Merci Beaucoup

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Just an FYI, Erica will be on vacation (Italy & France), from June 16th returning Friday, July 6th.  During her absence, Dustin (co-owner & cousin), will be filling in on the sales floor and maintaining regular business hours.

Evening Wear

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I broke out this green silky pajama shirt today for the first time.  I purchased this as part of a set (I can’t wait to wear the pants with a simple white tank top!) in India when we were there in January.  I think it is actually a men’s pajama set but not totally sure. Oh well!

Dustin is back from Hawaii (yeah!) so we had fun this morning accessorizing my bright green and yellow shirt with tons o’jewels!

Necklaces (top to bottom):

Woven Gold Lame and Base Metal Necklace, Venessa Arizaga

Peach Sunstone and Copper Layers Necklace, Xenia Mara (this is such a wardrobe staple!)

Polished Raw Citrine Chunks, hitchcock Madrona

Speaking of India!  While we were buying gemstones for our designs in India, Dustin and I came upon this amazing strand of Citrine.  We purchased it from a stone supplier that has very random but super high-quality stones.  When we visit we sit down and say, “only show us what YOU think is the most special and of the highest quality in your stock.”  He has an infectious passion for unique stones (the best of the best).  With excitement he proceeds to unveil countless jaw-dropping strands of gemstones.  If we could only buy them all!

This strand is special for a couple reasons: the quality of stone (over 1,000 carats! aka ridiculous), cut and perfect graduation, and clarity/extraordinary color.  We had to keep them together (of course) and make one fabulous necklace.  It is hand knotted with a sterling silver clasp.  Stunning!

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Cast Bullet Necklace, Unearthen

*Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona















Obsession: Pastels and Metallics

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One of my favorite color combinations at the moment – lavender and gold.  I am so into pastels this spring/summer – they look amazing on nails, as pants and even in jewelry!  Of course, the natural pairings with these pinky/lavender/minty tones is gold and/or brass metallic.  I think it possesses that hard/soft combination that I love so much.  Pastels also look amazing with black, a color combo that I am dying to experiment with this summer.  I will report back!

My first combo:

Earrings: Aqua Aura Crystal Earrings, Regina Chang

Necklaces: Pink Amythyst Bullet Necklace, Unearthen, Pink Tourmaline “Twinkler” Strand, hitchock Madrona (worn doubled)
































I couldn’t NOT wear this necklace!  It is absolutely perfect for this silky shirt and blazer combo.  This outfit also needed some warming up, which is where the heavy dose of metallic comes in – perfection.

Earrings: Extra Long Moonstone (been loving moonstone lately) Earrings, Xenia Mara (A BRIDE NEEDS THESE, HELLO!)

Necklace: Bronze “Goddess” Layers with White Druzy Slices, Xenia Mara


























For my last combo, I went with this show-stopping Lulu Frost Bib Necklace.  The colors are so beautiful.  It has rose quartz accents with bronze leaf-like shapes and rhinestones.

Earrings: Bronze (w/ gold wash) and Rose Quartz Earrings, Lulu Frost $120

Necklace: Bronze, Rose Quartz, and Rhinestone Necklace $480















This is a piece that I can see being worn with a white t-shirt as easily as a formal dress/wedding dress.  Can you imagine wearing this with tattered old jean shorts and a white t-shirt?!  Beyond cool.














I went with the matching earrings, which is quite a controversial pick (for those people that care about these things, which is probably nobody besides me.)  BUT, I am digging the matchy-matchy thing right now.  It is weird and a phase I am sure, but I love it!



Bracelets: Cotton Rope Bracelet (prototype), Sterling Silver Large Link Bracelet hitchcock Madrona, Gold “Dots” Bracelet hitchcock Madrona

Rings: White Gold and Diamond Eternity Ring hitchcock Madrona, Sterling Silver Cross Ring Pamela Love

BTW I love the shape of this silk (or rayon!) tank top.  I am not sure if it is designed to be longer in the back or if it is because I got it a size too big.  Regardless, it is a unique cut.



Gift Ideas: Father's Day, June 17th

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Come visit for Father’s Day – we actually have a few good gift options for Dad.

Etro Fragrance.  Our picks for men: Ambra (warm, sexy Amber) and New Tradition (old school (ish) men’s fragrance).  $165 each.  Silk Pochette.  Made in Italy for the “Dapper Dad”.  🙂  $75 each

Italian Leather and Japanese Canvas Computer Briefcase, Seventy Eight Percent $625.  Leather and Steel Necklace, Surplus $195.  Bracelets: Leather Ball Chain, Natalia Brilli $125 (right hand), Men’s Id Bracelet $480 and Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff (small) $275, both hitchcock Madrona.

Computer and Ipad Sleeves, Seventy Eight Percent $225 and $205

Linen Scarf.  Made in Italy, hitchcock Madrona $135.  Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $230.  Vintage Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet $420.

If you can get your Dad to wear jewelry then get in here!  Bronze Spike Ring, Pamela Love $98 (right hand), Necklaces: Black Tourmaline Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $310, Brown Coral and Steel Necklace, Surplus $225.  Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275.

Barbour Umbrella $65.  This is a MUST for the Seattle Dad.  Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $75.

Inspiration: Bracelets and Nails

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I have been playing with a lot of bracelet combos inspired by my ever changing nail polish colors.  I hope this inspires some daring spring accessorizing. 🙂

Rose Quartz, Copper and Bubble Gum….

Here is a closer look at my little friend.  His eyes are this amazing pink/lavender color.  Gold Plated Skull Ring w Crystal Eyes, Michael Spirito $98

Mint Green, Gold and Black….



OOTD: Muted and Bright

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I stole this scarf from the display and loved the muted almost washed out colors on my top half with the bright coral pants on my bottom half.  I know it seems like I am wearing to many layers for June but never fear – the jacket came off around 1:00 pm.

hitchcock Madrona Scarf, $75

These moonstone drops (on 14K gold ear wire) keep in line with the milky/faded/sun bleached tones of my shirt, jacket and scarf.

On my right hand I am wearing a new design for us – wood, sterling silver and semi-precious stone rings that we designed for our spring/summer collection ($289).  I am wearing the rutilated quartz version.  I absolutely love wood jewelry and accessories in the summer.  I will do another post featuring these rings soon.

Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $555 (right wrist)

Sterling Silver and Cotton Woven Bracelets, hitchcock Madrona $22 (these are new too!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Fashion Flashback: Gilligan's Island

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Okay – so this is my LOOSE interpretation of an outfit mash up of Maryanne and “The Professor”.  I had no intention of dressing like a 1970’s camp sitcom this morning but when I got dressed I immediately thought – Gilligan’s Island!

Lapis, Bronze and Sterling Silver Necklace, Pamela Love $598

We are happy to have Molly Moon’s ice cream back in the neighborhood – they have revamped the tiny Madrona walk-up window and now offer cones.  I broke down today and got my first one of the summer (if you don’t count the pints that have come home for the family).

I am still quite addicted to layering bracelets from my personal jewelry collection with hitchcock Madrona pieces.  I am quite comfortable now with multiple bracelets clacking about all day long.  I had to get used to them but my relentless bracelet training program yielded an accomplished bracelet desensitization.  (It is good to have goals in life, right?)

Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $555 (worn on left wrist)

For those of you that are too young for Gilligan’s Island…..Maryanne was always my favorite!  Ginger was just a bit unattainable.  “Movie Star” was out of my reach at age 5 (not sure if I watched this show when it was on or reruns).  Can you see the influence?  I guess the hat is a bit Gilligan too!

Watches, Watches And More Watches

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But, we don’t sell watches.  For some reason yesterday I was really into digging out all my watches and non-watches and wearing them all at once.  I love the black Natalia Brilli “Nolex” worn with an actual watch.  Somehow the actual watch gives it context and just makes more sense (this is just in my mind because it can totally be worn alone).  I go through phases (like I am sure most people do) when I can’t be bothered with wearing a watch (we all are glued to our phones, right?).  Other times (like today) I feel naked without one.  Wow – this is fascinating stuff, huh?  I just wanted to share my bracelets/watches because they are quite unique (if I do say so myself).

On my right wrist I am wearing an old broken watch that I bought at a junk shop for 25 cents and spray painted gold.  For some reason I just liked the shape and size of the watch.  Layered with – Sterling Silver Men’s ID Bracelet, hitchcock Madrona $480 (our timeless classic!)

On my left hand I am sporting my black leather “Nolex” (we have ONE left people!) with my beloved Men’s Swiss Army watch that I have had for over 6 years.  Black Leather “Nolex” Natalia Brilli $350 (also wearing delicate gold band and diamond eternity band both hitchcock Madrona)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Congrats all UW graduates!!



Who's the lucky lady? Sunken Treasure Crystal

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My obsession with Justin’s work is never ending.  I have told myself that I will own a Subversive Jewelry piece at some point.  But, oddly I have never committed to one.  They are so special that when they come in I must sell them (if I keep the most fabulous the store will suffer, but then I suffer).  Suffer is quite a harsh word.  You know what I mean!  If you have been dying (suffering, death – what is with me today!) for a piece by Justin Guinta from Subversive Jewelry this might be it!


The best description for this design is “controlled chaos”.  The Sunken Treasure necklace has been Justin’s definitive design (in my opinion).  It is a great investment from a very progressive artist.  It is almost more sculpture than jewelry.  But, on the other hand the Sunken Treasure is super wearable.  It is engineered so that it doesn’t move – it stays perfectly tangled and in that great “bib” silhouette.

I can’t wait to know who is going to take this baby home!  Who’s the lucky lady?

See more of Justin’s work at

Reworked Vintage Base Metal and Crystal “Sunken Treasure” Necklace, Subversive Jewelry (NYC) $575



One Earring Five Ways! Genevieve Jones Safety Pins

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I was thinking about these Genevieve Jones earrings the other night when I was wearing mine.  There are so many accessorizing opportunities with these little jewels!  I can’t believe it took me this long (we have carried these for a while as I consider these an earring basic).  In fact, you can use these anyway that you would use a normal safety pin.  Super fabulous + utilitarian.

14K Gold Filled and Precious Stone Safety Pin Earrings, Genevieve Jones (NYC) $250-$500

1.) Earrings (of course)

2.) Necklace Charm

(Closer look)

3.) Brooches!

4.) Bracelet Charm (holding together a stack of some cheap bangles)

5.) Ring Charm (you can also hang the ring – with the safety pin – on a necklace)

The possibilities are endless!  I also thought these might be amazing worn on French cuff shirts as cuff links.  I have not tested this yet but if it works – wow!  Super cool.