What I'm Wearing Today…

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I know Erica has already posted about the new 14K Yellow Gold Delicate hitchcock Madrona rings but I am so obsessed with the three I ordered for myself  that I can’t help but post again… they are perfection, they are my new go-to, everyday, staple. I’m already considering getting a few more… I told you: obsessed!

14K Yellow Gold Delicate Rings, hitchcock Madrona $135 (worn on pinky, middle, and ring fingers) Eric Saeter, Snake Ring, personal (worn on thumb)

Also feeling a little Spring-ier (weather excluded) wearing the scarf I picked up in Paris last summer at the Sandro men shop and my new Essie nail color in Geranium.

Bisou, bisou,


Who's the lucky lady?

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This Rutilated Quartz Necklace is one of my favorite pieces in the store right now.  This amazing piece needs a good home.  I love to think about the pieces of jewelry that we create and how they go home with people and live with them – instead of living in the store where I look after them.  🙂  I ask: “Who is the lucky lady?”

What I am wearing…

Rutilated Quartz Knotted on Silk with Sterling Silver Chain, hitchcock Madrona $875

Bronze “Gemstone” and Silver Ring, Iosselliani $195

14K White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band 1/3 carat (G/H Quality), hitchcocck Madrona $795

14K Yellow Gold Delicate Rings, hitchcock Madrona $135 (worn on middle and ring finger)

I know that it seems kind of over dramatic but jewelry is one of the rare items that we own but never really own.  Precious metals, such as, gold and sterling silver and gemstones will be on the planet long after we are gone.  I am my jewelry’s temporary keeper until the next generation can enjoy them.  Even costume jewelry pieces are heirlooms – it doesn’t have to be fine.

This is one of the most beautiful strands of rutilated quartz I have ever seen.  You can tell the quality is superior because the quartz is clear and the rutiles are defined and sharp.  The stones facets are cut even and beautifully and each stone is approximately the same size, which is very unique.

Here is a closer look –

Do you have a piece of jewelry that will be here when you are gone?  Do you think about where it will go to be safe and enjoyed?



Just In: Winifred Grace

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We have a super fun new collection from Winifred Grace, I am absolutely loving her use of denim… check it out:

Winifred Grace, Leather Cuff with Phono Beads, $182

Winifred Grace, Cast Bronze and Bass Nuggets Necklace, $355

Winifred Grace, Bronze bar and White Leather Bracelet, $235

Winifred Grace, Bronze Bars on Natural Leather Cord, $235

Winifred Grace, Braided Denim with Ostrich Egg Shell Heshi Necklace, $105

This braided denim piece works great as a wrap bracelet too 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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What I am wearing today…and Unearthen Watches

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Hello Spring!  I love all the gold and copper tones with this muted pink polished cotton blouse.  I think mixing bronze, yellow gold, and rose gold works so nicely.  The warmth in all of these metals are enhanced by each other.

Rutilated Quartz Gold Earrings, hitchcock Madrona $225

Copper Layers Chains, Xenia Mara $335

Antique Bronze African Amulet Necklace, Surplus $235

Vintage Sterling Silver and Bronze ID Bracelet (mine)

Rose Gold Large Watch with Crystal Face, Unearthen $455

The crystal watches designed by Gia from Unearthen are some of the coolest pieces that we carry.  This is a working vintage watch.  She has created a frame for the natural rock crystal pyramid on the face.  The properties of the crystal  reflects the watch face four times – something that glass would never accomplish.

Presently, we have a large rose gold and a small silver in stock – no two are alike so if you like one of these call me and snap it up!




Venessa Arizaga

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The sun is out and shining so I thought I would share a proper post of Venessa Arizaga- the ultimate spring/summer jewelry- with you all. Everyone needs a pop of bright neon-y pink, right!?

Venessa Arizaga at hitchcock Madrona.

Venessa Arizaga, Get Well Ring, $105, Venessa Arizaga, Around and Around Bracelet (black), $260, Venessa Arizaga, Gypsy Eyes Bracelet, $265

Venessa Arizaga, Mayan Sunrise Necklace, $325

Venessa Arizaga, Twisted Midnight Cuff, $250, Venessa Arizaga, Flamingo Necklace, $375

Such fun jewelry.

Bisou, bisou,


Just in: Winifred Grace

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How perfect is this woven denim bracelet for spring/summer? With a white tee, I mean come on! Too good.

Winifred Grace, Denim & Leather Bracelet, $235

Bisou, bisou,


Windows: Grandma's House

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I am obsessed with the windows right now!  When I drove by the store on Monday morning I was so awe struck by the simple yet totally creative window display that Dustin created into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  They currently feature vintage inspired Lulu Frost necklaces on the left (perfect) and Barbour boots and bag on the right.  The architectural elements (we found the railing in the garbage) and vintage curtains remind me so much of our grandmother’s house in California.  She always wore bright, patterned, citrus colored house dresses and Rod Laver Adidas tennis shoes.  So cool.

Happy sunshine Madrona!



What I am wearing today….

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Harriet surprised us this morning with a visit and this necklace has not left my neck since.  Her unique genius of combining found objects in unparalleled.  This necklace is so perfect for summer.

Antique African Glass Beads and Steel Necklace, Surplus $650

Gold and Lapis Bar Necklace (layered), Maria Carter $179

Turquoise Tooth Earrings, Regina Chang $75

Here is a closer look at the earrings and my hair.  It is brown (well, light brown) again – I had my blonde moment and now it is over.  🙂  I didn’t have more fun.



Just In: Pamela Love

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We have some amazing new pieces by Pamela Love in the store. Pamela Love never fails to blow my mind with killer new designs. Check ’em out:

Pamela Love, Bronze & Lapis 3 Pyramid Necklace, $598

(Left to Right) Pamela Love, Lapis Cutout Ring, $425, Pamela Love, Bronze & Sterling Silver Ellipse Ring, $310, Pamela Love, Malachite Pyramid Ring, $253

(Top to bottom) Pamela Love, Malachite Small Ellipse Necklace, $405, Pamela Love, Small Arch Necklace, $225

Pamela Love, Bronze & Silver Basket Earrings, $253

Pamela Love, Bronze Basket Necklace, $255

(Top to Bottom) Pamela Love, Small Lapis Ellipse Necklace, $405, Pamela Love, Small Silver Ellipse Necklace, $357, Pamela Love, Bronze & Sterling Silver Arch Necklace, $598

And I would like to personally introduce my new favorite piece:

The Pamela Love Arch Cuff. This cuff is EVERYTHING.

Pamela Love, Bronze Arch Cuff, $633

This piece is so good.  I am dying over here. Pamela Love is genius. (It also looks amazing worn over your shirt a la this)

Bisou, bisou,



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