Outfit of the Day: Men's Shoes

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These aren’t actually men’s shoes (my feet are not that big), but they are MADE like men’s shoes.  I purchased these in Orvieto, Italy on holiday with my family in June.  These are handmade in Italy with substantial materials and detailed finish work.  It struck me – women’s shoes are NOT made with substance.  I could feel the difference just by picking up one shoe.  I was sold.

Earrings: Sterling silver, brass and waxed linen earrings by Winifred Grace.

Rings: (left to right) 1) Sterling Silver monogram signet ring by hitchcock Madrona. 2) Indian head penny (1905) and sterling silver ring by Shannon Koszyk. 3) Steel “Ace” ring (personal).

I am off this weekend for Casey’s family reunion tomorrow.  Dustin will be in the store Saturday.  Then D and I are off to Edmonton, Canada for an inspirational trip.  Kate is back in the store on Sunday.  Yeah!



Outfit of the Day: Tribal Wildnerness

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I was wearing this necklace combination last Saturday in the store and everyone that walked in had a comment!  I know, I am wearing lot of jewels!  It is my job, right?  I wouldn’t recommend this for a non-blogging day.  It might be TOO MUCH!  Would you wear this bedazzled combo?

I am representing the “hi/low” trend by wearing my $6 craft fair beaded bracelet with Xenia’s pyrite layers (details below).  Summer is when I bring out the tribal elements in my wardrobe.  I believe fall is reserved for wool and sophistication.  Que the Hitchcock leading ladies!

Necklaces (top to bottom): 1) Lapis and gold fill by Maria Carter.  2) Lapis (look at that AMAZING stone!) and brass eye pins by Xenia Mara.  3) Sterling silver and brass breast plate by Pamela Love.

Twisted pyrite and vintage brass bracelet by Xenia Mara.  I can’t stop wearing this!  It is the perfect layering bracelet.



Just in: Surplus by Harriet MacNamara

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We just got a brand new assortment of items from Surplus.  They are tribal, industrial, whimsical and artsy.  All pieces are made from recycled bits and bobs.  We never know what Harriet will come up with next and it is always a treat seeing a new collection.  All of these pieces would be amazing paired with a draped white silk blouse.

Harriet describes the layered piece to the left as “very Santa Fe” and we agree.  The little iron heart details on this necklace are the best part, in my opinion.

She was also inspired by childhood games such as tic-tac-toe.  Can you see why?

As always, quantities are limited and pieces are one-of-kind.  Come visit if you are a fan of Surplus.



Fancy Laundromat….

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Today I had to do one of those chores that we all need to do but never want to do – washing my bedding at the laundromat.  Good thing for me that our neighbor is the Madrona laundromat!  We were inspired by the tech look and feel of the laundromat.  I also figured if you have to do laundry, why not be fancy while you do it?  However, I learned doing laundry in tons of jewels is a bit cumbersome (clank, clank, clank).  Oh well!

I am in process of designing hammered gold fill, rose gold fill and sterling silver bracelets similar to the cluster I am wearing above.  I have been living (even sleeping!) in these prototypes I had made for my exact wrist size.  I absolutely love how they fit closely and feel on my wrist.  They are ideal for layering and go with everything in your wardrobe, as well as all of your current accessories.  These should be ready for purchase in a few weeks!

On my right hand I am wearing a crazy mash up of vintage and costume.  Gotta love the tribal bling!



What I am wearing today…..Stripes on Stripes

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A special thanks two these two adorable girls eating their ice cream in Madrona.  We couldn’t resist capturing this idyllic summer scene.

I (and the rest of the world) can’t stop wearing striped shirts.  This one, bought in the men’s department, luckily has some refreshing new details.  I wanted to create more stripes to really take the outfit to the almost ridiculous – the two necklaces are striped and so is my belt.

Necklaces: (top to bottom) 1) Woven cotton collar, Venessa Arizaga. 2) Crystal, Pearl and Metal Necklace, IOSSELlIANI. 3) Bronze and Lapis Arrow Necklace, Pamela Love NYC.

The thin gold chain is one that my dad wore daily when I was growing up.  It has been sitting in his jewelry box for about 15 years with a broken clasp.  I resurrected it, after asking permission of course, and have been wearing it constantly.  I love mixing family heirlooms with fun/fashion jewelry.  They personalize a look beyond just composing a great combination.  Antique pieces, especially from a loved one, give your look a dimension that I can’t quite articulate.  Is it the soul that old things possess?  Or, what the sentiment does to the wearer?  Not sure.  Plus, I am also really into longer necklaces right now!  I will write more on that later.



Outfit of the Day: Industrial Grey

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I am so inspired by the pairing of soft and hard, feminine and masculine, industrial and vintage.  It seems like every outfit/post I create inherently has those stylistic contradictions.  Today we shot photos near the construction site on 34th.  I am very excited to see what the new retail/residential buildings will look like.  The materials of iron, concrete and (quite frankly) dirt were a perfect backdrop for my outfit’s shades of grey and brown.

Necklaces from top to bottom:  1) Shell, brass and wood bead choker by Winifred Grace.  2) Gold plated and sterling silver cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  3) Sterling silver, brass and shell necklace by Winifred Grace.

I am quite obsessed with this Illamasqua nail varnish (English brand, so it is “varnish”) in Nomad.  LOVE.

Bracelets: 1) Sterling silver men’s ID bracelet by hitchcock Madrona. 2, 3) Personal. 4) Leather and metal “Ace” bracelet by Surplus.

Harriet, the talented designer of the jewelry line Surplus, brought in this leather and metal “Ace” bracelet.  I just assumed that she had custom made it for me (Ace is my son’s name btw).  She actually made the bracelet without knowing my son’s name!  Eerie coincidence.   I wear it constantly and could never part with it.  She also made, upon our request, several blank bracelets that we can customize.  I highly recommend this bracelet – I love everything about mine!  They are all one-of-a-kind and made from recycled leather, which is worn to perfection.

I love this shot of the gold gilded cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  He is a fancy gutter dweller!



*All prices are available by request.  Quantities are limited.

Corduroy in Summer? YES!

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Don’t be afraid to bust out the corduroy in summer – at least in a Seattle summer 🙂 . Cords are actually lighter than most denim options (full length, of course).  I love this green corduroy vest with the ethnic jewels I picked out this morning.  This vest is mine (prototype) but we have 5 other colors available.  (Love the hot pink!)

Earrings: Citrine Cluster Earrings, hitchcock Madrona

Necklace: Woven Multi Beaded Necklace, hitchcock Madrona



Outfit of the Day: Army Green, Leopard and Bling

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Sorry for the break in blogging – two-week vacation, the fourth of July, blah, blah, blah.  Finally summer is here in Seattle and the eternal “what do I wear in hot weather?” conundrum is upon us.  This is what I wore on Sunday – new army jacket bedazzled from Zara, jean shorts and leopard wedges.  Loving the neon pink polish lately!

Bracelets: Right hand – green Bakelite cuff, vintage. Left hand: Small Sterling and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona (among all my other random bracelets that I have been addicted too!)  I feel naked without at least four bracelets on each hand.

Necklaces: Jeweled Collar, IOSSELIANNI: love this!  Just put it out!  Sterling Silver Rosary Necklace, Pamela Love.



Tuxedo Waistcoat & Scarves

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Traditional men’s shirting fabrics find new context as scarves. A turn of the century men’s tuxedo waistcoat reinterpreted in corduroy and madras.
Two new categories from hitchcock Madrona’s private label:

Scarves: 100% cotton, frayed edge, pre washed, pre wrinkled.

Vests: 100% cotton pinwale corduroy exterior, 100% cotton madras back panel, 100% silk lining, pre washed, one size.

Bag: cotton canvas & leather urban briefcase/ handbag by Seventy Eight Percent.