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On The Sixth Day of Fashion…

Hitchcock Madrona sent to me:  Grunge.


Dustin:  I remember shopping in the 90’s at Value Village as if it were Fred Segal, Melrose.  “Oh hi, Miss Doherty!”, and “I think you have me confused with Stephen Dorff.”  The excess of the 80’s met the ethos of Generation X when I collected, codified, and curated my cool, and now affordable, selections to my stringent specifications.  It was my duty to be counter to a counter cultural era, so I raged against the rage in my own little way.  I wasn’t lost.  This latchkey kid had opened the door to his own identity.  It was fun.  My spokesman was Lloyd Cole, not Kurt Cobain.   Purcell’s over Chuck’s, duh!  And, no Counting Crows when I could have Everything But The Girl.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Surplus coral and steel necklace.grungeErica

Erica:  Growing up in Seattle in the 90’s was like being from the coolest place on earth.  Rain, coffee and grunge.  That’s what this city was all about – or so the rest of the world thought.  I was 14 years old in 1992.  School dances, soccer camp, taco bell, and first kisses were all set to the brooding soundtrack of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” or Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.  Were we, the suburban middle class teenagers of Bothell, WA, full of angst and rage?  Yes, yes we were.  I guess, all 13, 14 and 15 year old kids (what are they called these days? “Tweens”?) think they are misunderstood.  Assumed or real – your parents and authority in general were the culprit.  Kurt and Eddie (Ohhhh Eddie) spoke our language even if we didn’t understand every word of theirs.  Grunge music was the executioner of glam rock, metal bands and 80’s excess.  Fashion became ultra-casual, irreverent, torn and ripped, subtle, and minimal.  My high school uniform was a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and Doc Martins (mine were low top brown ’cause I was “preppy”).  Vestiges of grunge are still all around me – I don’t think they will ever leave this city.  That’s ok with me. It all makes me feel young again, if not just for a grungy moment.

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:   Hat and glove set by Hitchcock Madrona.grungekate2grungeKate1 grungeKate

Kate:  I was born in 1991. I totally missed this era, and every other good one! By the time I got to middle school my peer group thought flannel was for pajamas but I always felt a little grunge-y at heart…  An angst-y and lovable ode to the era, Empire Records is  actually one of my favorite movies. I mean Liv Tyler in all her pouty lipped glory, a crop top AND plaid school girl skirt?! ULTIMATE grunge girl crush!

Hitchcock Madrona gift idea:  Hitchcock Madrona diamond cross necklace or an UNEARTHEN crystal bullet necklace.



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