Temporary Closure: Sept. 24th – Oct. 2nd

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It is that time of year again! Hitchcock Madrona is being transformed…

We will be closed through October 2nd for our annual concept installation. Although we are closed and I am on vacation (whoot! whoot!) I do have access to email. Please direct inquires during our metamorphosis to erica@hitchcockmadrona.com. We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday, October 3rd.

hitchcock Madrona Store Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 6

Sunday 10 – 5

Dustin is busy (to say the least) designing and installing our 2012-2013 store concept. After the new interiors are installed I will do a post on Dustin’s 10 day inspirational road trip collecting and concepting. But for now – top secret! We have enjoyed our “Madhatter Tea Party” interiors but are excited for a change. We will be having an event in late October to celebrate our transformation and usher us into the holiday season (already!). Please email me if you would like an invite or are currently not on the mailing list.

Not only are the interiors changing but we are also releasing all of our fall product. We are excited to introduce an outerwear collection from Barbour International, as well as new wool and leather bags. We will be gearing up for Seattle’s inevitable weather change with our private label cashmere scarves and ready-to-wear pieces. Lots of exciting things happening!

I leave you with a few photos of what the store used to look like. Come visit next week for a BIG change!




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2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Hitchcock Madrona invites you to preview Xenia Mara’s latest collection at an exclusive trunk show hosted in the boutique.

Xenia has been with Hitchcock Madrona since our beginning 7 years ago, and has developed a highly loyal following amongst you, our discerning clients. While her designs evolve subtly from season to season, they retain a consistency that’s both recognizable and unique.

Xenia’s meticulous hand workmanship manifests itself in how each piece lies on the body, and it’s this kind of attention to detail that makes her one-of-a-kind designs extremely wearable.

Please feel free to bring friends.  Champagne and bites served.

These are two necklaces designed by Xenia that are so versatile (I own a version of each). She pairs amazing vintage chain with high quality semi-precious stones in her signature vintage-meets-organic style. I can’t wait to unpack the show!!! She has made us over 40 pieces.



Layering: Delicate Necklaces

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The necklace layering that I do on this blog is usually worn by me in an over-the-top way. I know that piles of jewels is NOT for the everyday (unless you are me). As interesting as it is too see “editorial” looks, I think it is also nice to see more wearable options. I have picked out some of my favorite delicate necklaces in the store to create layering combinations. I think they are wearable and casual but still edgy and fashion-forward. You can also replace one of these layers with something that you already have in your jewelry wardrobe. I love mixing sentimental or antique pieces into more current combinations.

Simple, solid gold arrowhead necklace by Loren Stewart. I actually love this piece on its own. Alone, it is very delicate – just a hint or suggestion of jewelry (love that idea!). Loren Stewart is exactly the type of “fine” jewelry line that I, and our clients, love.  The designers never over design and let the materials (they often mix metals and incorporate diamonds) speak for themselves. I always describe Loren Stewart pieces as “fine jewelry with an edge”. Love everything that they do! We will be getting in a large holiday order in the next month. I can’t wait – we are expecting some really high-end items from the line for the first time. Bring it on!

I paired the Loren Stewart arrowhead necklace with a simple turquoise strand. I wanted to use another medium (gemstones) in this combo. I also LOVE gold and turquoise together. To mix it up and give the combo some toughness I layered the sterling silver Pamela Love talon necklace. In my opinion, if you want to add Pamela Love to your collection this is such a great piece to consider. It is one of her classic designs and can be worn all the time. I know it is not to everyone’s taste but it is so wonderfully macabre.

Solid gold “4” necklace by Lulu Frost. These little gold numbers are from her fine jewelry line untitled CODE.  They are all based on the shapes of the room numbers at the Plaza Hotel. I have been wearing a “2”necklace ever since my boy turned two a few weeks ago and it is perfect. Next, I wanted a round pendant to give some weight to the combo so I picked our sterling silver coin necklace. There are little diamonds embedded in each prong and the frame is custom made. The coin is authentic (consulted with a numismatist, aka coin collector) from Greece and is about two thousand years old. Love a piece with a story!

I can’t talk about layering without mentioning the bullet/crystal necklaces by Unearthen. I wear mine constantly! They are the perfect mid-length so they don’t interfere with anything else in my necklace collection. Therefore, the perfect last layer. Again, it toughens the look. When layering many delicate necklaces, is important to give it some strength.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to see YOUR necklace layering. Please post photos on our Facebook page – Hitchcock Madrona!



Outfit of the Day: Gingham and Neon

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We are enjoying the (what feels like) extended summer here in Seattle. It did not rain one day in August – miracle. Today it is about 75 and perfect! I am sporting my beloved gingham shirt and green jeans. I threw in the neon belt to give it some pop.

Necklaces: “Coco Channel Goes to Africa” pearl and African bead double strand necklace by Hitchcock Madrona. Turquoise and rhinestone necklace by Surplus.

I love this shot of my desk after I striped everything off to go home. Jewelry carnage!

Detail shot of my small white and sterling druzy ring. I just spoke to a woman today that wore this ring (with the gold setting) for her July wedding. I love fearless brides!

Sorry about my recent lack of blogging. We are back from New York and I am caught up on everything (for the most part).



NYC here we come!

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Sterling silver chain and solid 18k gold heart necklace by Hitchcock Madrona. I have not taken this necklace off since it was made from my design. It is a prototype but with all the positive reactions I have gotten it is in production! I am totally loving the whimsy of the tilt in the heart – sometimes it is up but most of the time it is to the side. I am not sure where I got this idea; usually I don’t care for hearts (on jewelry).

It is time again for New York City! We are off tomorrow morning (up at 5:00 am!) for spring/summer 2013 showroom visits. I have booked seven meetings in three days with all of our NYC jewelry designers. We can’t wait to view new collections from: Pamela Love, Venessa Arizaga, Michael Spirito, Lulu Frost, and IOSSELLIANI. We are also meeting with our Italian scarf manufacturer to pick out spring color-ways (our fall cashmere is already delivered and waiting to be put out!).  Some new artists (and categories!) are also on our radar but you will have to wait! We will be there until Thursday evening and back in-store on Friday morning. Kate is in the shop Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Kate will be a little late on Thursday due to school but will be in at 1:00. I am on email if you have any questions regarding custom or pending projects.



Bring me your diamonds!

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Hitchcock Madrona “Diamond Dot” necklace with 18 carat gold bezel and oxidized sterling silver chain.

Many of our clients have random diamonds from, say, a grandmother’s brooch or a great-grandfather’s masonic ring. Or, there are the diamonds from (let’s be honest) a previous marriage. But, what to do with this jewelry that is never going to be worn in its current state? I mean, it is a shame to let a diamond languish in a drawer! It wants a new life – it wants to be worn!!! I noticed that old jewelery was never a huge priority or something that my clients wanted to sink money into. Therefore, I wanted to come up with a design that was economical, modern, young, and above all else, wearable. Thus, the Hitchcock Madrona “Diamond Dot Necklace” was born. I am desperately trying to find a diamond for myself – I love this design! It doesn’t matter the quality of the diamond. Every necklace that we have made has looked wonderful in this simple bezel. I can do a gold chain or a sterling silver chain. I especially love the color combination of diamond, yellow gold and blackened chain. I think it is a really unconventional and edgy way to wear “fine” jewelry.

So, dig around your jewelry box and BRING ME YOUR DIAMONDS! The cost is nominal compared to other custom options and you will wear this everyday. I love it alone or even layered with fashion jewelry.
Dustin and I are getting ready for our annual spring buying trip to New York.  We leave on Sunday and will be gone until Thursday night.  Kate will be in the store to assist you.



Outfit of the Day: 80's Prep meets 90's Grunge

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Today I mixed my decades! On the top half, 1980’s popped collar prep featuring my Brooks Brother’s BOYS navy blazer and Jcrew white and pink oxford. There is something about a preppy blazer and that color pink that is so 1980’s (in a good way – I hope).  Then on the bottom half, my ratty old Levi 501’s that Dustin found in a thrift store (for himself) which I promptly stole and cut off to the most unflattering length that I could manage. The high heeled penny loafers feminize the outfit while tying it all together.

I am wearing one of my favorite gemstones ever – green amethyst. I actually buy more green amethyst than the traditional purple amethyst. It is so clear and sparkly with just a hint of mint green. It is so neutral but not boring at all. This is a great alternative for people with February birthdays that don’t love their birthstone.

Necklace: Green amethyst and vintage “V” chain necklace by Xenia Mara.

These earrings are so beautiful the stone is cut with tons of little facets so the light dances through.

Earrings: Green amethyst and vintage circle chain earrings by Xenia Mara.

My jeans are about 3 sizes too big for me and thus not the most flattering but, I like them!

Bracelets: (right hand) Pearl and vintage chain bracelet by Xenia Mara. (left hand) Rose quartz and bronze bangle by Lulu Frost, Seiko watch (personal), 14K gold filled bangle cuffs by Hitchcock Madrona.

I hope everyone is having a good late summer – we can’t complain about the weather here in Seattle. But fall is just around the corner (secretly excited).