Happy Easter!

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Spring has officially sprung. We will be closed Easter Sunday and back in the store on Wednesday. Happy Easter to all of our wonderful clients and friends!


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting another party to debut all of our new spring merchandise. Stop by to see all of  the amazing pieces we received from Lulu Frost, Venessa Arizaga and Xenia Mara, as well as work by two artists new to Hitchcock Madrona. Plus, the new Hitchcock Madrona spring scarves will be on view for the first time! The event will be held on Thursday, April 11th – more details to come soon. We hope to see all of you there!


Artist Profile: Shannon Koszyk

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We are so lucky to carry talented, Seattle-based designer Shannon Koszyk’s amazing jewelry at Hitchcock Madrona. We’ve carried Shannon’s work for about a year now and we love her aesthetic. She brilliantly mixes pearls and sterling silver with medallions and objects from rosaries that imbue her work with a luxurious and slightly gothic feel. Her elegant designs are so versatile; they add a little edge to a jeans and T-shirt combo and are equally stunning when worn with a more formal ensemble. Thank you so much, Shannon, for answering our questionnaire!

How would you describe your line’s aesthetic? 

I love the contrast of luxury and grit. I would describe my jewelry as heirloom jewelry deconstructed and weighty; inspired by history.

How did you become interested in designing jewelry?

I started re-working rosaries back in high school and it evolved from there. I found vintage medals in a Paris flea market and the rest is a series of fortunate circumstances that have allowed me to create the universe inside my head….

Pearl Crest

When you design your jewelry, is there any particular woman whom you design for?

Independent, self starters who are not afraid to stand out and make a statement. My tag is Audaces Fortuna Invat – “Fortune Favors the Bold” in Latin.

What is your favorite way to style your pieces?

Layer, layer, layer.

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Everywhere, but specifically in architecture, history and music.

What do you particularly love about designing jewelry?

Everything, but mostly that I have found a voice and feel that I can finally communicate effectively.

Shannon 3

What would you say are three key pieces of jewelry that every woman should own?

[A] large cocktail ring, a long chain or strand of pearls and a go-to everyday piece.

What aspect of the design process do you find most challenging?

Not listening to the noise, not being swayed.

What clothing or jewelry designers do you admire?

So many, but in particular [and] for differernt reasons: Ann Demeulemeester, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and of course, Rock Owens. I love a classic, well-tailored garment with something original to say.

What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of being a jewelry designer?

That women walk away from me happy….

Behind the Curtain: India Event

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We thought it would be fun to show a few behind-the-scenes images of us getting ready for our India event. The day before around 4:30 we started arranging all the new jewelry and merchandising the store. It was a total overhaul! 80% of the product in the store is new and the windows had to be changed. Saturday was our big trunk show and now for the first time all of the jewelry we bought in India is on display. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a glass of Indian beer or champagne!


Hard at work!  My job is grouping and pricing all of the new styles. I also email my out-of-town clients anything that I think they need to see.


A sampling of India-amazingness (plus some pieces by new Hitchcock Madrona artist Mariella Pilato). More on Mariella soon!


Genius visual merchandiser Dustin (with his baby our Miele vacuum)!


Dustin reconfigured the store for maximum India impact. He was here until about 10:00 pm merchandising. When I show up at 10:00 am it is always a treat to see what he has created.


We mixed our colorful India jewels with the black/sparkle vibe of Lulu Frost and Venessa Arizaga. I love the stark contrast of the styles.


Clutter becomes beauty – have I expressed how big our new rings are??

Thank you again to everyone who came to the event! We had a blast and sold lots of treasures.




Outfit of the Day: Edgy Ladylike

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Thank you all for coming out to our big India event yesterday. We drank, we ate and we shopped! It was fun to see so much color in the store! It seems like fall/winter was all about icy sparkle; I have been loving black, white and metallic tones. Here is an OOTD that we shot last week that embodies my winter aesthetic.  Almost no color except a pink (temp) streak in the hair and on the lips (of course).  I wanted to post this before spring sprang (which it hasn’t here in Seattle) and my color palette shifts.

Vintage Fur

Vintage fur collar and vintage Levi’s jacket pair so perfectly that I wore them two days in a row!

Piles of Pearls

Black enamel and crystal earrings by Lulu Frost (we have a necklace that matches!!!). I only have on three necklaces but they are layered! White faux pearls (you can only see one strand peaking out but there are 5) and pink faux pearl, rhinestone and pocket watch necklace both by Hitchcock Madrona. I also threw on a white rhinestone necklace by Tom Binns.

We have two new artists that we are going to introduce this spring!  You will have to wait – posts and ANOTHER event to come soon! Happy spring!




Event: India or Bust!

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Today’s the day – stop by Hitchcock Madrona to see all of the amazing treasures we brought home with us from our trip to India!!!

Inspiration: Mrs. Roper Style

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So, I couldn’t decide if revealing my inspiration for our spring/summer jewelry would encourage or discourage. But, I must be authentic (that is the first rule) and true to myself.  Soooo, ladies and gentleman buckle up because we are going to the Regal Beagle and the Three’s Company apartment building. As a child, how could I not be fascinated with Mrs. Roper’s fashion?? She was amazing! I had to filter Mrs. Roper style through my own personal taste so that I wouldn’t look like I was wearing a costume or going to get my palm read. I chose this slightly psychedelic blazer (sorry, fresh out of mumus!) then piled on the jewels!

Roper 1

While sourcing gemstones in India the only materials that seemed to resonate and inspire were really, really large. These rocks are not for the faint of heart but what is around here?!  Gemstones in these quantities and sizes are not common so we are excited to feature them as a staple in the Hitchcock Madrona jewelry spring/summer collection.

Roper 2

More is more is more….in Mrs. Roper’s world (and mine).

Roper 3

Necklaces: Lemon Quartz, Malacite, Turquise glass multi strand. All of our chunky gemstone necklaces are hand knotted for durability and flexibility.

Roper 4

Oh and the rings….What can I say about these fabulous extra large organic rings?? They are beyond what we have created in the past. We had to be brave to make something like this but you know, why dumb anything down? Mrs. Roper never did!

All of the jewels (and more) that I am wearing in this post will be available Saturday. We are pouring Kingfisher beer – that alone is worth a trip to Madrona!




Outfit of the Day: Rambaugh Palace

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While in India we were lucky enough to be invited to a lavish 3,000 guest wedding celebration. In India you invite all of your family, friends, business associates and EVERYONE you have ever met. It started at 7:00 with juices (no alcohol), appetizers, perfume sampling and music. At 9:30 we were treated to the largest buffet you have ever seen – fresh Indian breads grilled on site, curries, fruit, rice, Chinese food and even pizza! We were simultaneously encouraged to try all of the traditional Rajastani food by the older crowd and discouraged by their offspring. Teen and pre-teen (tween?) girls came up to me and introduced themselves wanting to talk and hoping I was having fun in India. It was so fun to see all of our business associates with their wives, who we don’t normally get to talk to, in their finest fashions. Dustin and I, of course, had to run out and purchase these outfits. After all, I only packed flip flops and Nike Frees!

Dustin Scarf

Dustin in his wool officer’s vest and white linen kurta. He is also rocking a scarf – when in Rome!


I had more than a few jewelry options – I raided our hotel safe. Why not two diamond cocktail rings (on one hand!)?

Kashir and wife

Our friend Kashir and his lovely wife.

Wedding Crowd

Unfortunately, this is the best crowd/party photo that I got.  There was a huge stage with music playing all night long!

I am tempted to wear the sari to the event on Saturday but they are impossible to move in and I was having a heck of a time walking. I’ll take 5 inch heals over those yards of fabric any day! When I was shopping for the sari, amongst all the fabulous Indian brides and their mother’s and sisters, I made the sales woman get Dustin to teach him to wrap me up in the fabric. I knew he was the best man for the job!

Come to the event – we have so much new product to present!  Color, color, color from India!



Obsession: Colorful Bangles for Spring

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Preview of our India trunk show!  We were so lucky to find an amazing collection of colorful bangles in India which we purchased entirely from one dealer. It was so fortunate we found him: he had an incredible collection. These playful, chunky bracelets come in colors that are perfect for spring and summer and are so whimsical and fun. We think they look best when you wear more than one at time – don’t be afraid of layering!


Event: India Jewels! Saturday, March 23rd

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Every year, we go to Rajasthan, “The Land of Kings,” to find inspiration in the bounty of gem stones and textiles that are uniquely Indian. We never know what shape our finds will take, be it a native antique necklace, ethereal cashmere scarf or colorful resin bangles. It is the journey that is always amazing.

Now we’re ready to reveal it all to you, Hitchcock Madrona’s amazing clientele, in the form of an all day, in-store event with a Rajasthani flair.

Saturday, March 23, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Erica & Dustin


Outfit of the Day: Surplus Jewelry and Overalls

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We had the best time at the Surplus trunk show! This is what I wore the day before when we were setting up the show. My husband gets a kick out of these overalls – he can’t seem to come up with the right word for them……”those are the opposite of sexy. Whatever that is – you are!” Nice. Thanks.

overalls 5

Leather and Steel Bracelets by Surplus.

overalls 4

“Cathedral Door” Necklace (red) and “Tic-Tac-Toe” Necklace by Surplus. (others are my own)

The “Tic-Tac-Toe” line that Harriet makes is one of my favorite concepts she explores in her work. She was inspired by children’s toys and created these about a year ago. They became an instant classic in her line. I think the shape is so whimsical and fun! It is very wearable but sculptural. She also has a bracelet and a ring version.

We are gearing up for our big India event next Saturday! I hope everyone can come and see what we have been working on for last three months.