Obsession: Cocktail Rings for Day!

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Lately my outfit is not complete without an over-the-top blingy cocktail ring.  This category has long been a favorite of mine but now I am wearing them primarily in the day with the most casual of outfits.  It has been a fun way to luxe up a pair of ripped jeans or big boyfriend sweater.


Today I am also sporting a pair of Hitchcock Madrona pave diamond hoops.  They are so versatile!  They could be easily worn daily as a basic (give those diamond studs a break).  I don’t know about you, but if I don’t wear my jewelry during the day it won’t be seen!  Therefore, I challenged myself to work it into my everyday/boy-meets-girl wardrobe.  I think I almost prefer uber dressy items, such as cocktail rings and red lipstick, worn with irreverence.  It is so modern!


These rings are two original designs that we have been working on for about a year.  The flat flower shaped ring is a one-of-a-kind all diamond stunner!  The center stone is a rose cut diamond set upside down (I love doing that!).  The outside stones are all fancy cut champagne diamonds.  Champagne (slightly warm) diamonds look so dynamic with the oxidized silver setting.  The ring on my left hand features a pale green amethyst surrounded by blue and pink sapphires, diamonds and rubies.  Hello!  Hitchcock Madrona regulars will recognize this design – we did a variation of it about four years ago.  The new batch are a bit different but pack the same punch!

As you can see from my henna, we are back from India and busy sorting and finishing our jewelry purchases.  We have a little more work to do on almost everything but soon the store will be exploding with gemstones (chunky and tiny – nothing in between!).  I can’t wait to share!



Inspriation: Beat the Seattle Chill in Style

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To combat Seattle’s freezing cold weather we’re turning to Barbour’s National Trials Jacket and our very own line of 100% cashmere wraps. Stay fashionable and warm with this stunning (and practical) combo! Hitchcock Madrona cashmere wraps are super soft. They come in a variety of colors and prints.

barbour Barbour

Complete your stylish ensemble with a pair of Pantherella cashmere socks. Luxury never felt so cozy.


Inspiration: Mixing Fine and Fashion Jewelry

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Mixing jewelry

Wearing fine jewelry and fashion jewelry at the same time can be a challenge. You want to make a statement but not be too over-the-top (no one wants to look like a fashion victim), you want each piece to stand out and above all, you want to convey your personal style. Mixing and matching fine and fashion jewelry is a fun and youthful approach to accessorizing. But how do you make sure your beautiful, subtle heirloom diamond pendant that you wear all the time is not completely overshadowed by the fabulous and dramatic necklace you’re dying to show off? Hitchcock Madrona shows you how.

Step 1: Start out with the smaller, more delicate pieces. These pieces may include the jewelry that you sleep in, shower in, and keep on for months at a time. They will act as your base layer and most fine jewelry is of this variety. We took a photo of some of our favorite Loren Stewart rings that can serve as examples.

Loren Stewart

Step 2: Incorporate something special. Adding an heirloom necklace that has been passed down for generations in your family or that amazing bracelet you got on your travels lends a special element to your look that can’t be bought.

Step 3: Add fashion pieces slowly. Pause and really think about the effect that each piece of jewelry has on your overall look. Does it enhance and show off the more delicate pieces? The goal when mixing these two jewelry genres is that they build off of each other. Typically, you want to have on more fine jewelry than fashion jewelry.

Step 4: Think in terms of odd numbers when layering. Wearing two delicate necklaces and one larger dramatic necklace is a nice option. With rings, consider wearing one larger ring (may we suggest the Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring?!) and pairing it with two that are small and skinny.

Step 5: Mix metals and materials. You want the pieces you choose to be different and distinct from one another so that they don’t blend together. Wearing and mixing different colors, stones and metals together will help you achieve this effect.

Erica rings

We think these guidelines work well but none of the steps outlined above are hard-and-fast rules. Even though layering jewelry can be a little daunting it should always be fun first and foremost.

Featured: Eric Saeter

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Seattle Magazine featured Hitchcock Madrona artist Eric Saeter in their online article, “Seattle’s Stunning Modern Jewelry Movement”! (The author also listed Hitchcock Madrona as a place to find jewelry made by local designers.)

A Seattle-based artist, Saeter started his line Jewelry by Eric Saeter in 2008. His designs are made entirely out of either refined gold or sterling silver, and all his pieces have an organic feel to them that speaks to Eric’s interest in the surreal and in nature. Instantly recognizable, Eric’s work testifies to his unique point of view and place in the fashion world.


Obsession: Seventy Eight Percent

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We are loving Seventy Eight Percent’s bags!

Everything by Seventy Eight Percent is handmade by craftsmen and women committed to producing products of the highest quality using the best materials. The leather comes from a renowned tannery in Tuscany, the canvas is Egyptian cotton made in Japan. It can take up to fifty hours to complete a single Seventy Eight Percent bag.

Seventy Eight Percent + Barbour + Moscot = Perfection!


Seventy Eight Percent Schults briefcase, Barbour Heritage International jacket in olive, Moscot Originals glasses

The name “Seventy Eight Percent” was taken from a design manifesto written by the multi-talented Elad Klein, an Israeli designer, artist and musician. He believed that an item should be seventy eight percent perfect, which he determined was the ideal amount of perfection to ensure an object’s quality but that allows the product to still be unique, something that its owner can embrace. Seventy Eight Percent is a company passionate about making bags that are beautiful but also strong, and that regular use will only make better.

seventy eight percent

Seventy Eight Percent Frida case, Hitchcock Madrona large druzy ring

Hitchcock Madrona Signature: Druzy Rings

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Druzy rings

The Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring captures the essence of the boutique’s aesthetic and spirit.  They are playful yet sophisticated, and whimsical yet timeless.  Here is how the design was born…

Five years ago, after spotting large druzy stones in India, the initial design was produced.  There was something about the stone that was both magical and intriguing, not to mention, the size of the stone was like no other on the market!  Clients were consistently enchanted by the colors and shimmering quality of the quartz crystals.  After quickly selling out batch after batch – the design had to be perfected!  Originally, the setting was simple and crude, so Dustin and Erica worked for over a year with a jeweler to create a clean and modern band to complement the organic bling of the druzy stone.  Each slope, ridge and angle was carefully scrutinized for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.  Today we view the Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring as an iconic piece; one that appeals to a wide range of women.  Do you have one?  Two?  Many?  Too many?

Druzy ring

Druzy is the term used to describe the tiny crystals that form over millions of years within the crevices of a geode.   Each Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring is unique and comes in a variety of colors, as well as two different stone sizes.  You can also choose from either a silver or gold setting.

Travel: Off to India!

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We’re leaving for our annual buying trip to India! Dustin and I take off Wednesday, January 9th and will return Thursday, January 24th.

We are so excited to discover a ton of amazing new things for the store (just in time for Valentine’s Day!). We will do our best to capture our adventures for the blog.  I have dedicated about a quarter of my tiny suitcase to camera, cords and computer.  That is precious space!

When we return (and get over the wicked jet lag) the blog will feature our finds throughout the spring season.

While we are gone Hitchcock Madrona will be open regular hours during the two weeks that Dustin and I are out of town.  Our wonderful team will be here to hold down the fort and do some blogging of their own.



Hitchcock Madrona on Instagram

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Instagram Instagram

Hitchcock Madrona is on Instagram!

These photos have a more casual feel to them than the ones we post on the blog. Follow us to get a sense of the day-to-day goings on at the store. We regularly snap things that inspire us, new products we receive, and anything else that captures our attention (plus, a little silliness).

We’re having so much fun with Instagram and we post these photos to our facebook page as well.  Have you liked us on facebook yet??  Love how Instagram and facebook keep everyone informed about all things Hitchcock Madrona!

Look for @hitchcockmadrona!



Obsession: Gemstone Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli is a stone that has been prized by many cultures for thousands of years. Sites where lapis has been mined are as far ranging as Siberia, Afghanistan, the Andes, and Colorado and California in the U.S. Lapis, a semi-precious stone, has long been valued for its rich blue color and there is evidence that it was traded as long ago as the third millennium B.C.E. by cultures like the Indus Valley civilization in ancient India. The ancient Egyptians were especially fond of lapis lazuli and incorporated it into their jewelry (like their famous scarab pendants) and into their religious and ceremonial objects. Cleopatra used a powdered form of lapis lazuli as eye shadow. Later, painters regularly used it when they needed to feature a rich blue color in their paintings. You can still see lapis in its powdered form in art works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; for many centuries, it was regularly used as the color of the Madonna’s brilliantly blue robe.

Lapis lazuli still has a following today. Pamela Love and Maria Carter use it to maximum affect in their jewelry designs. At Hitchcock Madrona, we decided to showcase some of our favorite lapis lazuli pieces currently in stock. Lapis lazuli often has traces of pyrite (commonly known as “fool’s gold”) in it, and many of our favorite lapis pieces have a shimmering quality as a result.

lapislapislapisbluejemlapis ring

Outfit of the Day: I've got Sunshine (Pants) on a Cloudy Day

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I am trying to inspire the sunshine with my clothing choices. But, it is still pretty gloomy (but, yeah, no snow!) in Seattle. Maybe that is why I look like I am angry in this photo?


Faceted onyx and gold plated sterling drop earrings by Hitchcock Madrona.


Two medallion necklaces by Shannon Koszyk (shortest and longest). Pyrite and labradorite layering necklaces by Hitchcock Madrona. Onyx and sterling silver ring by Crystal Hartman.


Sterling silver cuff by Crystal Hartman. Gold plated sterling “oyster” ring by Eric Saeter.