband Cliff completely surprised me with five different pieces of jewelry, all lavishly wrapped and tucked into the fir tree branches, each a gift from our four children, as well as a ring with five diamond and platinum bands intertwined (we now have five children)!

What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own? 

It all depends on the woman and her daily life story. You know when you see a woman with that perfect piece and you covet her look? Perhaps it is because her jewelry is a reflection of who she is and that is appealing.  Sadly, I have learned it most likely means the look I coveted won’t work for me.

Who are your style icons?

Regular visits to Totokaelo on Capitol Hill keeps me in the “style” loop! I find so much inspiration from “everyday people” photos featured on the Sartorialist blog. Perusing this blog makes my closet feel new, alive, and full of endless styling possibilities! Designer Maria Cornejo always looks amazing and knows her body and how to create wearable, gorgeous clothing for not only herself but for all women.

*My third grade teacher, Eugenia Miller, she just had it going on from head to toe. I wish I could bottle her style; so well put together.


What do you look for when shopping for jewelry?

When contemplating a jewelry purchase I buy what I love and think about whether I will actually wear the piece. Although I love rings and the look of layered bracelets, I don’t find them all that practical at this point in my life. Instead, I visit Erica and marvel at her layering abilities to get my ring and bracelet fix.

Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are heirloom pieces? What is the story behind them? 

I have a brooch from my grandma Mabel, who lived to be 94! It is in a little black leather coin pouch with some of her favorite coins. I seldom open the pouch, afraid her scent will fade away…..

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own? 

This changes from day to day! Today, I love my leather and sterling cuffs, black diamond and oxidized sterling hoops, and India cocktail ring, all from Hitchcock.


How do you like to style your jewelry?

I play the piano, chase kids all day, practice yoga and meditate, so I tend to feel most comfortable layering necklaces that rarely, if ever, need to be removed. Wearing my necklaces [that are] most meaningful to me and worn close to my heart feels both sacred and sexy.

I also have my two Surplus necklaces styled around the necks of two favorite sculptures in our home. Harriet creates unique works of wearable art so I love being able to walk by them every day and see them on someone’s neck.


Do you have any favorite pieces from Hitchcock Madrona? 

I love my leather and sterling cuffs [by] Hitchcock [Madrona]. Every man and woman should own this cuff.

Do you have any jewelry that you consider to be “second skin jewelry”? 

I have a vintage long gold chain that is nearly 100 years old, with a Cathy Waterman Nike Goddess of strength charm. I always travel with this piece and never take it off while I am away from home.

What pieces of jewelry do you own that you consider the most versatile? 

My Hitchcock Sterling and Black cuff looks amazing with everything.When layered with a more “glamorous” bracelet it works with an LBD for evening. And, you can never go wrong with diamond hoops!


Event: TODAY Spring 2013 Collections

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Spring has officially arrived at Hitchcock Madrona! Today is our spring open house when we debut the most recent collections of some of our most prominent artists. We have new jewelry in from Lulu Frost, Iosselliani, Venessa Arizaga and Eddie Borgo. Plus, we have spring jackets in from Barbour, straw hats by Brooklyn-based hatter Lisa Battaglia and tons of beautiful and super colorful Hitchcock Madrona scarves


The store looks stunning! Dustin completely redid it last night and everything looks so beautiful. Stop by today, have a glass of champagne, shop, chat and eat!

Team Hitchcock Madrona

Just In: Eddie Borgo Spring 2013

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Eddie Borgo is a new artist to Hitchcock Madrona and we are so excited to introduce him to you, our amazing clientele. Eddie is one of the most interesting and innovative designers currently working and he is especially influenced by punk rock and modern art. He first came to the attention of the fashion world when he designed the jewelry for Philip Lim’s spring 2009 show. He went on to win runner up during 2010’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund contest and his work is now regularly featured in Vogue and other fashion magazines. Eddie Borgo jewelry is glamorous, edgy and sophisticated, perfect for Hitchcock Madrona!

You can see the full selection of his work for the first time at our in-store Spring 2013 event on Saturday, April 13th.


Inspired by 90’s supermodels (Linda, Naomi, Cindy) and the impressive color of GOLD.


Borgo’s collection is everything we were expecting from this exciting young designer. His pieces will be instant classics in your collection. I have my eye on one particular chunky gold chain necklace.  You will see it in an outfit of the day post soon.



Event: Spring 2013 Collections, Saturday April 13th

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Does spring start when the calendar says so? Or when flowers come out of hiding? Is it when fashion deems the season official? Marked simply by slightly warmer showers? However you may interpret it, spring has arrived at Hitchcock Madrona in the form of bright and cheery new jewelry and accessories, hopeful of a long Seattle summer that’s just around the corner.

  • New jewelry designer: Eddie Borgo (NYC)
  • New jewelry collections: Lulu Frost, Iosselliani, Venessa Arizaga, Hitchcock Madrona Jewelry
  • New floral and ikat scarves: Hitchcock Madrona’s private collection
  • New straw hats: Lisa Battaglia (NYC)
  • New lightweight jackets: Barbour (England)

Maybe you’ve planned a trip somewhere hot and sunny, or your wardrobe needs a boost of cheery color? Perhaps, you just need an excuse to get out of the house to change the season of your mind. In any case, Hitchcock Madrona is ready to brighten your prospects.

The event takes place all day from 10:00 to 6:00. Stop by, have some champagne and a snack and check out all of the amazing merchandise that’s new for spring!