Just in: Iosselliani

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Get new pieces from Iosselliani here at hitchcock, check ’em out:

Iosselliani, Set of 3 Bangles with Pink Agate, $415. Iosselliani, Set of 5 Bangles with Agate & Turqouise, $455

(Right to Left) Iosselliani, Gold Plate & Black Brass Cuff, $205, Iosselliani, Brass Bangle with Studs, $165, Iosselliani, Malachite, Jasper & Rhinestone Bracelet, $290

Iosselliani, Black & Gold Multiwires Necklace, $290, Iosselliani, Malachite, Jasper & Rhinestone Necklace, $330

(Left to Right) Iosselliani, Blue Agate Feather Ring, $205, Iosselliani, Bronze Rectangle Ring, $215, Iosselliani, Ram’s Head Ring, $165

(Left to Right) Iosselliani, Two Ring Necklace, $260, Iosselliani, Bronze Rectangle Necklace, $195, Iosselliani, Bronze Ring Necklace, $215

Iosselliani, Chain Earrings with Mixed Stones, $230

Always such great pops of color from Iosselliani, love it! And how perfect are the simple bronze pendent necklaces, a brilliant layering option.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Bisou, bisou,


Going on Vacation! New Lulu Frost

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I am escaping the rain for a week to Santa Barbara.  I can’t wait…although flying with an 18 month old is a bit frightening.  But, 2 hours is not too bad.  I think we can handle it!

Today I am sporting a small preview of our new collection by Lulu Frost.  Dustin and I handpicked our selection in her NYC showroom when we were there in September.  This collection fuses Lisa’s love for vintage with a very light summery color pallet of semiprecious stones.

Lulu Frost Brass Spear Necklace, $185

Lulu Frost Rose Quartz Shield Rings$120 (long) $100 (short) – other colors available.

Also wearing Winifred Grace Brass, Shell and Wood Bead Necklace, $320

While I am gone Dustin and Kate will be holding down the fort.  Come visit and see more NEW Lulu Frost.  We are also expecting our Spring/Summer order of IOSSELIANNI (Rome, Italy).  Always fabulous!  Kate will blog more of the new items this week.



What I am wearing today…Ace

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Ace is wearing one of my favorite items in the store.  It is the Knight&Hammer Montana Agate Snake Necklace, $650.

Here is a closer look…

These gorgeous stones are hand knotted.  The snake clasp is the best part.  Sterling silver dipped in 18 K gold.  It is best worn to the side.  Love it!

Doesn’t Ace have good taste?!




We are on TWITTER!

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I know….late to the party!  But, we are there!  Follow us for new product info (first!) and event details.  It is going to be awesome so…do it!




What I am wearing today….Valentine's Day

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Cashmere Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $195 (love this color!)

Large Quartz, Pyrite and String Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $285

Gold Leather Ladies “Nolex”, Natalia Brilli $250

Stone, Silver and Brass Bracelet, Winifred Grace $120 (this layers with everything)

I love the color combination of navy (my sweater), fuchsia (scarf) and taupe (bracelets and necklace).  It is so rich but fun at the same time.

Look what arrived today…..

Thank you to my wonderful husband Casey.  These roses are so beautiful!  They smell so wonderful.  I am the luckiest girl in the world!  Happy Valentines Day Casey!

p.s. Flowers are by Nisha at Fleurish.  She is the most talented florist I have ever seen.  Love her!



Gifts Ideas: Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! I love Valentine’s Day, it also happens to be my birthday so maybe I’m a little biased but hey candies, chocolates, flowers, how could you hate it? Here are some ideas for the holiday…

Etro, Perfume, $165

Pick out a sexy new scent for your man, or nudge him towards one for you…every fragrance has deep, complex, unisex notes that reveal themselves when worn. They are wonderful layered as well.

hitchcock Madrona, Cashmere Scarf, $195

Cozy up with your sweetie in a scrumptiously colorful cashmere scarf.

hitchcock Madrona, Large Silver Druzy Ring, $289

You can’t go wrong with a pretty pink Druzy Ring!

Xenia Mara, Double-Drilled Amethyst & Vintage Luna-Loop Necklace, $425

Are you a February birthday too? Or just love amethyst? This necklace is stunning.

hitchcock Madrona, Pave Diamond Snake and Ruby Snake Ring, $1350

A red ruby is perfect for Valentines Day!

Ladies send your men this way, we will help them pick out the perfect little something! Or swing by yourself, you deserve to treat yourself this holiday 😉

Bisou, bisou,



Just in: Seventy Eight Percent

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Very exciting news: we have brand new bags in from Seventy Eight Percent!

There are lots of new color combinations and new styles as well. Including (pictured above on the middle shelf) the Benny ($250) attache case, perfect for a 15″ Macbook Pro, documents, with a roomy pocket for your keys, wallet, etc…

Seventy Eight Percent, Gustav Messenger Bag, $325

The Gustav is a handsome messenger bag big enough for your 15″ laptop with several spacious pockets to accommodate all of your belongings.

Seventy Eight Percent, Frida Attache Case, $215

This sweet little gal is the Frida attache case. Smaller than the Benny, Frida can hold an 11′ Macbook Air or iPad comfortably with a smaller zip picket big enough for your smaller items such as your phone, sunglasses, planners, etc.

Hello Valentines Day Gift Alert! The guy in your life would be so thrilled to get one of these stylish, functional, bags for V-Day. And I’m sure you’ll be trying to “borrow” it as soon as your gift it 😉

Bisou, bisou,



What I am wearing today and Valentine's Day (hours)

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Hello friends!

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year.  We are normally closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  But, for the holiday next week we will be open Monday but closed on Tuesday.  I am a good helper for men – send them my way!

Silk, Crystal, and Brass Necklace, Winifred Grace $145

Leather and Steel Necklace, Surplus $198

Rhinestone, Chain and Thread Bracelet, Venessa Arizaga $210 (this is designed so beautifully)



Lulu Frost Plaza Hotel Necklace

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Rainy and wet…needed the hat today.

Lulu Frost Small #8 Rhinestone Necklace, $300.

This is the last small Plaza Hotel Number from our fall/winter order.  8 has always been my favorite number.  I’m not sure why but when I order Lulu Frost I often include an 8 because it looks like infinity.  Plus, if it ever became mine that would be perfect.  Alas, I do not own a plaza number yet.  One day!  They layer so wonderfully with everything (my Xenia Mara Chains and piles faux pearls = perfection).

If you are not familiar with Lulu Frost and her Plaza Hotel jewelry here is a quick history – Lisa Salzer (designer of Lulu Frost Jewelry) won all the original room numbers at the auction when the Plaza was turned into condos.  She cast them in bronze and aged them so they look like they are right off the door.  I love Lisa’s vintage aesthetic and the story behind each piece.  I love it when jewelry becomes a conversation starter.  We have several of the large numbers and letters in stock.  This is the first time we have carried the letters and they were very popular for holiday.

Who is the lucky lady that is going to take this home?

Check out this amazing vintage fur jacket Dustin bought for me at an antique store.  1980’s Designing Women chic! (love the mannequin decked out in Surplus behind me)